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sakaewmatsui chapter 30 . 7/22
Thank you so much for writting this write it again so i can know what happend,pretty please.i will wait your ,and please take care of your health
sakaewmatsui chapter 31 . 7/21
Hey nocturnalHunter your fanfic is awesome.I like the you please continue this
A Fan chapter 31 . 6/22
Wow great story ! Just finish reading this fic a while ago and keep up the good work
OppaiTaisho chapter 31 . 3/14
Things are getting better and better, the more tragedy the better.
Keep up the good work.
This needs more attention.
Shinra chapter 31 . 1/9
things are getting hectic for us, but im glad to have read this latest chapter XD

things are getting better with the death god and lucy i like how soma's starting to see where she came from and why she's like that. bit by bit, the progress is taking place! i would, honestly, love to see how it turns out. it could be just friendship that she develops, which is quite appropriate given how complicated she is and infusing love can be tough. (the fangirl in me is the one demanding for more lmfao)

i hope you get well soon :/ i've been less busier than usual and hopefully it'll stay this way (or get better lol) forever. hope you get well soon and i'll be looking for the next chapter! :)
Shinra chapter 30 . 11/27/2014
*Soma senses tingling*

I'm sensing something rather.. cheesy is about to happen here (and by cheesy, of course something ironic, violent, and awesome. with a hint of progress with Soma ) and I'm really excited to read the next one sorry for the late review though, things have taken a turn for the worst for me recently and it's been depressing, but this made my day. I've also started reading your other fanfic (cages of cold) and I'll be posting a review once I finish it (I'm on chapter 3-and Mammon is awesome, honestly) I'm looking forward to the next chapter
Shinra chapter 29 . 9/27/2014
Things are getting very sparky here :D

Hiro kinda reminds me of an even more violent version of Kano Shuuya (from Mekaku City Actors) and while he can be charming at times, the more I think about it... the more likely I'm heading to the nopenopenopenopenopeville point XD I'll certainly check out your other fanfic asap when I get enough time. I actually got a hint on where the 1st unit could possibly be, and I'm getting the feeling it'll be a big event for sure D Hope to see the next one soon
aruqui chapter 29 . 9/20/2014
Ooh congrats Nocter!
Yay thus is so good. Hiro actually seems cool. Am I weird?
Shinra chapter 28 . 9/6/2014
Ooh finally I've been waiting for this xD

Hiro, on my opinion, make an awesome antagonist in the mix. The way he's in contrast yet quite similar to Lucy is a nice way to make his character unique, despite his rare appearances in the story. His... twisted camaraderie towards Lucy is notably distinct, yet this makes me ache even more to understand him and how he really is. (I'm pretty sure he's not an all-the-way merciless psychopath. Or at least I hope he isn't lol) Because I know somewhere deep in the corners of my head, I know I'm hoping that the whole twisted friendship will develop into a real sense of camaraderie as the story progresses regardless of their history.

Buuuut then again, I need to calm my horses down lmao. I needn't have too much expectations because I know you'll surprise me with the next chapter like you always do And don't mention it. I'll keep watch for updates :))
aruqui chapter 28 . 9/4/2014
This is good! I'm going to definitely check out your other series too.
OppaiTaisho chapter 28 . 9/4/2014
Another great chapter albeit a bit short but great.
I have a question to ask, so when do you release new chapters for this fanfic, like weekly,monthly or whenever you want?
P.S Keep up the great work!
OppaiTaisho chapter 1 . 8/29/2014
Wow great series!
I really like the setting and the characters.[I admit that I like evil characters or characters with a tragic past :] ]7
There are some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors here and there but nothing serious.
Anyways keep up the hard work! Will be waiting eagerly for each release!
Shinra chapter 27 . 8/1/2014
That was an interesting turn of events (O_O;)

Never thought she'd quit that soon, but it's only fitting since her target's already sliced and diced. I wonder what Tsubaki's gonna say about it xD The tension's palpable and I sure hope to read the next soon (lol too demanding m(0)m, but her resignation is a bit of a cliffhanger) Anyhow this was a great chapter as usual. I've read this like 4 days ago but I've been busy so review's delayed. Hope to read the next chapter soon! (ω)ゞ
Shinra chapter 26 . 7/17/2014
Each chapter's really full of surprises.. And the drama is very strong in this one XD

Haha tbh during the midpoint of my read, I got a feeling that ol' Johannes' death will actually turn into a chapter of feels. And it did turn out like that, only more tragic and compelling than I thought it'd be ; w; I like how the drama's focused more on Johannes' death than Shio's trip to the moon. I was kind of upset how he's forgotten like yesterday's newspapers in the game (i know he's done some serious insane crap, but still) in his twisted attempt to save their butts.
Regards to the pairing, I can see where you're getting at. Infusing romance in this and having Lucifer as the protag can be a bit.. difficult to write. Maybe it'd be easier to start with the pairing developing the feelings first instead of her. (I sure hope it's Soma :D) Anyhow, you've outdone yourself. Again. As always, I'll be waiting for the next chapter :))
Demi chapter 26 . 7/14/2014
*Cough* She should totally romance Alisa *cough*
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