Reviews for The Evil Within
2kooll4u chapter 8 . 3/8/2014
The beta deserves loads of kudos. I left a glowing review on the last book and promptly fell asleep envisioning this next book in the Peacemaker series. ( I know, it was only last night, I'm an eager beaver.)

Nevertheless, something was bothering me. And then I realized, I had failed to complement the beta of Nimue Tucker's works.

I write am forced to beta myself, a lone, thankless, endeavour, as the eyes that write have a hard time seeing the repetitions, over-wordiness, holes in the plot, weak dialogue and grammatical errors. See I just did all that.

I checked the header and it doesn't say here. But I am sure I saw the name Elizabeth somewhere. But whatever the name of the beta, may I just say, your love of the subject shines through. Beta work is a hard, behind the scene, many time thoughtlessly appreciated but often overlooked part of the fiction that has to be done right for the story to flow. Thank you Elizabeth, sans beta, for you absolutely top of the line support.
NDRose chapter 1 . 8/11/2003
Hi Nimue - when I fail my class, I will blame your Peacemaker series. ok, so maybe it is my addictive nature but still your writing is so good.

I love how Spike and Buffy say "Love you Always" "Everyday".. it's so sweet and perfect for them. Oh Joss, what were you thinking? ?
Vette chapter 27 . 1/9/2003
Loved this book like the one's before and on my way to book 5 - YIPEE
The Fink chapter 27 . 10/23/2002
Another phenominally addictice read that had me on the edge of my seat until the very end.

Very much looking forward to starting book five too :)

Thank you
Josephine Martin chapter 27 . 9/30/2002
Just the right mix of action and sappiness. Loved the whole thing.
Jen chapter 27 . 9/21/2002
Without a doubt, the best series I have read on to date. You are truly talented. You capture the characters of Spike and Buffy (as well as all the rest) so beautifully that the writers at ME ought to be ashamed. I was completely captivated from the beginning. This story, every book of it, has moved me in a way I can scarcely describe. It has the power to renew even the most down-trodden soul's faith in the hope and glory off love. From here on out, I would and will read any and every page your amazing pen graces. Thank you for blessing me and anyone who reads this with the gift of your imagination.
Darla Darko chapter 27 . 9/19/2002
I've enjoyed this series so much, and this latest installment was my favorite yet. I'm looking forward to book five as much as I am the season premiere itself!
Katt17 chapter 27 . 9/18/2002
I have loved this epic series and can't wait for the next book!

Keep up the good work.

SheAngelus chapter 27 . 9/14/2002
I can't wait for the 5th book!

My god, this was the best yet! I loved every word of it!

That part where Buffy said they ha better start saving for bail money was really funny, too!
Beautiful Wednesday chapter 27 . 9/12/2002
*sigh* it's beautiful...hehehehe...i can't wait for book five! as always, the character development of our favs was wonderful, i would brush up on military terms/characterizations if you're going to continue using them as tools of the villian, it felt a little bit forced, not bad, but you've proven yourself an excellent writer and i think you can do better with that (i realize you didn't have much of this chapter devoted to them, and that cuts down on development) one way or the other though, i'm looking forward to the next installment! :) this book was egaging and lyric, per usual :)
Anita AcSpike chapter 27 . 9/10/2002
Just finished reading the story and I absolutely loved it and I'm so thrilled that there will be a fith book. Looking so much forward to it. Thank you so much, Nim :-)
wintercreek chapter 27 . 9/10/2002
Sigh. I'm all misty. Which has the potential to be interesting, since I'm currently in the library. Anyway, thank you Nimue for bringing us these fantastic stories! You do help others believe in happy endings. Well, at least you help me believe that everything can come out right.
HobbitGirl814 chapter 27 . 9/9/2002
wow this is so cool. keep up the good work
tuowei chapter 27 . 9/9/2002
Awww. Loved this story. Always something to bring a smile. Thank you/
Bloodluvingirl chapter 27 . 9/9/2002
Great job! Every book in this series has been great! I can't wait for the next part. :)
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