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Shadowmaster Thor Stonehenge chapter 30 . 10/8/2014
This. Is. The. Most. Amazing. Story. Ever.!
JesusLover13 chapter 3 . 9/3/2013

Sorry! _ I'm just really excited and I apologize for the second review. I was just looking back at the older reviews I left and realized I'm not even to the best parts yet! I'm fangirling again. Oh, no. I forgot this story was one that had me fangirling. Thanks! XD I hope I don't scare you away this time! :) Great job! :D
JesusLover13 chapter 2 . 9/3/2013
Yes. If you're reading this review, it means I have indeed decided to start reading this again and leave more detailed reviews. It also means I've decided not to read twenty-five chapters in one day and then make an attempt at telling you what I love most about the story. I'm not sure if one should review a story twice, though... Hmm. Guess we'll find out! :D

Honestly, I love this now more than I did even the first time I read it. _ Of course, the surprising twists aren't quite as surprising the second time around, but they keep me entertained, anyway. Of course they do. This story is amazing! :D

I'm noticing more details this time around, too. I love the way you started the story off on a happy note, with Hana chasing the cucco around Castle Town and Link trying to help her out. You also put enough detail to keep everyone imagining the scenes, while not overdoing detail, which was really awesome. The whole thing where Hana saw Zelda, Impa, and Ganon racing through the town on horses really had me worked up. It seemed so real!

It was, once again, really sad to find out the guards and civilians died trying to protect Hyrule, but it was an honorable thing to do. Alsooooo, I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked how Hana and Tak met! That was so cute! THEY'RE EVEN CUTER THIS TIME AROUND! _

And I know I didn't mention this, or even notice it that much last time I reviewed, but the relationship between Tak and Dampe is so sweet. Words cannot even describe it, Jane. You've done a marvelous job creating a healthy, father/son (or maybe uncle/nephew) sort of relationship for them. I love how they joke around with each other, but Tak always admires Dampe and Dampe always looks out for Tak. It's the best thing I've ever seen on fanfiction. Ever. You've created a masterpiece, I tell you! A masterpiece!

Zelda showing up was a nice touch. I like how she showed up and when she did. This being the only time she shows up in the story (I think?), it was really important, and I think it kind of snapped everything else into perspective. A lot of writers forget about the war going on in Hyrule, and how much terror people were still in while Link was gone for those seven years. But this really shows everyone how yes, Zelda did have to wait. And it wasn't all easy for her. It also shows how not everyone was happy with the way things were.

Take for instance this:

[Malon cleared her throat. "Milady, if you don't mind me asking... are you here with an army to reclaim Hyrule Castle?"

Her hopes and Hana's were crushed when Zelda shook her head. "I have been in hiding for over a year now. There is no one available to fight."

"Well, with all due respect," Hana began. "What are we supposed to do then? Bow down to King Ganondorf?"

Zelda snorted and then winced when the movement moved her shoulder. "He is no king. He is merely a deluded man." Confident eyes met Hana's. "We must simply wait."

"Wait?" Malon asked despondently. "For what?"



"Link. He will return, he must; I know he will. I can feel he is still alive, somewhere."

"Who exactly is this super hero we're supposed to be waiting for?" Hana asked doubtfully.

"He is... the Hero of Time. He was able to open the Door."

Realization struck Hana. "That boy! In the Temple of Time! I saw him. But... I think he's dead. He was enveloped in this blue light, and then he just disappeared."

"No!" Zelda became breathless. "He is not. He will return! He has to..." Zelda slipped into unconsciousness again.

Hana and Malon were silent for a few minutes before a scowl began to grow on Hana's face. "Is that what she's been doing this whole time? Waiting for someone who could very well be dead to reappear."]

That alone was awesome. I like how Hana's reaction was quite different from Malon's. I like how her first thought wasn't to give up for seven years. I like how she questioned if they would simply just bow down to Ganondorf. I like Hana in general. The personality you gave her was magnificent and it suits her, I think.

