Reviews for Jesus Is My Friend
Moxxy chapter 1 . 7/31/2012

Girl, you've really done it this time. This fic was amazing and deep. Honestly, I hated Beckt before last night's episode. That may seem strange being that I'm a Christian also. But I guess I didn't like her because I felt like the show would just use her character to mock Christianity. However, that's not what they're doing at all (at least I hope not). So after last nights ep, I grew to like her. :3

Anywho, I shouldn't be reviewing the episode- im reviewing your awesome story ;D Seriously this was really good :) idk if you take requests, but could you maybe write a oneshot with Becky meeting another character and the person feels intimidated by her like shes judging them. But she shows them she's not...? Kind of like what happened with Jenna last night but with someone else.

Anywho, cant wait for your next update on both stories! Keep rocking Christianity through your writing, girl. You're doing a great job with it. :)