Reviews for Hogwarts Battle School
Yitian chapter 52 . 10/18
One of my other long-thought-abandoned-beloved HP fanfics just updated so I was reminded to leave a comment again (I check back about twice a month but I don't always comment). Just to say I have faith that a fanfic writer as fabulous as yourself wouldn't let a fanfic die, so just to remind you that we (your fans) are still here and still waiting and still cheering you on for that next update!
Dubious Destiny chapter 52 . 8/13
Just marking Friday the 13'th. Crossing my fingers for updates
W1ldFyre chapter 52 . 7/4
Is this abandoned ?
Bryce chapter 52 . 6/23
Please update :-/

This cliffhanger is killer
MajesticPotato12 chapter 29 . 6/16
Did you ever read Ender's Game? I'm getting big Ender vibes with the way that Snape is grooming Harry into the perfect leader
Guest chapter 14 . 5/31
The end of chapter 14 was the worst and Hermione was a b for doing that. I feel sorry for Harry. It was technically still her fault for pushing me.
chaotix1 chapter 52 . 3/24
God dam it this is good shame no update in 2 years I was really into this story. Wherever you are author hope your all right and maybe one day you can finish this story.
Meganthompson chapter 1 . 3/21
Please update!
Eidolon V chapter 52 . 3/2
Now I see the hints: he keeps a diary, he's good at potions, his change in behavior, his falsified emotions, his 'first' kiss, and probably several more. Wonder what happened to the original Draco Malfoy.

I've enjoyed reading this so far; I'm wondering if you're planning on continuing this at all after leaving on such a cliffhanger.
Eidolon V chapter 47 . 3/2
...I think Hermione is going to majorly regret taking the mark. That'll be interesting.

Since we know Snape is talking to Albus, and Snape implied Albus created a Horcrux, and Grindelwald was assassinated...I think Albus created his horcrux using Grindelwald's death. It's hard to imagine him hating anyone else nearly as much.

I look forward to where this story is going.
nanosaurous chapter 52 . 3/1
O wow please update. Just re read the whole thing
Guest chapter 5 . 2/8
I LOVE the conversations at the ends of chapters. It's so perfectly tied to ~the book of which you speak~ and yet so different.
xvector chapter 52 . 1/24
Amazing fic! But you can’t just kill Tracey ️ She was my favorite character! I was really hoping for a long-term Harry/Tracey.

Fantastic worldbuilding, plot twists, and battle scenes. I hope you decide to pick this up again, one day.
xRedAce chapter 52 . 1/8
No,no,no,noooooo... Tracy...

I knew things were too good to be true. Knew Draco was Riddle. Knew that I'd wish for the next chapter with desperation.

Please continue! Please.
xRedAce chapter 50 . 1/8
Harry's going to fail in this task, I'm guessing.

And Voldermort's going to out-play Snape and Albus...
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