You show how she's determined and she never gives up. Which, really, fits considering all that time she spent chasing the cucco in Castle Town. It was great thinking on your part. ;)

Anyway, I guess this is a long enough review for now. And I'm only on chapter three! :D There will be more to come, if I'm not overloading your email! XD I hope you're doing well! _

Just know you still have a fan of this story and, as I said before, I love it even more this time around than I did last time - and that's saying something! :) Thanks for writing this epic story! :D


P.S. I'm reviewing chapter two, since I've apparently already reviewed chapter three. o_O Wonder when that happened... :P Good night! Or morning! Or day! :D
Rosa Bella Mortiferum chapter 30 . 2/18/2013
OHHHH my gaaaaawwwwwd I JUST READ THIS RIGHT NOW! D': I felt so incomplete and thought you didn't do the epilogue! UGHGHHGHGH! I'm terrible... Better late than ever! Ahaha! Yayyyy they are alive...of course they would. Link traveled back in time so of course they would...but traveling forward in time...well that's another theory, but time travel is too complicated and making my head spin so I'll just imagine a good positive outcome for their futures. Lol

I love your quote though! :D It was really sweet. I love this story overall because not many never really think about what could have happened in that seven year gap! And a story other than the primal characters for once! :) Thank you!
JesusLover13 chapter 30 . 11/13/2012
Hi! _

I know it's been so long since I reviewed! :O Well, long enough, anyway. This last week has been really busy for me and I forgot about even reading it on Friday and Saturday. I finally finished it today, though. And I'm not even sure what to say. Just... wow.

The last two chapters were two of my favorite chapters in the whole story. I nearly cried all the way through chapter 29 - no joke. It was just so incredibly sad. But how well you wrote it made up for the sadness. Seriously, great job! :D

When Tak got shot by the arrow, I was freaking out and then Hana getting hurt as well. And Ganondorf. And Fado. And GROG. :O

Even though it was really sad, I quite enjoyed the part where Grog and Fado were talking about how no one would really remember them. I guess that's kind of the story of those characters, anyway. Not just Fado and Grog, but all five of them. I really like how you brought that out. It was such a short part in the story, but at the same time, it meant SO much. Not just for the characters, but it meant a lot to a reader who loves this story as well as all of the minor charries.

I also liked the end of chapter 29. I was REALLY about to cry then, but it was definitely sweet and it was a nice touch to the whole Tak/Hana friendship thing. _ Amazing job with that, really. Words cannot even express how awesome it was.

You've made me get attached to these characters! And I honestly couldn't be more happy about it! :)

The epilogue was by far my favorite part of this story. It really cheered me up and made me smile. I was SO happy about it. xD I loved when Tak and Hana found each other in Hyrule Field and how he asked if she would go ghost hunting with him. That was beyond adorable! 3

The last part was my most favorite, though. I loved how it was just them, spending time together as friends. I love how they're all so different, but they love each other no matter how different they look, act, or feel. You did an amazing job with this. The quote there at the last, that was amazing. It fit everything perfect and I love it.

I'll probably say "I love this story" for many, many more years and reviews to come. XD I started reading one of your older stories not too long ago, and I've yet to finish it, but I'll do my best to review on that one as well.

Just... ajggnsjdgjksb. XD

There. That random arrangement of letters cannot even express how I love this story. It was amazing. And it was honestly one of the best fanfictions I've ever read. There should be more writers on this site who have your writing talent and love for the smaller characters. This. Was. Just. So. AWESOME.

Keep writing - no matter what. You're really great at it and God has given you a lot of talent. :)

I look forward to many more stories of yours in the future. Thank you for writing this. It finally feels like someone else understands my love for the smaller characters of LoZ. This was amazing and so great to read.


That's really all I can think to say. xD

Thank you. :)

Panthalassa Blue chapter 30 . 11/10/2012
And it was all a dream...OR WAS IT?!


So this story comes to an end...unfortunately. Seriously, this was a real blast to read; I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for writing this, I'll be sure to add it to my favorites.
Rosa Bella Mortiferum chapter 29 . 11/10/2012
Oh and thank you! haha I shallz have a cookie. Yummm.

