Reviews for As Fast as You Can
Puckabrinaluver chapter 1 . 3/13/2014
God, this played with my emotions in not okay ways. I need more.
utterlyheartbroken chapter 1 . 10/5/2012
This is like SUPER awesome!

I love it.

The way you write the story in the beginning. How you keep everyone is suspense. Just brilliant really.
And how you continued on with Wally not wanting to deal with his best friend becoming someone else, with Nightwing choosing Artemis, how they interact later on. Amazing!

I totally wish I could see you write more Wally & Nightwing stories, as you mange to write them so beautifully.

Great Job!
burrito-meat chapter 1 . 8/29/2012
Genius, reading this felt too real and I loved the angst in it.
Your-Nuclear-Holocaust chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
-face story-
You made me cry again Huny-Bun! I just stopped crying like, five minutes ago! I'm gunna need a hug, some hot chocolate, and a teddy bear by the end of this night, I have to catch up on all my old stuff.
Anewho, love your head canon for Wally's reason. I honestly think I'm going to like your version better then anything the story writers can pump out. To me, Wally always seemed to hold all of his fears and worries in the back of his head. All of the "what ifs". "What if something happened to me, what would my family do?" "What if something was to happen to my friends, what would I do?" And slowly but surely you know those worries would slowly turn into facts in his head that he wouldn't be able to run away from. My head canon was he left when Jason died. That his death shoved in his face how dangerous it really was, but in a way that wouldn't make sense since Jace wouldn't have bee in YJ very long. Having to go through Dick's death would fuck him up so bad.
And I love the Red Robin call out with Miss M. That issue was brilliant and being reminded of it made me smile a bit. Great job again Val.
Robin Red R chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
Oh my gosh... seriously, how do you do this? I always think I have a vague idea of where you're going with a fic, and then you turn it all on it's head and I'm like O.o. Then I read further, and by the end I'm sitting here fangirling over yet another flawlessly executed piece of work that has left me with this happy feeling in my stomach. This what your work does to me, no joke XD Haha, anyway, this was just an AMAZING fic. Really nice portrayal of the tension between these two, it's a nice take on it. I can really see this actually playing out. The ending there was so sweet And, as always, it was just beautifully written. Loved this!

gigerisgod chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
This was stunning! Loved it!
LucidKren chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
I really liked this. This is a great explanation for the tension between Dick and Wally, and why Wally wanted to leave the superhero gig. So, in other words, your headcanon is pretty cool.

Great work!
TheSkullHat chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
Dude. You nearly made me cry. But...aww! Especially at the end. Poor Wally. :( Anyway, nice work. I really liked it.