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kurokitsune chapter 21 . 5m ago
Formerly kyuubilover, Love this please continue
Kai19 chapter 21 . 16h ago
I really enjoyed this chapter! I hope to read more soon!
nathalie174347 chapter 21 . 4/19
amazing! please update soon!
nylazellos chapter 21 . 4/19
Bravo! Until next chapter!
MeinNameIstHase chapter 21 . 4/18
I find it astonishing, that Harry was able to find Galadriel's and Celeborn's name in the mass. They are in the midst of many elves after all.
The Valar neglected to mention their own names to Harry? No wonder he is peeved. That message won't help either, given that it is a riddle and a nearly impossible task and mostly says things with which he won't agree. Why gets Harry a new problem, when his companions are allowed some rest and cheerfulness? Ah, well, maybe Boromir is keeping him company in strife. On the other hand, maybe not. I'm also wondering by Ulmo's reaction, what he expected from his visitor. And whom he might have expected to show up in a time like this if not Harry. Apparently it wasn't impossible for somebody else to come, as far as Ulmo knew. And Ulmo should know many things.
Merlenyn chapter 21 . 4/18
You flatter me so much! A chapter dedication? I know you warned me but still... XD Anywho yay chapter! yay yay yay! *dances in glee* So it may be a bit shorter than some of the previous chapters... who cares? It's a chapter and it's good and it's more story! Whoo!

So, onward! Figures that Frodo would be still awake when the forest awoke... considering he was having trouble sleeping anyway. Though it is amusing that the other hobbits slept through the commotion. I'd have imagined it'd be rather loud, all the moving animals and trees and things... Maybe they were just sooooo tired they slept through it, or maybe it was the magic of the forest that kept them unawares except for Frodo who was awake so they couldn't very well hide it from him. Who knows? lol So, the forest awoke sometime shortly after the hobbits fell mostly asleep... and Harry beat Saruman shortly after the forest woke and the hobbits slept for a few more hours after that before waking up and finding the stream. I think the timing of the hobbits waking up and heading out along with Harry waking up is a biiit skewed in that didn't Harry sleep for pretty much the rest of the day and woke the next day? Or did he only really sleep from that morning after the battle til late afternoon the same day? Since I thought Harry first saw the hobbits when they hadn't quite moved yet... Granted he figured with the forest's help he could reach them pretty quickly... so I suppose where they were in the forest exactly wasn't a big problem. lol But I'm going to assume they mostly all started walking at the same time towards each other... or maybe the hobbits walked a day and slept again same with the other trio and that's when Harry had seen them stopped... when the hobbits were resting again. However it works out. heh If Legolas and the other two are less than a league away though, that's about 3 and a half miles... that's pretty darned close! The hobbits are probably about that too then if in a slightly diff direction... how far can Legolas hear? He heard the stream and then right on the heels of that he heard the hobbits... so they're all really really drawing close!

I love how Harry tripped over the Palantiri and how it didn't feel so evil after all the battering it took in the cleansing flood... and how Harry decided to just dive in and see what he could do with it. Yay for resisting the pull to go mind to mind with Sauron for now and visiting the other stones... was the first one he visited the one in Minas Tirith? Or elsewhere? I know Minas Tirith was near a river that led into the ocean... and that there were mountains there too... I figure he was then pulled to the shores of Amar/Valinor then across the continent to the other side where he met Ulmo... I'm just curious about that first stone he visited after ignoring Sauron. lol Also, I figure you'd probably tweaked the story some because the stone Ulmo says Harry's using should've been closer to where the Shire was since Saruman was using the Orthanc stone that came with the tower he lived in. I know the orb Harry's using currently as the Elendil stone eventually passed into the West after the war... and the only really usable one left was the Orthanc stone as the one that was at Minas Tirith was kinda ruined thanks to Denethor. Again, doesn't matter since yer not exactly following the story and changing things to fit YOUR story... it was just a "huh?" moment for me with remembered tidbits of information I've learned over the years from reading. The Elendil stone is the only one that apparently could easily see into the West so it does make sense that Harry would find THAT one and thus be able to talk to one of the Valar. heh I wonder if since it's partly cleansed thanks to the battle and the flood if it'd still be a pull to Pippin who originally was drawn to it and getting trouble with Gandalf over it... heh Again, whatever works, I'm just babbling with information I remember and decided to look up while reading and reviewing this to set my own mind to rights and NOT go crazy. :) I probably sound like Hermione with all the fact checking and "but but but..." but where SHE was all like "That's NOT how it goes! You ruined/changed everything!" I'm just kinda like "Huh, well, this is how it should have been originally, but oh well, it's your story and yer still pulling on lots of the somewhat obscure info and making the story your own... heh" XD

