Reviews for Uomu Hato Academy
Anon chapter 3 . 1/25/2013
Good, but you need to use SO MANY MORE FULLSTOPS. Especially in the second-last paragraph of this chapter, mostly the last sentence of it. Also your grammar and punctuation is pretty bad in some points. Is English not your first language or do you have dyslexia or something, because I don't want to offend you if you have a disorder/other language, I'll understand then obviously. :]

Also, pretty much all of your characters are Mary Sues/Gary Stus, and they sound bland with no obvious personality at all.

Please, do not feel discouraged, I'm sometimes quite blunt in my criticisms. I've read to the end of your story and enjoyed reading it, and it's not one of the worst I've read; sure, it's not the best, either, but it sits in a comfortable middle, and you should be extremely proud of your storytelling abilities.

You have great vocabulary.
smileplease91 chapter 2 . 8/8/2012
Ooo! I love this! I hope you keep this up, this is really interesting!
Robolee chapter 2 . 8/1/2012
Dear Lord, who's that evil ghost who speak profound english?
Robolee chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
Fuck! Ayako's dead? DAMN YOU, VILE SPIRITS!