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XxAllenNlavixX chapter 30 . 8/25
As always, a wonderful chapter! I cant wait for Legolas to find out more about Harry and the fact he willingly walked to his death! That part always made me teary:( Adore Jealous!Legolas btw! Hope to see more of that. I also noticed when I checked when this was updated you published this on Harry's birthday! Coincidence? XD
bloodedlife94 chapter 8 . 8/20
yay middle earth
Syret chapter 30 . 8/19
I Love this story! Great job!
Anitajane chapter 30 . 8/16
no hurry but I look forward to the "next thrilling episode"
bleubirdsong chapter 30 . 8/11
my god, this is wonderful! one of the best lotr x hp crossovers! too many of them follow the plot too loosely, leaving Harry a mere hangers-on.
JBubbles chapter 30 . 8/4
Oh oh ooooh! This is gloooorious! I'm loving the plot, the emphasis on storytelling, the building relationship between Harry and Legolas and how well you're portraying the Tolkien universe (and my oh my how you put Tolkien as a Middle Earth Seer... brilliant).

Can't wait to
tamashiyuki chapter 30 . 7/28
very gooooooood!
Kai19 chapter 30 . 7/27
Wow! It always takes me a long time full get around to reviewing, it seems. To be fair, it's because with a new chapter I feel like I need to read the whole story again. Lol... I really love the story, though, so it's not like I mind. I wonder if they'll visit Teddy while on Earth? Also, wondering if they'll warn anyone else about Denethor? I can't wait to read more! Hopefully Legolas or someone will explain elven courting traditions to Harry, too. Lol...
Yuki chapter 30 . 7/27
So I've been waiting FOREVER (or at least it feels like forever) for this chapter and then when it does come out I'm on vacation in a place that doesn't have any internet. Now that is upsetting. But I loved this chapter! I also love their first kiss. Please update soon! Please, please, please!
Mind'sEye4 chapter 30 . 7/26
Lovely Harry and Legolas story
HowlingRain chapter 30 . 7/25
Found your story a couple days ago and I've been reading it in every spare moment I've had since! It's really awesome! I love it so far! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! :)
Fallow52 chapter 30 . 7/21
Kudos :)
Anne chapter 30 . 7/19
OMG! Love this story.

My opinion: Whenever works for you, provided you do not forget.

And please .. please do not leave unfinished. Although evenings months to continue the story.
Raven Salazar Potter-Black chapter 30 . 7/17
Whenever works for you is fine, as long as you keep updating. I seem to have the misfortune that all the stories I am following do not update for long periods of time at the exact same time, then all update together... Lol. I got around six other story updates Around the same day as this one came out. Great story, by the way. I absolutely adore it!
Merlenyn chapter 30 . 7/14
Ok, so that was not quite what I was expecting when he picked up the Palantir! Though it is nice that they now know that they can't count on Denethor... I do hope they manage to send word to Boromir that he has to STAY PUT and lead his people in his father's place until backup arrives in the form of possibly Aragorn and his Dunedain companions and the army of the dead. I do wonder though if they decide to split up into groups, who's gonna go where? Are the hobbits going to stick together on the trip into Mordor with maybe Harry going, or will Harry also have to travel elsewhere to see through his part of events? When he was sucked along to that other meeting, I was half expecting the Valar to be there, not Galadriel, Gandalf, and Elrond. Though I suppose I finally have my answer as to what's gonna happen with Gandalf's ring! Woo! That's been bugging me since Gandalf fell and Harry joined and the idea that Gandalf might not return since he probably wasn't needed with Harry there... lol his connections would've been nice to have, but beyond that... XD Gandalf did eventually go over the sea anyway after the war, so all's good. I do wonder though... if Galadriel and Elrond still go over the sea once the war is over, will they take the rings with them or will they be entrusted to others in Middle Earth? Will their power be needed any longer? Also, when Harry finally says yes, I do wonder how he's gonna be able to tell Gandalf, or if someone Elrond's gonna "see" is acceptance and somehow send the message along? And how the heck will Gandalf be able to get the ring to him? Hmm... And once Harry gets the ring, how will it help with their mission? Besides slowing the "decay" of Middle Earth while Sauron still is about that is.

I loved how he came back form it though... Legolas shaking his shoulder, most likely very afraid that he was mentally confronting Saruon himself and trapped... lol instead of in a meeting. I do wonder if he'll ever tell Legolas about the FIRST time he used it accidentally when he first found it? And that meeting? Where he learned more about the prophecy and the one facing Legolas? And how is he supposed to help save him from that fate? Is it merely a love thing, he proclaims his love for Legolas or something and it breaks the spell the gulls have over him and the pull to sail West? Or will he somehow keep Legolas away from any gulls crying period? lol Can't wait to see how that goes... I know in canon he and Gimli ended up traveling all over the place for years before they both set sail because their friendship was just that awesomely close that they wouldn't be parted and thus Gimli is assumed to be the first dwarf to be accepted into Valinor due to his friendship and respect for the elves.

How will Aragorn get word to the Dunedain to show up? Or will Elrond or Galadriel send a message to them that their leader needs them? I can't remember how they knew to show up in canon. :p lol I just know that they showed up. XD Hopefully Boromir also manages to protect his brother... and maybe he can overthrow his father when he finds out what's going on? If he finds out before Aragorn and whoever may decide to go to Gondor arrive and start preparing for war... sooo looking forward to seeing what happens next though! I do wonder about Denethor's words that Harry caught when he followed the trail back to that Palantir, his mutters about "safe for now" and all... is that meaning that he's hoping to keep Boromir safe for now since he's the favored son? While sending Faramir back into danger? Hopefully they both stay safe and perhaps work together! I also wonder... if Harry did go with the hobbits over the mountains or whatever, would his map with the charm on it be able to pick up all the orcs and other creatures that would be hunting them so he could help them avoid them? or would it be useless up there? Is he gonna go at all or focus on gathering the collective peoples of Middle Earth as is his eventual mission to unite the peoples? And will the Mirkwood elves (those that are Silvan anyway) decide to mostly stay in Middle Earth? I know they said Legolas is Sindarin and thus the pull is stronger (especially if triggered by the gull cry that was prophesied) but he'll have a reason to stay with Harry... and if Harry becomes an Elf himself and takes up the mantel of a protector/guardian of Middle Earth, wouldn't it be lonely if he and Legolas were the only immortals there? Hmm... lol I know that's for the future though so... yea... XD

Anywho, can't wait to see what happens next! :)
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