Reviews for The Road Paved in Concepts
ARSLOTHES chapter 51 . 8/16
looking forward to when this is updated again
Jack Hunter chapter 19 . 6/27
You should get the RWBY dimension done sometime. And I also just thought of recommending Elsword as well.
Ninon Beart chapter 51 . 6/27
Reader mileage may vary, of course, but I personally feel that crossover character development is Concept Road's strongest point.

This latest chapter completely obliterates my only actual fanfic-related quibble, which was more interaction among the various contracts, rather than just with Starsky himself.

And when all is said and done, and Drosselmeyer has been squished into bean paste, perhaps Louis ought to throw a great big victory bash for this Maiden horde, since the mental image of all these mages, warriors, and anthropomorphic animals wandering the halls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is a fanfic opportunity too good to pass up. Hehehe...
Jack Hunter chapter 52 . 6/27
I'm still glad to hear from Teto again. It had been way too long since we last heard from her.
19 Infidels chapter 50 . 5/19
Louis and Patchouli should kiss at some point.
Ninon Beart chapter 49 . 3/25
Fanfic mega crossover heroes/heroines oftentimes tend to treat each universal pit stop as a one-off visit, with no real reason to return once their main storyline-related business has concluded.

That being said, these past few chapters have proven to be a rather enjoyable diversion, with Starsky finding amusing reasons to revisit previously cleared, I mean places.

...And Marisa deserves a whack on the nose for calling Lulu a little gnome. *haughty sniff*
Ninon Beart chapter 48 . 3/10
Mami's borderline insane troll logic approach to "villainy" certainly made me smile!

And it's always great to see how Starsky's actions and involvement have managed to cause a particular universe's canon to spin in wildly different directions.

Louis and Kyoko playing the part of questionably evil/possibly brain-damaged co-villains was fun to read as well! Eheheh...
frenzy307 chapter 47 . 12/17/2015
Did Yukari fall for him too? She certainly seems pretty possessive...
Planeshunter chapter 47 . 11/12/2015
Nice chapter!
For it's lenght, it stole some good laughts from me. Even a heretic like me who hasn't played Clannad yet knows the legendary Rainbow Bread. And the interactions with Yukari in this chapter were specially enjoyable.
You might want re-read it tho, I found a couple of minor thypos around, that doesn't do justice to the rest.
Anyway, I hope you defeat the beast. Life's should be spent having fun, not feeling groggy around!
Ninon Beart chapter 47 . 11/11/2015
Concept Road's portrayal of the Touhou cast has a certain..."warmth" that I truly appreciate, when compared to many other related stories.

And it's not just about Patchouli, with her ready acceptance of Louis and his various foibles (small and major).

Practically everyone is just a bit more relatable than their typical fanfic depiction, and more than a little tolerant (For the most part...)!

The same goes for this latest chapter and the Overseer herself.

I just love a Yukari portrayal without any major feelings of smug self-superiority bleeding through, and especially a Yukari that is not depicted as some kind of evil (lazy) mastermind or secret eldritch abomination. *sweatdrop*
Jack Hunter chapter 47 . 11/10/2015
Ninon Beart chapter 46 . 9/30/2015
Another excellent chapter!

Starsky's EV Training turned out to be a fairly resounding success.

...Must have been plenty of Vitamins in that crab meat salad.

In any case, Louis started his journey off pretty Lax, and more than a little Quirky...But I have to say that the Adamant side of his nature has begun to crop up more often than not, especially in these past few chapters!

I can hardly wait for him to fill his Pok├ęd-...Um, I mean complete his contract card deck! Eheheh...*sweatdrop*
Jack Hunter chapter 46 . 9/30/2015
Will you eventually put RWBY as a world in this?
Planeshunter chapter 46 . 9/30/2015
Wow, just... wow.
This chapter really felt good to read. If you never felt like giving yourself a cookie before, now might be a good first time ;)
If there's something, I'd say Marisa opened up a bit too much. But Gensokyo characters are quite open for personal interpretation, so maybe that's just my feeling.
Also, it felt like your beta reader was a bit under the weather for this chapter. I'll PM you what I believe are typos, since it doesn't feel right for me to leave them on the comments section.
Jack Hunter chapter 45 . 9/4/2015
What does BGM even stand for?
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