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ShadowWraith17 chapter 28 . 1/9/2014
Standing applause:-) I am solo very happy you kept the end of this more realistic. It would be way too out of place having a love first kiss type ending. Thank you for all the surprises,this kept me guessing and going ohhhh noo waaaay like Rubicant's first appearance,to Z man making an appearance. This so far in my opinion is your best work. Cuore going all Dark Cuore on us and just ripping stuff apart,then coming back to reality. I as a reader felt like this was an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the pages. I loved this,can't say it enough. While playing out I will admit I laughed at least ten times when thinking Barb..what did you call me? What did you call me? That's never going to leave my mind now lol. So before I repeat myself over and over I'll say this...A slap,a bunch of Eidolons now free,Cuore riding a turtle and...Barb. I have to stop there. But wait,a good read is something ya can't put down. Thanks Moon :-) :-) :-)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 27 . 1/9/2014
For this chapter I have to say I can tell your just too excited about the next one. I feel bad for Anima,but at the same time I guess I understand. So I'm too excited about the next chapter,so I'm going to stop this review now lol.
ShadowWraith17 chapter 26 . 1/2/2014
Ok ok,I didn't finish that night :( Barb showing that she cares,even though she's a b****! Espers...I like that. Sooo I got some Barb backstory,some Phoenix (Love what you have done w/Phoenix btw) It was great hearing how Eidolons came to be. a form of spells...interesting. I can't believe Asura's just like "OK,lets do this!" All of her faces need meds,they are all manic lol! More than anything,Phoenix telling Cuore why Asura fears her was sweet as hell. Its like we as readers were learning little by little,who and what our dear Cuore is. She can use magic to creat...more Eidolons? tellme if Im right here Moon. Btw,I had to say,I love what you did with Phoenix again. She is just beyond sweet. It was good to learn more about her and Bahamut. Well thanx Moon,in all my long years of playing FF,I have always loved Phoenix for some FF 3...I mean 6 (It was three when I first played it) Even then I pictured Pheonix as a beautiful woman with flaming red hair and stuff when not in her Eidolon form. ;)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 25 . 12/29/2013
Always thought it was a bit strange that the king and queen were in the library. The only thing I could come up with is they were at the bottom of all knowledge that was the Eidolons. But then you go to the moon and find that the idea of this isn't 100% true. Bahamut throws that out the window. Four Fiends,Fire,Rubicant. Kind of like a knight I guess,or warrior,not bad it fits. Cag,water,turtle. Perfect fit. Barb,wind. Half naked woman...hmmm,got nothing. The hair maybe? Then earth,a zombie..oook then. Earth,wood,much better. And may I add,"No" "YES!" "Ok fine" Coure is something else,she does not give up,ever with anything. No head games just BAM! This is reality Asura,take it or choose to ignore :D
ShadowWraith17 chapter 24 . 12/29/2013
"I am the queen Asura,and I say no!" "Im Cuore and I say YES!" "No! They don't belong here!" "Yes they do!" Coure just used what I like to call a B&%$ slap of truth! Did Asura call Coure a Maenad? Not cool. But Cuore and family did some monster killing together! Very sweet :) WTF Asura? Well I suppose she has her own reasons. Phoenix,we need you.
ShadowWraith17 chapter 23 . 12/29/2013
Leo had a Rydia summon Titan moment. Raisins,Rubicant has motion sickness (who would have thought?) And Barb,as always is doing...well doing Barb. I love it when you put a touch of humor in there. Wait,Rydia still cooks? The Falcon. The Moon. Truly sweet Moon. Almost done here...on to The Fey March!
