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Guest chapter 29 . 4h
Please please please update !
canela chapter 29 . 23h
Brilliant writing. You restored my faith in fanfiction.
rigger42 chapter 29 . 5/23
Oh, evil cliffie. Though the plant it seems to be an item of power not of evil intent. Does it eventually end up on a staff? I have this mental image of Harry shrinking it to the size of a marble and stuffing it in his pocket and eventually making it large enough for a staff of gifted elven wood or some such fabled thing. Now...has Legoland never had sex because that seems ridiculous. I'm taking it that he just isn't used to losing control. elves not know or admit to passion As well as love?
rigger42 chapter 28 . 5/23
Is it weird that I keep getting distracted by the thought th at Harry needs new pants and clothing that fits? It must be a bit more challenging to be taken seriously when he looks like a boy outgrowing his clothes.
rigger42 chapter 27 . 5/23
Harry is so amusing in his obliviousness. I love him finding that moment of faith in himself. at some point he has to embrace his power rather and take some comfort in having a purpose rather than feeling like it is all a burden and mistake.
Akayuki Novak chapter 29 . 5/19
Well... palantir glowing when Harry did absolutely nothing. That doesn't bode well. (Look at me, saying bode all fancy like. XD LotR gets to your head like that.) And Legolas being all cute and shy is adorable.
blubb chapter 29 . 5/18
I think this is the best LotR/HP story I've read so far! I like the way you describe everything and take your time to really tell the whole story instead of rushing towards the end. The changes in canon are well though-out and interesting to read. You're a great author. Thank you for sharing this fanfiction with us.

I like the idea of Harry comming back after all this years. I'm probably one of the few people who loved the switches between Hermione/Ron and the actual story. I kind of miss them sometimes. Like after the first kiss I would have loved to see Hermiones reaction.

Both kisses were very well written. I liked them a lot. They were so full of emotions and love but still believable at the same time. But I have to say I don't quite understand Harrys sudden change of heart while beeing on his own. All it took for Harry to fall in love with Legolas was a handshake and a short civilised conversation? (I get that Harry wasn't in love just after the handshake BUT he was when they met again...)

Is Gimli in love with Legolas? He sure acts jealous...

Harry spent about 50 years in middle earth and was married to Legolas for 35 years, right? So...what took them so long? See when I first read this I thought it would take Harry and Legolas years to become a couple... (There is a war after all so they are kind of busy. Harry is new to emotions and relationships so he can be a bit slow. And as an over 2000 year old being, Legolas probably doens't has any reasons to rush anything.) I'm curious to find out what you have planed for the next 14,5 years. After all, in this chapter Legolas proved to be old-fashioned concerning a physical relationship ;)

Oh and I also loved Harrys fight against Saruman. Harry was losing at first (which is to be expected since he is only 18) It took the whole forrest to take him down. That made me like your version of Harry even more.

Any guesses on what will happen next? Uh...I think the palantir will "kidnap" Harry to valinor where he will get further instructions. I hope Harry gets back before Legolas "panics". I also think Harry will find a way to travel faster (using the map or the palantir) and that he will split from the group to find allies.

My first language is german. Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes.
Fallow51 chapter 29 . 5/14
Kudos :)
ScarletRose97 chapter 29 . 5/13
It was an excellent chapter. You've built your plot so well that I can't wait for the next update. Please make haste with your new chapter.

Beccissss chapter 29 . 5/5
I love the story! Finally a long xover that is awesome! Can't wait until next chapter :D
Liss chapter 29 . 5/4
-I hope we're not thinking 'when will this story end already?'-

No way I'm thinking that. All I think is, 'when comes another chapter?'

I love the story. And you're making me fall in love with the Harry / Legolas partner. I like how they are slowly making progress in their relationship. And as you begin to see the cultural differences and misunderstandings light.
DracyGiuliana chapter 29 . 5/3
Exhilarating! You don't know how glad I am to see this updated as this is probably my favorite HP/LoTR crossover out there! I keep being thoroughly amazed by how this story is developing and I'm sure it will keep being just as awesome as it is now! Way to go!
teedub chapter 23 . 5/1
Excellent chapter! I'm happy that the Fellowship is almost back together again. I'm also very relieved that Legolas and Harry will be taking this slowly and that Harry hasn't consciously made his decision to stay in Arda and accept Legolas as a companion yet. I don't want to read fanfiction relationships that are "destined" and essentially a fait acompli. I want them to get to know each other, to work for it. To make a conscious decision that they will be happy together. I can't wait for more!

And what a twist! The King is dead! Though she's wearing the crown and ring, she's not the ruler is she? Didn't the cousin that died (forgot his name) say that if Eomer didn't return, she was heir? He returned so she's no longer Queen right? Meh...I guess it doesn't really matter.

My vote is of course for The Long Road. Primarily because I haven't read the other one :-)
teedub chapter 19 . 5/1
A wonderfully written parting of the ways of childhood friendships. when one goes out into the world and one stays. When the traveller comes back, they have outgrown their home and their friends. That old saying "you can never go home" springs to mind right now.
teedub chapter 17 . 5/1
Dude, I totally felt it. Harry's accepting the call, his rising power and his rage and cold judgement upon those who desecrated the Land.
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