So, I wonder how long Harry's orb gazing's going to take and what his reaction to Ulmo's words (that pretty much seem to confirm his fear that he's probably stuck in Middle Earth forever...) is going to be? And will he still be sitting there after Legolas's group meets up with Frodo's group? And so on... will he still be sitting there as the reunited group keeps traveling towards Isengard with Legolas's insistence that they head there since he KNOWS Harry's there... and thus they'd find him still sitting there having a staring contest with the stone? Legolas and Aragorn probably know that the Plantiri are dangerous so they might try to leap and knock the stone out of his hands while he's still in the middle of his conversation... wouldn't that be jarring? Or would Legolas be able to "feel" that nothing was wrong and stay Aragorn's hand? Or will Harry "wake up" when he senses/hears them draw near? Also, I'm kinda amused that after checking his limbs for injury he didn't also immediately panic over his map that he landed on... before becoming distracted by the orb. Since the map's so special and all, i half expected him to check himself, check the map and roll it up or something, before glaring at and contemplating the orb. I wonder if the others find him before he can pick up the map, will they see all the dots on it and be able to understand them or can only Harry see the people dots moving around? Galadriel did say the map was for "his eyes only" so maybe that's what she was referring to without knowing it? That he'd be able to read it no matter what and manipulate it to fit his needs but no one else would be able to? Seeing as his spell and the map reacted to his desire to find the hobbits and made their names stand out, he'll probably be able to do that with just about anyone he knows if they get separated again.

Back to the hobbits, I love how finding the stream seemed to revitalize them all, especially poor Frodo, to the point that they started singing as they walked along the stream. I'm imagining a happy reunion next chapter with the trio picking up their pace to catch up with the singing hobbits and then all taking a break to catch up on what happened to them as Legolas finally gets his chance to taste the magical waters... and since the trio is still a little beat up and tired, the water will definitely help them just like it helped the hobbits and give them that much more energy and push to keep going and find Harry before the sun sets fully.

Also thinking about the message Ulmo had for him... I'm going to guess that the "guard well treasures three" refers to the fact that eventually he'll be going back to his home world and collecting the Hallows to bring back to safety in Middle Earth... and that the "ring once hidden" is going to refer to the elven ring that Gandalf had originally in the story? Perhaps it's hidden somewhere and Gandalf never had it or something... If Harry's going to have the ring eventually I'm going to guess that maybe Gandalf doesn't come back because Harry's there to take his place and perhaps the place of all the other Istari... since Saruman's gone now, Radegast only ever had a small role and probably will just keep wandering with the animals... and the other two Istari vanished into the East and were pretty much never heard from again (yes, I kinda looked that one up. I really only remember Saruman "the white", Gandalf "the grey and then the white" and Radegast "the brown" while there was mention of two others but they were just mentioned really as being Istari while the other 3 had roles even if Radegast's was quite minor and in the background compared to Gandalf and Saruman.) the whole "power of Istari four" probably means he'll have the power of four Istari... which probably means taking Saruman and Gandalf's place at least, and perhaps the two who vanished into the East... IF Radegast remains since he's pretty harmless. The Encyclopedia of Arda mentions that the other two might have gone Dark and been responsible for some of the cults in the Eastern countries after all... maybe they died or their powers were stripped like Saruman's where. Hmmm... And yay for the reference to the Companion! I wonder how long before Legolas manages to tell Harry about the prophecy and that he's apparently supposed to be the Companion? I can't imagine it coming out immediately upon finding him as the hobbits are bound to pounce and hug and dance around Harry for a while after they find him because they're so happy... XD silly happy hobbitses! And then there's going to be the decision as to which way to go, probably Rohan and find Boromir... Harry's map and lordship over the forest should help with their travels in that direction at least.

Also also! I love how the forest has changed! I love that it's no longer so dark and spooky and stuff... that it's lighter and greener. Harry's call really did awake the forest and give it a new lease on life I think. Celeborn's warning against the forest was probably because of how dark and twisted it had become over the years... since the Ents who lived there had grown bitter over the years probably with their forests shrinking til all they had left of their old homes was the forest that became known as Fangorn Forest. I wonder if Harry will be able to find the Entwives and awaken them if they're sleeping somewhere (like the Old Forest by the Shire, since there was that tree that tried to eat the hobbits when they were saved by Tom... heh maybe those trees there were the Entwives who'd escaped their ho
Mystical-Elf-Of-Sorrow chapter 21 . 4/18
hahahaha awesome
Gracealma chapter 21 . 4/17
Looks that all groups are reuniting. Can't wait until Harry and Legolas meet again.
KoreanMusicFan chapter 21 . 4/17
Thanks for the update!
Larisya chapter 21 . 4/17
Thank you so much! I'd never really...quite thought of Ulmo in that particular way. I loved it!
StarlightGilgalad chapter 21 . 4/17
Awesome scene with the Ulmo guy! And is that another prophecy? Or just some confusing verse to make Harry question his existence? Meh, either way AWESOME!
RandomWriter chapter 21 . 4/17
Awesome story, I would recommend it to my friend, but the only slash pairings she ships is in Harry Potter, and I mentally scarred her by informing her of the pairing Legolas/Aragorn.
TheBeauty chapter 21 . 4/17
Awesome chapter :)
DarkRavie chapter 21 . 4/17
Great chapter. You story is very good and I can't wait to read what happens in your next.
BeautifulLotus chapter 20 . 4/16
I want more
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