ShadowWraith17 chapter 22 . 12/28/2013
First things first! What a way to take a stand. Cuore,you rock! "Give us the Eidolon" "No" That old man shut his mouth,and could not debate it. ;) I'll admit it,I felt a lump in my throat. Shhhh,don't tell anyone lol. Thanx Moon. This was a nice chapter :)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 21 . 12/28/2013
He said it,I knew he would. "Your still alive" lol. Wow Moon,this was wild. I found myself thanking anything of any world that this is just a story. This was dark and ripping at the mind of these two more than a lot,almost to the point they broke. I would say they did,a few times. But they came back. Whew (wipes sweat from head) Also,if these two had to work together every step of the way,the situation was crazy. This was a killer chapter Moon. Very well done :)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 20 . 12/27/2013
Holy crap! Did Kieran just face the dark side of himself? I picture that mist to be like Silent Hill. Ah yes,when Bahamut destroys Alexandria. I pictured a different Bahamut,but yes. Is Kieran gana go all mute and not be able to attack because he can't concentrate? And WTF Kain! Sure just jump away. Why do I see him saying something like "You didn't die did you?" lol
ShadowWraith17 chapter 19 . 12/27/2013
Cuore took off and Kain knows where she went..maybe. Kieran haters...hmmm. I don't think Im a hater,but he did piss me off more than a few times though as you already know. I did say ya gada respect the guy. Now that I know why he is the way he is,it's gana be interesting to have a few chapters that have a lot from his pov ;)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
That was insane! A chapter long battle! You may not like writing battle scenes,but damn Moon that was nuts :) no. Pamela,for all she has been in this story,she really kicked sm a ! big time! What a group these five are! The tower isn't going to explode,Zeromus has been stopped and there is only one thing left to do...move on tochapter 19. This has been one hell of a read up to this point. I knew it,slow start to a giant explosion! Best way to go in my opinion. I love it Moon ;)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 17 . 12/26/2013
Kieran's past and his reason for being...well Kieran. I love it when you do battle scenes,esp with Cuore. She just,I picture her so fluid in her steps and attacks,flowing like water. I honestly can't wait until Cuore finds Zeromus. You gada think about this from my point of view. Cuore finds out a bunch of things about herself,these things hurt her (the summoner thing,not being able to take the throne) Then she finds out about her ability to hear Eidolons in a way ony she can. Then some super creeper uses her and makes her do terribal things. Now she's awake and she's headed straight to the source...if Zeromus isn't thinking "Oh S&% then he's either stupid or in complete denial that he's going to get thrashed! :D Of course first things first..the tower. Rydia riding Bahamut...oh thats just toooo sweet.
ShadowWraith17 chapter 16 . 12/26/2013
She woke up! It was a rough wake up,not remembering anything. Must have been scary as hell. She's got her mind,but that in turn made her come face to face with her actions,even if she was under Zeomus control. Edge handing the Fiend of Fire,the one that damn near destroyed Eblan over to his daughter? That in itself pulls you in and makes you see how bad things were. Edge an Kain agree on something? Did that happen once before in this story? I know this,when those two 100% agree on something,it's as true that the sun will rise after it sets. This was like the mellow song during the show. What an insane few chapters Moon. Honestly I thought the story was close to an end,then rememberd there were twelve chapters left! :) :) :) Speaking of wich...
ShadowWraith17 chapter 15 . 12/26/2013
Overloading the core of the tower...I did not see that one coming. I really was expecting to see The Giant of Babil make a return. This was a nice suprise. Holy crap what a creeper! Now he kisses her on the cheek? Barb cares about her,she does. this goes beyond getting what she wants. Where do we go from here? :)
ShadowWraith17 chapter 14 . 12/26/2013
Hatred,pure hatred. Zeromus (I think I spelled this name different in every review lol) is so good at playing on peoples emotions,bringing out the hatred. Oh Cuore,what are you doing? The Eidolons are telling you to stop! Your battle scenes are always good,this was just a flat out a # kicking. Again Cuore just ripped them apart! I still have no idea what these lost Eidolons have to do with Zeromus. I know he plans on destroying the world,but not sure how. They would be great tools to destroy mankind. With Cuore controlling them he could do some major damage. A war of the Magi maybe? Only one way to find out. CUORE WAKE UP!
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