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Moon of Hell chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Thank you this was always one of my favorite stories, it has a good ending.
Queen White chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
Thanks for the author’s note update after four years!
b.angaragerdene chapter 53 . 10/27/2022
At times like this I always wanted to kidnap my favorite authors and keep them in my dungeon to make them write until they finish my favorite stories while working on completely new works that i'd enjoy. But sadly life is life and it always gets in my way, well everyone's way i guess. sad to see you go, I loved your worrks ever since i read other boy who lived, although that one's ending was bit too much to be desired ahem, anyways I and my fellow fanfic gobblers will miss you in the community. Hopefully you'll find the time to put that new idea that you mentioned into perspective story and once again make all of us immensely happy. don't ever doubt that you have been one of the best writers in this community with refreshingly new ideas and incredibly built in plots. I hate a lot of fics in this community, i absolutely love only tiny percentage of stories that had been published on this site. but without a doubt, your stories always will be kept in my memories just like the first time i had read them. Anyways I wish to sincerely express my grattitude for what you have done and end this senseless rambling before it truly gets out of hand. Signing out, "your fan"
Vincent - Miao Jin chapter 29 . 7/30/2022
Who could the second mystery person be? We found out ages ago that one of them was Headmaster Snape, (and it was restated this chapter - although by their mannerisms, it may have been obvious to some even before it was explicitly mentioned), but there has been no indication of the identity of the second Around Harry's third year, I thought one of the faculty, but I wasn't sure which; it didn't seem to fit with any of them really. Then I moved on to Lupin; obviously not– but maybe Sirius Black? I haven't dismissed him as of yet. Then I considered Flamel and Dumbledore in quick succession, but it doesn't necessarily hint to either of them; Flamel is a bit more... eccentric and whimsical, I might say, and he doesn't seem the type for this. Dumbledore... :0 well, the mystery person calls Headmaster Snape by his first name, but doesn't say "Severus, my boy". (Not sure if this is canon or not, but it happens a lot in fanfiction, and I think he said it once or twice in the books. Maybe.) As of now, I have no idea
Vincent - Miao Jin chapter 13 . 7/29/2022
Oh no :0 aahh, I thought it was a once-off occurrence, but now... ._. "Mines" are either excavations to extract coal and other minerals, or they refer to explosives. You mean "Mine" One never says "That's mines!" It's ONLY ever "That's mine!"
Guest chapter 52 . 7/22/2022
That just made top 20 stories I ever read.
The Basilisk In The Room chapter 31 . 4/24/2022
I love the subtle reference to Dumbledore's line in the original series.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/23/2022
Might be controversial, but I went and read Ender's game after this and found it lacking. This is so much better in terms of character and plot.
falco5 chapter 1 . 4/17/2022
**** I mean "THE METHODS OF RATIONALITY" by Eliezer Yudkowsky aka Lesswrong, rather than "THE PARADIGM OF UNCERTAINTY" (which is a post-Hogwarts inter-dimensional spy-fare AU, also famous)
falco5 chapter 52 . 4/17/2022
Among the most interesting large-scale reimaginings ever in HP fan fiction. House-swapping is probably the most fertile ground for canon-adjacent AU stories and this work exploits those advantages to their greatest extent. If you want to retain approximately-canon characterizations, sorting Harry into Slytherin is the most natural variation to choose. Probably the other most common alternative is to instead place Hermione into Slytherin, but she is an awkward fit without a few major and well-placed revisions to her priorities and personality. I was, however, surprised not to see her in Ravenclaw – until, she takes the astonishing step of the Tenebris Abro.

Moving Hermione out of Harry's direct influence and replacing her role as constant companion with Tracey Davis allows the story to make insightful comment about the romantic *possibilities* that JKR envisioned, but failed to execute. H/G and R/Hr are, in my view, almost literally incomprehensible outcomes for the canon 1-5 narrative (and even, honestly, that until Ron's defeat of the locket). The biggest mistake in canon is that Hermione is too perfect. Ginny's romantic appeal is largely physical. For this to make any sense at all as a compelling reason for choice, it has to be an *advantage* relative to Harry could find in Hermione. Yet, as anyone who has ever read a book before could predict, the bushy-haired buck-toothed know-it-all of first year shortly becomes a conventionally attractive genius. (This is just about character-level romance: I leave aside the important questions of theme and parallel, which favor pairing H/Hr at a more decisive structural level.)

What this work does is to stage romantic options for Harry that reconfigure the stakes canon-Ginny and canon-Hermione *collectively* represent, in such a way that the choice for Hermione is not at all trivial. In particular, Tracey mixes canon-Ginny's physical beauty with canon-Hermione's emotional attunement and long-standing friendship; conversely, this Hermione ramps up her intellectually competitive side while allowing her to be physically imperfect and interpersonally abrasive. Together, these changes allow the comparison between "beautiful and devoted but intellectually/magically inferior follower" vs "figure of brilliance with whom you can work toward fundamental sympathy/understanding" to become a real crossroads and serious decision point. Ginny can't fulfill the first category well enough because she doesn't have true ties to Harry (she needs Hermione to tell her as late as book 6 to drop the "I worship the Boy-Who-Lived" act!), while canon-Hermione fulfills *more than* the second category should strictly allow. I think that these characterizations are absolutely perfect and would be more than enough on their own to justify the story.

