Reviews for Vampire Light
Princess Nightmare99 chapter 3 . 1/10/2015
I can't stop smiling! What have you done to me O.o
LaughterLover98 chapter 10 . 12/9/2014
Oh my goodness! I love this story i love your OC she is awesome! And i would love to see how her and Aidou would work out :) And i am very curious about who is out out to get her I know it has been over a year but please do not abandon this story although i know you have other things to deal that is cool because i can just keep re-reading :)
Nerdyelmo chapter 4 . 2/26/2014
Nerdyelmo chapter 3 . 2/26/2014
Ohshc reference I LOVE YOU!
Missmiyo566 chapter 8 . 10/28/2013
Interesting chapter, I can't wait to see what goes down with the pureblood.
Missmiyo566 chapter 7 . 10/28/2013
Love it so far, can't wait for more!
Missmiyo566 chapter 6 . 10/28/2013
Good chapter! I wonder what was on the neck of the vampire
Missmiyo566 chapter 5 . 10/28/2013
Nice chapter! Can't wait to read the rest
Missmiyo566 chapter 4 . 10/28/2013
Aww cute chapter! Really like it so far!
Missmiyo566 chapter 3 . 10/28/2013
Oh dang, she was like um no I don't care that you're a pureblood, haha. Nice chapter, really liked it!
Missmiyo566 chapter 2 . 10/28/2013
I wonder what they were talking about, really good chapter! I love your character!
Missmiyo566 chapter 1 . 10/28/2013
Really cool chapter, it's really interesting so far! Can't wait to read some more.
bbymojo chapter 9 . 9/14/2013
yay for fluff! I was squealing in my mind when I read that it's Aido comforting her. I like them together :))
CurlyBookWriter94 chapter 8 . 8/18/2013
This story is pretty good can't wait for the next one!
JokerOfAll chapter 7 . 7/30/2013
WTF! It's an insult, gurl. I love it? Fuck no. It sucks balls.
Just kidding. It is nice. I would rather have Aido X OC or Takuma X OC. Which pairing ya gonna make, Penguin-san? Looking forward to it! Don't get too upset with me for the first start. I was kidding! Anyway, good luck for you. Please update soon. Love ya always
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