Reviews for Kuroko no Basuke Marriage Prospects
Armelle chapter 12 . 7/20
I'm inlove with KHR too~! Yamamoto Takeshi-sama ftw~! \(o)/ I love him! He's my hubby! my number one~! Niji-senpai is second 3 Then there's Tasuki of Fushigi Yuugi xDDD and Lavi of ~!
Salome Maranya chapter 15 . 6/30
These are great! XD
Akatsuki chapter 7 . 6/14
Can u please do Nijimura the ex captain of teiko?
H.M chapter 15 . 4/20
Eu gosto tanto dessa fanfic! Bem que eu gostaria que todos eles existissem... Você poderia fazer um capítulo sobre o Mayuzumi. E sim, POR FAVOR, faça uma fanfic Haikyuu! Marriage Prospects! Gostaria de um capítulo sobre o Kageyama, Tsukishima, Sugawara e Kuroo!
Harmonic Bunny chapter 15 . 2/15
What am I doing with my life? xD Seriously, I think I kind of died while reading these profiles, haha /shot. Thank you for writing this, really! Why don't you continue for the sake of the female population? /shotforever. KuroBasu really is brutal in bishounens, isn't it, though...and I'll talk to you about the above anime, lawl, since my friends have all moved onto other animanga (im all aloneEEE)
...I need to sleep earlier. It's so late here, unrepentant sad face. So, I guess I'll cut my useless commentary here, haha. I really don't think there's anything to change about this fanfiction though, ahaha, because it's crack and crack is beautiful. Okay, bye, better sleep before I can't and then I'll die! :) (aren't i just condensed sunshine?) So, since I just accidentally deleted asdfghjkl amounts of this (what have i doneee) I'll leave here! Thank you for writing this crackfic :D I'm ridiculous; I swear I'll look back at this in the morning and then facepalm halfway through. Sorry if I'm too overwhelmingly weird here! And thank you again!
Trollie queenii chapter 7 . 2/3
I wanted to be treated like a queen by the one and only Akashisama xD
too bad it won't happen in real life v oh well there's imagination and stuff xD
luv this fic x3
Trollie queenii chapter 1 . 2/3
vanilla shakes is heart xD Kuroko is one of my bishie e/w/e
Chibi-Onee-chan chapter 15 . 1/26
Nice chapter! I laughed right at a time when I needed it. Keep up the awesome work :3

P.S I will rant about KnB, Eyeshield 21, and One Piece with you if you'd like to message me :)
AspergianStoryteller chapter 15 . 1/13
After this, you could write a Haikyuu! marriage prospects?
lilyflower991028 chapter 15 . 1/12
Yes, because he's normal!
Oh wait.
Hahahaha- *shot*
I'm really glad you updated this I love it. So much. Words cannot explain the... the... *weird hand gestures* You know.
I love Haikyuuuuu haaaa 3 It's a bit more realistic than KnB with the special effects and lights and beams and doorception and yeah. I once saw a fanart where Murasakibaracchi and Noya met.
It was hilarious, to say the least...
I could talk to you about knb, Haikyuu and snk but that's it. Unless you have any other obsessions? One of my favourite sports anime is Prince of Tennis but it's hecka old even though it's got a new season and it's pretty hecka long too. But the special effects can't even COMPARE to knb. Or, well it can.
They ride waves. Dinosuars appear. Tennis balls morph into liquid like objects. One of them can see through bodies and at your skeleton to find your weakness. One of them can go into this thing called Devil Mode where his skin turns red and so do his eyes and his hair goes white. One of them can control fire and lightning and wind and forest what the fuck-
And they also have doors! Just like knb. Tenimuhou no Kiwami. Muga no Kyouchi. I forgot the rest.
I recommend you watch it, but... I mean I haven't watched all of it in fact I only watched like 30 eps but I watched The New Prince of Tennis (cheater) and I know pretty much most of the characters which is hecka scary because there are like 8 or 9 teams with 8 or 9 regulars and then there are extra characters and blah.
Sorry for the rant.

But yeah to sum it up great chapter! Made me laugh and everything. Gotta practise that heel kicking, and buy some warlord figures, amd style my hair...
But it's kinda painful because I ship Hyuuga x Riko AND Hyuuga x Kiyoshi. But I ship Kiyoshi with Hanamiya too being the sadomasochis-tic person I am and before I get carried away (again) Imma stop.

So thanks, and bye!

P.S: I look forward to the next chapter!
Echolotalia chapter 15 . 1/10
I am more than willing to listen to you rant, Author-san. KnB, Haikyuu!, One Piece and (a little bit) SnK are all subjects we can discuss, if you want!
otomemichieve-sama chapter 15 . 1/7
Welcome back ! Definitely took you some time to update and I was slowly rotting in some hole...but interesting as usual and is it possible to do a profile on the pun making Izuki? Also noya-sempai and haikyuu are also my current obsession like its unfair how cute some of them can be...Also season two is coming out my inner fan-girl is dying. Anyways good luck in your studies please don't give up on writing! Happy new years !
TrinityPassage75 chapter 15 . 1/6

1) THANK YOU FOR THIS! I love you for this T-T

2) Haikyuu is MAH ANIME LOVE! And while I love Nishinoya (I mean c'mon, have you SEEN him with his hair down? 3)

3) ME! Rants, Fangirling, KnB, One Piece (Though I haven't seen too much of it), Eyeshield 21 (dat Hiruma-senpai tho ;3) and Shingeki All fall into the same category of love!
Yuruya chapter 15 . 1/6

(a shingeki version of this would be pretty cool too! But i likey haikyuu version better huehuehue bc Tsukki and Kageyama... KAGEYAMA KYAAAAA AND ALSO HINATA :"( )

Happy New Year! (And wow, i was really surpised you updated! XD)
abbylovesmyungsoo chapter 15 . 1/6
OHMYGHAD I LOVE KNB, HQ, E21 and SNK! OHHHH GOSHHHHH KageHina, TsukiHina, ShinXSena, YamatoXSena, KakeiXSena, RikuXSena, Riren, and EreMika, are my shippppsssssssssssss. :'(

Can you please do Izuki Shun next? He's my bb in KnB. :)
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