Reviews for The Price of Protection
the unsung antihero chapter 10 . 7/21
I gotta admit that was pretty EPIC... that's the only word to describe it... Please update or at least post an authors note of it being on hiatus
yiggdrasill chapter 10 . 5/11
so, i just went through your published stories and the sequel isnt up yet. when can we expect it? because this is REALLY good
Yukinaru Suzumi chapter 1 . 2/27
enjali chapter 10 . 2/4
Love it! XD Please update soon!
Paxloria chapter 6 . 1/26
I really don't get why you rated this story "M" at all.
Its basically just the first HP book with Ichigo added in.
I don't get why Ichigo is even staying there.
Paxloria chapter 5 . 1/26
Ichigo Is pretty weak if he couldn't handel an enemy of that level.
I estimate that he's weaker here than in the anime just before he learned Bankai.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/3
More, I want to read more of this story, so please update soon!
FaithfulAizen chapter 10 . 8/12/2014
This story was so awesome is there a sequel or is there one being planned now?
Ecomadness chapter 10 . 7/28/2014
Loved this story can't wait for more.
Waywardneko chapter 10 . 6/10/2014
Oh this was good!
Sora Labyrinth chapter 10 . 6/9/2014
This is really good! Please keep going with the story! Update soon!
Trance20666 chapter 1 . 6/8/2014
interesting start
i wonder how Ichigo and His Hollow became separate?
are there connected even they they now have their own bodies?
they will they if the other is hurt
and feel each others emotions?
if one die, will the other one soon follow?
is there going to be a pairing for Harry?
besides Cho or Ginny?
i never liked when he ends with any of the female characters
none fit him.
i don't mind Luna much
maybe a Slash pairing?
don't know
this is going to go through all seven books with no time skips?
and all one story?
not part of a series?
it will end up being pretty long
jcampbellohten chapter 10 . 6/8/2014
Good ending to the arc, although there didn't seem to be any explanation for how Ichigo suddenly put everything together last chapter. Cool, Zangetsu's back. Speaking of which, so many new questions you've raised! What happened/happens to Zangetsu that made/makes him go to sleep? Why did the mirror manifest the rest of the gang? (Metafictional question: Really, what was the point of them showing up?) Why is Zangetsu familiar with the Mirror of Erised? Does what Zangetsu said about Deathflight's soul mean they successfully destroyed the part that was with Quirrell? Is the steadily growing wall between Ichigo and Shiro or them and the rest of the world? (Hopefully not between Ichigo and Shiro!)
Dream Bound Nightmare chapter 10 . 6/8/2014
Poor Ichigo! Lol I nearly forgot about this
Waywardneko chapter 9 . 5/20/2014
Oh this was a lovely chapter! :3 I cannot wait to see what Ichigo is going to do now!
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