Reviews for Lose The One You Love
lizvallin chapter 41 . 5/24
lizvallin chapter 26 . 5/23
VMware a
Guest chapter 30 . 4/14
This story makes me mad. If Bella was so in love with Riley, then she would make some sort of sacrifice. It's not fair to Edward for Bella to string him along when she's not even close to over Riley. Don't label a story as E/B when it's not.
TheChosenOne chapter 15 . 4/2
Poor Edward! To anyone who's start to read this, be warned that it is a SLOOOOOW BURN!
twirob chapter 46 . 2/1
thanks so much for sharing this amazing journey with us ;D
BellaTesoro chapter 46 . 1/3
Thank you so much for keeping this story here so readers like myself find it and enjoy it. I must say, you pointed out, it was tough going there for most of the story but I held on tight and glad I journeyed through with Bella. Interesting story, thank you for sharing.
BellaTesoro chapter 45 . 1/3
I thought Edward's bringing flowers and first date was perfect. And I think it was a great spring board forward for them even though Bella pushed in there with her two cents. It worked in the end, she
told him he was stuck with her now.
BellaTesoro chapter 44 . 1/3
I did not see the law firm ending. I thought she'd out Alec and be the hero in all this. Sorry to see long
family firm this go the way it did.
BellaTesoro chapter 43 . 1/3
I think that last phone message to Edward was perfect. It's about time she expressed herself and not only in the downer debbie mode she had before. I think telling him that he was the first person she thought of and that she loved him...well, balls in his court I'd say. Go Bella, finally.
BellaTesoro chapter 42 . 1/3
Edward is right to think twice. He's so broken up, he's somewhere similar to where Bella was all this time pining away about Riley. Shoes on the other foot. I'd say Bella needs to take care of Edward's needs right now, show her and him she's got what it takes to take care of someone else for a change.
BellaTesoro chapter 41 . 1/3
This feels like such a different Bella. Actually thinking about others more than herself. I loved the conversation with her dad, about Renee. I would have liked a little more insight into why Renee was the
way she was now and what was so lovable about her that a kind man like him would put up with her as she is, not nice to their only child first and foremost. Anyway, I'm liking this Bella. She needs to treat Edward to some of the loving things he did for her. Tables are turned, lets see if Bella can be Edward's equal.
BellaTesoro chapter 40 . 1/3
It seems logical that Riley would have made some "friends" like Charlotte during all this time in his new job and DC. That's why it seemed odd he didn't have anyone to help him out during this time. He's turning pink and embarrassed because he had a little crush and was quick to explain nothing happened between them? When Bella was picking up men left and right to try and fill a void in herself? I wonder what sweet Riley would think about that bit of information Bella left out of her backstory time away from him? Yeah he's now free to pursue Charlotte and his life in DC while Bella
gets to find out who she really is back in SanFran. I'm actually happy for Riley that he has someone to care about him now, especially as he's recovering from his accident.
BellaTesoro chapter 39 . 1/3
So if I'm reading between the lines, Riley still very much loved Bella and during all this time away, very, very rarely speaking to her, he kept thinking, what that they'd somehow have this connection with each other and...idk. Riley and Bella confuse me. So Riley now still loves Bella but Bella now realizes she is not in love with present day Riley just the man he was back when. Did Riley think Bella was doing ok without him and so that's why he didn't try to get back together? Oh well, doesn't matter because they
are a done deal now. Let's see how Bella changes even more, because quite frankly this Bella, here with Riley is not the Bella that was with Edward all this time. Bella is right, with Edward she was very much self absorbed like her mother. Let's see if she can find out just who she really is.
BellaTesoro chapter 38 . 1/3
Well it's about time. I suspect Bella needed to be in Riley's presence again and see that if she really wanted him he was there for the taking but now after having Edward, I'm thinking she sees the light.
Stupid, blind girl. I want to see how she redeems herself in Edward's eyes now.
BellaTesoro chapter 37 . 1/3
I can't put my figure on just what Bella and Riley are feeling. On one hand they seem like old buddies but not really lovers who still hold a torch for each other. Bella's kind of cold, I think. I mean she's doing and saying the right things given the circumstances, helpful, but she's not very "warm" is what I want to say. But then again, she's been pretty cold throughout this story always about herself and all that. I don't know how I'd react I guess.
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