Reviews for Hogwarts Battle School
W0lfgang chapter 53 . 10/28/2022
Life moves on, priorities change. It's a shame for us that this story won't continue, but good for you. Thanks for letting us know rather than leaving us forever wondering what happened. Be happy.
Defiant7 chapter 45 . 10/28/2022
I dislike the angst in the 2nd year. first year I binged and was awesome but this year leaves much to be desired
Myricle chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Some closure is better than none, and even for an outline this was a pretty good read.
I'd like a little clarification though - is Harry the only magic user in the world by the end, or just the last one in that room?
Thanks for following up so comprehensively. I've seen too many abandoned great stories lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.
Thanks for posting!
neiljain421 chapter 1 . 10/27/2022
This is a "Fresh story" that turned up in my search, and as usual, I checked the comments before starting to read. It's been way too many times that I'm intrigued, and start to read a story, sometimes even marked complete, only to realize that it has another part, or is left unfinished. After seeing the comments, I immediately went to the last chapter.

The thing I respect the most about you right now is that you put your outlines for us. They are useful, as 1) as someone who is looking to write a FF in the future, looking at chapter outlines and finished chapters helps. I have a lot of ideas in my head 2) it gives a sense of completion and doesn't leave us all hanging. I hope more authors go this way, if they are unable to finish the story, or even if the story has not been updated in a while. If you do have an update, just post it after, no?

Having said that, I am looking forward to reading this fic! Once again, immense respect for you!
Darth Marrs chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
You made the right choice, even if I’m sorry to see this one go unfinished. You are a great writer, and provided hours of wonderful stories for us. Thank you for what you were able to give, and I wish the very best to you and your family.
Guest chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
You are far more than an average writer and at almost a million words written you should feel no guilt for moving on. While I have no doubt everyone who ever read any of your works would be willing to wait for a conclusion I can't deny that it is nice to have an overall look at how the story would go. Be well and best of luck.
badkidoh chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Interesting outline. I guess it's better to have this then a dead story.
pkp033 chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Just wanted to say that Hogwarts Battle School is one of the few fics that truly deepened my enjoyment of the fanfic community.

Thank you, and best wishes to you and yours!
Cosray8d chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Too bad we never got the chance to witness the true potential of this fic.
But this outline was also very entertaining.
Btw this also reminds me of Code Geass...
Tangere peripher chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Wow, I am so happy for you. Seems like you are doing very well in life and congratulations to fatherhood! Thanks for giving your outline! Would have been an epic work but life happens. I wish you the best
Gazuzin chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Its okay man, at least I am thankful for tus outline, and your plans were truly cool. Cheers for your family and baby, and i wish you the best onwards
awmitchell chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
This is a very rare treat indeed for an abandonded fic to have any closure. Thank you so much, that's incredibly thoughtful.

Interesting co-incidence because it was only a few weeks ago that I culled about a dozen seemingly abandonded fics from my follow list but somthing made me pause with HBS because I hoped you'd get back to us or at least explained what happened. And you did! Thanks again. Have a great life.
dreamofanelephant chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Thank you for giving us a rough sort of closure! Good luck with your life
HeirofFire18 chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Oh My God,
I have been following this story for so long and when I saw this email I legitimately thought I was hallucinating
Thank you so much for this resolution I wish you the absolute best3
pixiepuff13 chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
thank you so much for this outline. I remember reading this fic about 5 years ago, when I was deep into the Harry Potter fandom, and again 2 years ago when I was deep into Ender's Game, and loving it so much both times.
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