So I'm surprised to see that the romantic insight of this story extend to Hermione's book 4 suitor, which is adjusted here in a new but fascinating way. VK/Hr is a strange canon decision that comes across as being engineered for (a) short-term plot-twist shock value and (b) long-term table-setting for Hermione's eventual pairing-off. In other words, it works much more effectively from the perspective of the boys (hence also of the reader) than it does *for Hermione*. That Viktor is a reluctant celebrity due to his achievements in an area not of Hermione's interest is not a sensible basis for romantic attraction, only a structural device that signals the VK/Hr dalliance as a stand-in or projection of the underlying H/Hr storyline. They correspond superficially to H/Hr's positions, but lack any of the real factors that go into pairing H/Hr. Abstractly: reason A leads her to person 1 and their relationship has quality X; so quality X characterizing her relation with person 2 signifies that both (a) quality X is a relationship-level consideration, and (b) person 2 does not share reason A. The closest you can get to a Hermione-centric narrative here is the stated "no one noticed me before" line, which is alright in principle, but taken too seriously leads to pretty weird conclusions about our 17 year old Bulgarian's interest in a 14 year old English stranger. This is a long-winded way to say that shifting Cedric into Viktor's role here is an inspired decision. The relatively little we know of Cedric in canon is enough to credibly take him as the sort of morally upstanding figure – even a kind of teacher's pet – that 14 year old Hermione might go for. He's a more competent, more appropriate, more plausible version of her Lockhart crush. He's someone that hierarchy-respecting Hermione would know and respect, at least at a distance, on account of his being a prefect and presumptive head boy. And Cedric is the type of apparently good-natured pureblood to take on a muggle-born girlfriend/date/whatever, secure in his own good looks and status, and seeming to have enough intellectual curiosity/firepower to appreciate and challenge Hermione. Plus you could imagine he'd run through the roster of older girls already…. Pairing these two (at least temporarily) connects well with existing characterization and deepens the range of emotional experience across the cast.

Fleur, on the other hand, is more of a mixed bag. I'm honestly baffled by Harry's choice to pursue her after the tournament. I had thought that her revelation about the nature of Veela sex magic was meant to function as retroactive stakes for their near-miss at the Ball, and as a sad ironic tragedy for the woman who chose to spare him at the very last. From Fleur's perspective, sex is a weapon against threats but the reverse is true too: a threat against love. You can attract anyone, but the one you want you can't have. For how can you find a worthy man, if you must ask them such a price? It's hard to imagine any suitably powerful wizard would take such a risk – and impossible to think that the largely and correctly paranoid Harry of this story would do so.

Using "ENDER'S GAME" as the scaffolding for the new plot is a solid decision. It's not entirely revolutionary – "THE PARADIGM OF UNCERTAINTY" has a similar system of student combat – but it's notable for how far this story takes the premise. The key piece here is that it goes further than the source material. In the original scenario, Ender's stay in Battle School takes place at a younger age and is drastically accelerated. That the cast here are young teens introduces considerations of friendship and romance that are largely absent in Ender's journey. This raises the stakes for when the story extends the training program. Ender manages to win his war before the tensions of leadership really start to matter for his relationships with the others of his team. Letting the training extend over a period of years lets the costs of Harry's all-in approach to leadership pile up, and they matter more because the relationships themselves actually matter here too. Ender get a lightspeed out-of-jail-free card to extricate himself from the human wreckage, but that's not something that Harry can ignore and it's interesting to see that dimension get explored here.

Aside from the stolen scenario, I think the author deserves a lot of credit for their quite original mysteries. I assumed that Snape's end-of-chapter interlocutor was one of Moody or Trow until the moment Snape mentions that his counterpart had gone past death too. Only then did I realize that the story about Dumbledore's horcrux was truthful. (Although I don't think it's Dumbledore every time, and would have to re-read to have better guesses on each chapter's guest.) The situation with Draco is more skillfully done. I was naturally suspicious of a Draco who entered 4th year with identifiable personality differences and an early mention of drinking from a bedside pitcher in the early morning. My first guess was that this was Snape's infiltration plan: that Lucius had been taken into custody loudly, and Draco quietly replaced with their American spy, who could then take a place in the Death Eaters as a young mostly unknown talent native to Britain. We're told that a potions master can make a 12-hour polyjuice, and you have to think Snape is the first suspect. I had to discard that guess when we learn in passing that the spy is passing intelligence from Eastern Europe. Then we get hints about the basilisk, and later that Draco's been keeping a journal, and you think he's been given the Riddle diary (recalling as well an early discussion uncertain about a possible additional horcrux). Only for it to have been Polyjuice all along. This is great use of small clues to misdirect and mislead your reader without coming across as cheaply unmotivated.

The eighth Friday the 13th since publication approaches. With the magic seventh already passed, it's hard to imagine this story ever being updated. That's too bad, but even unfinished it is a tremendous achievement.
GodOfDonuts chapter 52 . 4/6/2022
and the author was never heard from again... For real though, this is the second time i've read this and its just a good as I remember. So thank you so much for spending the time to write It and I hope at some point you're able to finished it!
Photoboy77 chapter 52 . 4/6/2022
Amazing story. Can’t wait for more!
Photoboy77 chapter 11 . 4/1/2022
I came across this story yesterday and so far it’s been really entertaining. Thanks so much. I live the parallels with Enders Game, another of my favs. Really well done!
Gazuzin chapter 52 . 2/23/2022
Biggest cliff in all of the Potterverse
ansaris chapter 5 . 2/18/2022
This is too much of a poor copy of Enders Game. Taking a little inspiration is fine but come on. The parallels between Ender's older brother and Dudley, Battle School, the rigging of rank and battle, House wars, the two voices discussing Ender, etc. It's been at least a decade since the last time I read it too. I also don't like this Harry, especially in the first couple of chapters. His arrogance makes little sense.
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