Noooohooohoooo! D': Ohhhohhh my gawwwwd! DX :S Sooohooohooo sad! Ahuh! *choke, SOB*
Rosa Bella Mortiferum chapter 28 . 11/10/2012
Nooohoooo Groooogggg!
Link's awakening! Halleluyer!
Rosa Bella Mortiferum chapter 27 . 11/10/2012
D: Nooooohoooohooooo! .
Rosa Bella Mortiferum chapter 26 . 11/10/2012
... D:
Rosa Bella Mortiferum chapter 25 . 11/5/2012
So that's what happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu. Bye big fishie!
Oy, every time Hana gets hurt I can just FEEL the pain she goes through. It's like we have a psychic bond... lol :P

Thanks for the good wishes! I did great on my midterms. :) Glad that's over with.
JesusLover13 chapter 3 . 10/31/2012
Hi! Happy Halloween (not sure if you celebrate it or not, but either way, I hope you've had a great day)! :)

I read this earlier, but it was kind of hard to write a detailed review on my sister's DS, so I'm going to write one now instead. _

First off, thank you so much for saying that my review was one of the awesome-est reviews you've ever gotten! That was so kind of you! :) I enjoyed reviewing. xD Also, thanks for answering my questions! :D I appreciate it! I'll definitely be reading your parodies once I'm done reading this one! I'm sure they're all awesome! _

Ooooh! Cookie! Thanks! *eats cookie happily* xD

I was really expecting Ruto and maybe some others to break into the castle and somehow rescue Hana and the others.

Yeah. This chapter surprised me. A lot.

Ganondorf is such a jerk! How could he do that to Tak? :O I was so surprised - even though... well, it IS Ganondorf we're talking about. He seems to be in character. It also came as a surprise to me that he killed Alya. I mean, really? How ruthless can one dude be?

I did really love it, though, when Hot Rodder broke out of his chains and hurt Ganondorf. That was really awesome and it was just so perfect. I love how he'll do anything for his friends! It's so sweet! :D

I still feel really bad for Tak, though... He really didn't deserve that. I'm glad they found Impa, though! That was good.

And... I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that your story is just as good, if not better than the game. OoT was a great game to play. So, it's great as far as characters and backgrounds and it's generally fun and interesting.

Still, they didn't go into such depth or such a different storyline as you have here. They (probably unintentionally) ignored the smaller characters and made some characters more important than others.

Yeah. I realize that the story was meant to be more focused on Link and Zelda. But those smaller characters seem to mean so much more to me, even though I love Link and Zelda.

So, really, great job with this story. It's greater than the games (in my opinion) in a lot of ways. This story is absolutely perfect and I love it more with each passing chapter.

So, anyway, back to the review. xD

I found this part really funny:

["I'll roll past them as soon as you're out! I'll find a bigger exit," Hot Rodder continued. "Please, just go before the shield closes up again!"

"Tak," Hana said.

"Hana," Tak growled, slashing the head off another Stalfos.




"Forget it!"

The two paused in their fighting long enough to glare at each other. "I'm not going to leave him," Hana said. "But Rod's right, someone should go with Impa to make sure she makes it back safely."

"So you do it!"

"Tak, you're hurt, now go before you slow us down!"

Tak glared at her and then his face softened. "You better live."

"Of course we will. Now go, idiot."]

That was incredibly cute. I love them so much. _

I was nearly crying by the end of the chapter, though. It was incredibly sad. I love how heroic Hot Rodder was. And the reason he joined... Well, the reasons they all joined is just so sweet. It's like... they all came looking for something and together, they found whatever it was.

That's truly a beautiful thing to happen in a story. :)

This chapter was beautiful. Sad, but beautiful.

Still... maybe Hot Rodder will live? After all, he is a rock, so maybe the explosion didn't harm him too much? That could be my wishful thinking, but it's not impossible, right? xD

Anyway, keep up the great work. I really love this story and I'm looking forward to Friday already! _ Stay safe in this weather! :)


Panthalassa Blue chapter 26 . 10/31/2012

Well, first thing's first. Thank you very much for your concern involving Sandy. I live in Maryland, and it was supposed to be coming straight toward us...but at the last second, it veered off course to New Jersey.

This chapter is full of so much epic win it isn't funny. I'd assumed that the Knights would just be escaping a heavily guarded fortress. Boy was I wrong., what a villain, branding Tak like that. Nasty. And Hot Rodder...oh no! He was awesome!

