Reviews for Mission Nebulous
Raiyu Jinto chapter 1 . 8/23/2013
Beast...I can see ridley's eyes already. Also, Samus doesn't have a night visor. She's got a thermal visor, scan visor, echo visor and x-ray visor.
Misty Ketchum97 chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
Interesting.. :) I've never heard of Metroid but if the main character is a girl, I'll definitely read it! :D

Yosuga Kamino chapter 12 . 10/28/2012
YAY! New chapter!
It's kinda bad that this is the end... but I love this story!

Nice work on that semi-steamy love scene with Ian and Samus, and LOL she woke up and Adam was there!
It's nice to see that Adam was never against the two of them together after all! xD

Maybe for your next Metroid story, you should make a sequel to Mission Nebulous or something.
And I sure loooove Ianmus!

So maybe for the sequel, Samus realizes that she's pregnant with Ian's child (she went to visit Damara about her experience with her morning sicknesses) and how she and Ian go through her pregnancy together or something like that.
And when the baby is born, they should name the baby Lhikan.
I don't know this is just a suggestion.

But keep on writing more Metroid and Ianmus fics! Looking forward for some more! _
Yosuga Kamino chapter 10 . 9/27/2012
Wah! New chappy!
I lol'd at what Lhikan was saying to Samus: what is actually up with noises coming from the quarters? Samus face turns hot everytime! XD

Ah... The kissing part, if only it was longer for Ian and Samus but Lyle just have to walk in on them! Ugh, way to ruin the moment there! D:

The fight with Lhikan and the Emperor was epic, at least he didn't get himself killed. Sammy and Anthony came in just in time to his rescue!

Uh-oh! Looks like Adam has met Sylux!

Dang it! I must read moar! Can't wait for the next part! :D
Yosuga Kamino chapter 9 . 9/8/2012
Whee! New chap!
Ouch, Ian must've bled a little when Adam punches him. .

However, you kinda have a little typos in this chapter, so I suggest you quickly proofread it over or reread it out loud.

Annnd the cafeteria scene was sooo funny!
Adam doesn't have a TV in his dorm! xD

But is it true that Samus was in the quarters last night? And noises?! Samus and Ian are making out again? x3

Don't give up! Keep on writing this! _
Will I see moar Ianmus later? :D
Yosuga Kamino chapter 8 . 9/1/2012

And Samus gave Ian an unexpected smackeroo on his mouth! Aha! So cuute! xD
The children are sooo adorable too by the way you describe them!

And with the Samus and Sylux part...looks like you humanized him a little bit! _

Who knew Ian can be a bit assertive when yelling at the kids? xD
Awww, Samus told him that can can be a great daddy to their kids when they'll have some. 3
And yes, the feathers joke! xDDD
Samus was given Chozo genes only for her enhanced abilities, not her looks! xD

And yes, school is fast approaching, and it's good to put your priorities first! And yet, keep up with your fanfics too! Good luck! _
Yosuga Kamino chapter 7 . 8/25/2012
Lhikan fighting Ridley was epic, even he can teleport him and Samus to the docking bay!

His Zephyr can like, do almost anything. xD

*GASP* Ian-chan is in this chapter! AAIIIE!
Awww Adam crying for the first time. Is it because he's missing Ian that much or something? Or was that tears of joy?
And Samus remebering Ian too? Awww... _
And I totally LOL'd when Anthony refused to let Samus through the door and Maurice opened it slamming Anthony to the ground! xD

And yesh! Samus goes into Aipotu on her own! And Adam told her no romantic moments between her and Ian. It's probably because of the incident of him walking in on the two of them making out and are about to bang, right? xD

And those little kids at the end are soooo kawaii when you described them! _

And then I screamed like a fangirl (mentally) when Ian and Samus are reunited! AHHH!
What's gonna happen next! I wanna know!

I think Samus should break Adam's second order and kisses Ian when they reunite! :D
Will they spend a little time together? Find Sylux together?

Yeah, I know that summer is coming to a close and school is coming for us...but yes, priorities first and then writing fanfics second!

So don't keep me and other readers waitin'! :DDD
Im totally lovin' your story! :DDDD
Yosuga Kamino chapter 6 . 8/17/2012
Waah! Another chapter! :D

I totally lol'd when Samus has to partner up with Lhikan. xD
He's totally pissing her off! xD
He even thought the cyborg Zebesians were mutated chickens! Looool!

And *gasp* a mutated Ridley and Lhikan is fighting him off? I wonder how will he do it? :D
Also, who's this Zephyr dude?

And *GASP* Ian is gonna be in the next chapter? AAAIIIEEEE! :DDD

Aaaargh! Must. Read. MOAR!
Keep goin'!

**Tip :: Try finishing up this fanfic project before writing a new title, okies?
If you don't, you'll have a mess full of unfinished fics.
My advice: finish this fic first. ;)

Don't keep a fangirl waitin'.

P.S. Will there be romance between Ian and Samus in the next chapter? :)
Yosuga Kamino chapter 5 . 8/11/2012
Waaah! New chapter! And you've took my advice of turning Damara into a Medic! _

And I totally squeal when you said there's gonna be some Ianmus in this one! :D

Will there be moar! I want some love between Samus and Ian's past together! 3

And ooooh! Adam has caught naughty little Sammy and Ian doing naughty stuff! xD
Will you write of how that part really happens, like in Adam's or Ian and Samus' POV?

Was she pregnant with Ian's child? You and I were commenting on one of my art on dA with Ian and Samus holding baby Gina.

I'm sooo hooked on this now! Haha!
I'm hungry for more chaps! Don't keep fangirls like me waitin'! Haaaooo! X3
Yosuga Kamino chapter 4 . 8/8/2012
Waaah! When is Ian gonna appear and see Samus again?! .
You know he's part of the platoon.

I kinda totally think Damara should be in the Medical field. You should totally put her into that field, I'd even have doodles of her that I've drawn in the past. _

Also, when will the Ianmus show up? :D

Anyway, keep on aiming to write moar! Don't keep a starving fan like me waitin'. xP
Yosuga Kamino chapter 3 . 8/5/2012
WAAAH! New chapter!
Even though I'm not used with OCs in fanfics, but I'm super curious of who Lihkan is! Woot! And yeesh, Damara is mentioned!
For a minute i thought it was gonna be Ian! But i was totally mistaken! xD

Oh! You should add the rest of the 07 Platoon too if you want like James, Lyle, KG, and Maurice!
And I think KG should be Damara's older brother (in my fanarts, I used to paired them together but not anymore).


I am soooo hooked now, feed me more of this fic! Plz! xP
Yosuga Kamino chapter 2 . 8/3/2012
Hiiii! This is LolitaPrincess94 from deviantART!
You commented on my art, "WTF Adamus"!

You told me that I you got a fanfiction account and is currently writing a Metroid fanfic! So here I am! X3
And you also told me that you're gonna add some Ianmus to the story! Eeek! I totally love that pairing! Might as well add another genre: Romance! 3

I totally love this so far! Don't keep me waiting! Write more, more, MOAR!1111 xD

Also, in the Galactic Federation, there's already an Admiral. He's in Metroid Prime 3 and his name is Admiral Dane. ;)
Adam is just a Commander/General. I think that rank suits him well.
And I see that you put characters from the Metroid manga! I want to see more of the characters from the manga and into your fic here, like Damara (she's a student from the GF Academy), Kreatz, and Mauk too!

Anyway, keep on updating! I'll be waitin' ;)
TheMostRandomOfRandomWriters chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
This sounds interesting, please update it again soon.