Reviews for Madame de Winter
lilgenious chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
A very strong poem that explains Milady's character extremely well!

I like how it details Milady's different personalities "From vamp, damsel or doe" I found that she hid her other side extremely well and love how you got how she can switch back and forth.

To be in the range of Milady's fire is truly a terrifying thought and one that should be treated with extreme caution but she hides it well because most men are unable to see through her beauty and flair (besides she really works the damsel bit extremely well) and get to the dangerous side of her.

But then again most men don't realise that women can be twice more dangerous when they have their mind full of revenge or money... or anything else.

This was a very powerful poem and I think it details Milady de Winter's true character extremely well!