Nevertheless, this was by far my favorite chapter. Keep 'em coming!
JesusLover13 chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
Apparently not all of my last review showed up. xD

Basically, I was just saying that I'll be reading your other stories in the near future and I'm looking forward to the next chapter, etc. _

So, thanks for writing such a great story! :D

JesusLover13 chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
All right. Just a heads up... this might be a REALLY long review. XD I hope you don't mind! :)

First off... I spent all day reading this - literally. I spent more time reading this than I spent doing schoolwork. Which is wrong. I shouldn't have done that. :P But on the bright side, I loved reading this and it brought so much awesomeness into my day. I finished all 25 chapters and I'm looking forward to possibly reading a new one tomorrow. _

Anyway, I guess you should know that this is now my favorite Legend of Zelda fanfiction. And my second favorite fanfiction altogether. (Second favorite because I love my sister's story and I have a thing for showing favoritism when it comes to her writing over others'. xD It's nothing personal, really. This story is amazing.)

Okay. You obviously have a lot of writing talent and it's far better than many fanfiction writers on this site. I'm not just saying that either - it entirely true. Many writers on here don't take time to get into the characters' heads. And even if they do, some don't have very interesting plots. This story, however, DEFINITELY has a plot. And the characters are perfect.

I was fangirling all the way through the fic. xD I have a great appreciation for minor characters, who don't seem to matter to many of the fans. Especially Grog. I've always loved him. Even seeing Fado, Hot Rodder, Tak, and Hana is really amazing. They seemed to be overlooked even more than Grog. I don't think I've ever seen a fic about Tak, Hot Rodder, or Hana. That's disappointing, come to think of it. :/

But this story... well, this was definitely NOT disappointing. I love how you focused on the smaller characters in such a way and made them heroes! Knights! _ I just love it so much! :) You also created better personalities for each of them and believe it or not, you're showing people how important these small characters really were. You're showing everyone that they really meant something to the people who played the game. And I love that! :D

Sorry. Fangirling again. This time to you. XD

On with the review!

I love how Tak and Hana met. That was just plain adorable. _ Tak really is cute, after all. xD I also happen to love how brave Hana is. Even at such a young age, she had great courage. I like how you portrayed that. :)

And Dampe is perfect. I didn't really care much for him in the game (*hides* hold your horses real quick, I'll explain!), because I was really, really young when I started playing OoT and everything about the Graveyard scared me. XD But your fanfiction made me like him a lot. I adore the relationship between him and Tak. :)

Malon seemed to be very in character as well! Great job with that! _

I really liked this for some reason...

[Hana was about to respond when the voice of Talon from downstairs interrupted her thoughts. "What in tarnation!?"

Then another voice shouted alongside it, muffled slightly from the distance and the wooden door that separated the two floors; Hana couldn't help but smile as she recognized the stubborn voice of Tak. "I said, where's Hana?! She's late!"

"How in the blazes should I know, kid!?"

Hana grinned. "I'm up here, Tak!"

"Well there you go then!" Tak said, his voice annoyed as he stomped up the stairs. He stopped when he entered the bedroom. "Oh what the heck is this!? Is that Zelda!?"]

I found that hilarious for some reason. XD Tak is so awesome.

I would comment on every chapter, but I just realized that that would take a while and you might not want a super long review. So... I'll just comment on a few things here and there, if you don't mind. :D

The Gorons are wonderfully amazing! I like how they seem tough, and still like giant teddy bears on the inside! It's so awesome! _ Hot Rodder is now my favorite Goron. Another character that your story caused me to love. xD I really appreciate that, by the way.

Also, question: When you mentioned the knights from the sky that discovered Hyrule (I may be a bit off, I've read a lot today), was that a sort of reference to Skyward Sword? I got the game for my birthday and I thought that's what you were talking about. Of course, it could be another game. And it's not an important detail, I was just curious. xD

(Beware. Fangirling again.) I love how you portrayed Grog, especially. Maybe it's because I'm such a big fan of him. I don't know. Either way, it was amazing. You seriously deserve a round of applause. I like how he was kind of bitter at first and he ended up opening up. I also love how he cares for Fado so much. No one has ever (not that I know of) written a fic where Grog - or anyone, for that matter - actually liked Fado.

In this story, she wasn't just some creepy little girl who was out to get Grog. She was an actual person with actual feelings and really did get along with Grog. It was sweet how he stayed with her. It was really sweet to see how much he cared about his friends. Like in the desert and with Fado. This was incredible. Words cannot even describe how awesome that was. You really are a great writer.

