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Guest chapter 2 . 4/23/2015
I'm fairly certain giving suicidal people razors is a bad idea...what's wrong with you Francis?
Nyx811 chapter 12 . 10/23/2013
are you continuing?
cannoWrite chapter 12 . 8/12/2013
I tried following you, but I cant find the button!
Brookewyrm the Strangeling chapter 12 . 8/12/2013
Awesome story, and I think I know why Gil has been acting weird..
I understand, sometimes authors just need to take a break for a while.
broshipFanatic chapter 11 . 7/1/2013
Great chapter (and sorry for the late review)! Once again, I'm really liking the Spamano (even if it's minor, and rather dramatic. Antonio, you are a dork.) and the grammar is nicely done in this. I'm going to miss Lizzie once she's gone...
(Methinks that Gilbert's the one who burned down the library that Toris got blamed for.) I do like how everything's going at the right pace; quick when it needs to be, but slower when interesting things are happening. And the detail is very nice. The characters all a bunch of idiots and dorks, and I really love that ("It just sounds cooler when I call it Mania!")(quote from memory). I wouldn't mind if a bit of HOCKEY is somehow dragged in here, which Mattie going a little psycho, and Ivan finding a new favourite, right before said favourite somehow beats him at it.
And seriously. Mattie's family has a lot of issues, what with all of the different names. I can just imagine you with piles of trashed family trees and this one web, listing the best way to make them all related while they still have their last names. It's amusingly complicated.
Update soon, or Mattie shall drink all of your maple syrup!
(P.S. I love the Gilbird)
ERR0R C0DE 404 chapter 11 . 6/2/2013
This is great! I've really enjoyed reading it so far!
cannoWrite chapter 11 . 5/15/2013
this is getting interesting :3
Shiralala chapter 11 . 5/15/2013
41st review! Called it!
..._ oh well. I tried.
Just two errors that I saw: you misspelled 'knew' as 'new' twice in the same paragraph, and you wrote 'geese' instead of 'geez'.
tomatogirl chapter 11 . 5/15/2013
ohmigosh, CUE THE EPIC ESCAPE MUSIC. 8D Also, I could picture the part with their noses touching in my head, and it was freaking adorable X3. Exploding pasta. _ Also, "Acute Yaoi Syndrome"... I wonder if it actually exsists...

Can't wait for another update!
broshipFanatic chapter 10 . 5/9/2013
Oh-wow-when-did-this-beautiful-update-show-up? This was a good one, and so lovely and long I liked how the past of the hospital was finally revealed, though I think that, since it was in Prussia's POV, it would have been a bit better in quotation marks. (And the Spamano hints again...squee...) You've got a lot of detail in this about the hospital, so I'm not sure if you made it all up or ...somehow...know. Characters are pretty IC considering their situation, and the grammar is well done. I can't wait for Gilbird, and the next update!
i-Spit-on-Fire chapter 10 . 5/2/2013
Yay! You updated! I loved this chapter! You are just super awesome at writing!
Shiralala chapter 10 . 4/28/2013
I don't remember if I mentioned this in my last review: Almost the BTT! They ALMOST all run into each other!
Hoo boy, but I know about long chapters. But I can't help feeling sad about the ALMOST PruCan-and Gilbird. But yay! Soon!
*dances* did I say this before? Because I almost wish I'd thought of this kind of AU, cuz it's brilliant! But if I'd thought of it, I probably wouldn't have done as epic a job as you have
Totally serious here.
tomatogirl chapter 10 . 4/27/2013


Darn it, there needs to be an edit button on reveiws. HEAR THAT FANFICTION PEOPLES? EDIT BUTTON! WE NEED IT!

Washington DC and Moscow: *start giving me strange looks*

Moscow: Admin is okay... da?
tomatogirl chapter 10 . 4/27/2013
Aw, you're welcome! :D I tend to do that on reveiw, it helps me develop my OCs a bit more and come up with fanfic ideas.

Yeah...I don't have an account, I hope to remedy that soon, sometime after this moving biz is over. Probably going to use a different name besides 'tomatogirl' though... but I checked, and the name I wanted to use is already taken. D: And this person hasn't even done ANYTHING on the account... grrrrrr...


HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, SHE IS?! OKAY, I'LL BE THERE IN A MINUTE! Yeah... we're in the middle of moving right now. My mom's going through spices and such, and anything that's been expired for a 5 years or more, gets pitched. :3 It's fun. Moving though... less fun... -.- Especially to another frickin hemisphere...

This has probably been really long and rambling... I feel for your brain if you've read all this. XD Anyway-


No, he didn't...Gilbird appears next tome remember?

Warsaw: Oh. Okay! *skips off* La dee da dee da-

O.0 Never come up with OCs while sleep deprived on a 7 hour plane flight... Of course, I'm soon going to be on a 14 hour plane flight... *sigh* I'm screwed. Last time I was in a plane fight over 10 hours, the seating went like this:

Sleeping Lady Me brother mom Drunk Japanese guy

In that order. Not fun.

Anyway, hope you update soon, this story is really goid so far!
StringOfFate chapter 10 . 4/27/2013
Oh wow when I saw this updated it made my day! And with such a long chapter, Oh you are to good to me! But wait you really mean this is only half? I cant wait for the rest now that be have the nickname in here and promises of PurCan I just know things are going to be getting even better 3
I honestly want to comment on every section of this chapter telling you how good it is but I don't think you would want me droning on and on like that in your review section.

Anyway I LOVED it and cant wait for the next chapter I am sure you are going to make me fangirl scream my head off over the PurCan'ness :D
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