Oh! And I found this really cute too...

[Fado nodded. "Just as useless! I think I'll go with them!"

"And another thing- wait, what? Fado?! What did you say?" Mido turned sharply on his heel and glared at his friend, who simply shrugged under everyone's surprised stares.

"I have a slingshot! They don't!"

"So just give them one then, it doesn't mean you have to go. Besides, you can't. Kokiri can't leave the forest or they die, so there!"

"Link left," Fado said, her voice never losing its cheerful tone.

"Yeah... well... Link's weird! I told you before!"]

Mido was really cool in this story too. Saria was as well.

Let's face it: Everyone was.

I also quite enjoyed their battle with the Moblins! That was pretty epic! _ And I like how they're all so different, yet they're all friends and knights together. You put the perfect group together, really. :)

I like how Fado is the perfect balance between wise and a little kid, too. You really did well with that. I love her random statements! _

Oh! _ This was my favorite part, in the whole story:

["I hope we live," Grog said suddenly.

"We will," Fado said as she set to work on cutting the crust off of all the sandwiches they had prepared so far.

Grog stopped with what he was doing and looked down at his hands. "You know why I joined the Knights?"

"I think so," Fado answered, still not looking up from her task. "That's why I joined; I'd heard of people with the thing you had, but I'd never seen it before. Not in real life, anyway. So I was curious."

Grog snorted in amusement. "Figures that's your reason. When I first met Hana, she said we probably wouldn't live that long. Back then, that was music to my ears. But now... now I..." Grog broke off but then continued speaking, his voice sounding the strongest Hana had ever heard it. "I wanna live."

Fado reached out and patted Grog lightly on the back of his hand. "You will."

"Yeah? And how do you know?" Grog teased.

"Because, I'm older than you, and that makes me wise."]

3 That was beyond adorable. And it was so sweet. _ Thank you for writing that. It was beautiful. :)

I also liked how Fado washed the stones because they were dusty. XD It was sweet, even though it was bad timing. :P These characters just get better and better, I tell you! _

I felt really bad for Hana when she was captured. O_O You sure had my suspense up there. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Another cute thing is the relationship between Tak and Hana. They've been friends the longest and, even when they're around the others, that seems to show. It's really adorable and I love how close they are. _

Everything about Chapter 20 was awesome. I just loved it. Especially when the owl showed up. That was a nice addition to the story! :)

I thought it was the end for Grog when the Stalfos found him and Fado. That's so negative, but that's what you had me thinking at that point. I was like, "NO!" and then I was like, "YESSSSS!" when Hana and the others showed up! :) That was pretty epic on your part. ;) Thank you.

It was a bit disappointing that Fado had to go back to Kokiri Forest and that Grog chose to stay with her. But at the same time, it was a good kind of disappointing, if that makes sense. xD It's like I wanted them to stay with the other knights. But at the same time Fado needed to be back in the forest and Grog was being strong by staying with her. So, yes. It was amazing. And all of the other adjectives I've used so many times in this review. XD

I thought I would cry when Dampe died, I really did. Especially when Tak was right there. I mean... it's not my favorite thing ever to read a book or watch a movie when someone is dying in it. But... for some odd reason, I felt like Dampe's death in this story was so heroic that everything else didn't really matter. He risked his life to protect the young boy he loved. And that was amazing. Great job.

I was slightly disappointed when Zelda told them that they couldn't have a vacation just yet. It was unfair on her part, but I understand that the story must go on. xD

And finally... Chapter 25.

I was rather surprised when the Stalfos caught the knights. I know there must be some plan in this happening... but what? ;)

And the end of this chapter was quite interesting as well. So many questions! :O

Will Grog and Fado return and perhaps help Ruto's army?

Will she and the other Zoras team up with the Gorons to fight back?

Will Hana, Tak, and Hot Rodder be all right?

Will they escape?


Yes. So many questions.

My most important (and serious) question is this, though: After you finish this story, would you write more like it? Would you maybe even write a sequel to this?

Just curious. I really think - no, I KNOW - you're an awesome writer and this deserves way more reviews than it has so far. I'll definitely be reading more of your stories in t
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