Reviews for The Most Unforgettable Characters
LisaDouglas chapter 12 . 2/4/2013
As I began reading this chapter, it struck me how deeply in character all of these people are, especially for not actually being totally in character with respect to the Newhart people like Michael and Joanna. They're exactly who they are while not being who they are at all:)

I was really happy for and proud of Joanna's decision to go and reopen her inn. It seemed like the best thing to do considering everything that had happened. But i was totally shocked by the kiss! For most people that's not letting go of someone, it's imprinting them on your heart, although, I think it's Joanna's way of saying goodbye and giving up, of admitting that the only romance she was ever going to get was in her head. It makes it kind of sad that it couldn't end that way. They too would make a good couple.

Still, it's nice to see everyone, including Bob and Emily, so happy at the end through all they struggled through. Emily, at Joanna's wedding is kind of funny in this way. It makes you wonder if she had any idea that this woman jeopardized her marriage...I'd bet money she didn't by the way. Its exciting to see that Stephanie got her daughter back! They have a cute little family. I love how she introduces Bob as "the one who treats Daddy's craziness." That is such a Stephanie comment and I LOVE how Emily shuts it down...that's another thing I've enjoyed about this story, your suppositions about how Emily might interact with various characters from the second show have been very entertaining.

And as for Joanna it's awesome that she's finally getting her chance at happiness but I have to say...I wonder who this Richard Louden is? Great work on an awesome story.
LisaDouglas chapter 11 . 11/19/2012
Awe I loved this chapter! It was so sad though. I agree that Joanna needs to leave the group and move away, absolutely. They say people are in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Bob is obviously a reason person for Joanna. Rather than lamenting the loss of their relationship...however you'd aim to describe it...she should realize she was blessed to have had the feelings for him that she did. He is the model of the man she is looking for, and he's out there...she just has to get brave enough to go and find him. I think it was great for her that she kissed a married man, in this sense. In time, it will make her realize she's braver than she ever thought she was. I don't think it will traumatize Bob, in fact, it will make him love Emily all the more. What saddens me though, is that in another time, they could've been a great couple. While I love Emily, part of me hates to see them waste this opportunity. I'm proud of Stephanie in this chapter. Not only has she changed a few things in herself (during this very short period of time) but she has also managed to help other people and change their lives through her own revelations. It's kind of surprising, but it just goes to show how our own actions and feelings influence others. I'm glad she's found Michael and is ready to move forward. As always, you've got to love Carlin. I laughed really hard when he asked Michael to be a man! That was awesome! I hope that all continues forward with this story on the trajectory the characters are headed in now. Please update soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 10 . 10/16/2012
I was wondering when you were going to update this! There was a lot of good stuff in this chapter. It was great to see how the one topic of conversation affected everyone so differently. You used it well.

I love how you have Elliot literally wedge himself between Michael and Stephanie! And then he tattles on them, hilarious: "I thought the patients weren't supposed to make out with each other while on this trip," Elliot just further highlights why he's such a social outcast and has to see Bob all the time!

I think it was really funny when Kirk said that Emily was've got to wonder if that bothers Bob on any level. Hearing another man say that about their wife would really anger a lot of men. In this case, it certainly casts any professional courtesy to be had for Bob (on Kirk's part) to the wind.

The whole thing with Joanna liking Bob is so, so sad! She's right there's no way of changing how he and Emily feel about each other, how they're perfect for one another...I just wish there were a way to make both women happy. I am, however, one of those people who thinks that Bob and Emily have a kind of chemistry both far realistic and superior to that of Dick and Joanna.

I understand where she's coming from and it makes sense that Bob himself is the one barrier in their therapy that she can't seem to get over. Does he know this? I think it will be a good thing for her to get away from him. I love though, that she was bold enough to kiss him just once. I think it'll do them both a world of good. Knowing Bob, he'll help her feel better anyway...let's just hope Emily doesn't find out about that kiss. And who knows, Joanna could luck out...maybe there's a Dick Louden out there in the world after all...crazier things have happened! Please update soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 9 . 9/19/2012
What a transformative chapter! Things you've been hinting at or building up to are finally transpiring and its exciting to say the least. It's so sad to see Joanna stuck like she is, afraid to find someone. The way you write her makes her seem like she would easily have someone if she could just open up. Her becoming more closed when Kirk arrived makes a lot of sense. You've hinted there's an attraction there for a while though, the thing is I just can't see her with a liar...nonetheless what a great parallel between that scenario and Stephanie and her ex! The constant remind of Stephanie's broken relationship going to make it even harder for Joanna to change! What I particularly liked was the fact that you admitted that: "It wasn't right away, but after talking to him a few times, she had developed a small crush on Bob." Ok look. I know it's not right too...but I think it's what Joanna deserves. And this is coming from someone whose favorite character, by far is Emily. I hope you give Joanna someone great and am really looking forward to seeing what you do. As for Michael and Stephanie it's so sad that she keeps pushing him away and I understand why she would. On the other hand it's great that they finally kissed! You know they've been wanting to, and at least now they've finally gotten somewhere with their relationship. Okay it was such a long review! Please update soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 8 . 9/9/2012
I'm surprised but glad that Stephanie forgave Joanna so quickly and that she was able to bring her back to the group! Hopefully they'll be able to help her rather than just keep pestering her as she fears...and hopefully she'll get a much better guy (Michael) in the process! You write Larry, and his brothers very well, and I think they were the thing I most enjoyed from this chapter by far! They were very, very, very in character and funny too. I look forward to Bob and Joanna finishing their conversation, you're really keeping me in suspense with that! Hopefully next chapter, and hopefully soon? P.S. I love how you found a little way to put Leslie in the story, I always liked her!
LisaDouglas chapter 7 . 9/4/2012
This is very well written definately "good enough" for sure lol, and it very much carries the same tone as Newhart! It's got all the same quirkiness as both shows as a matter of fact. In particular though, I love how you write Elliot in this chapter. His responses are just perfect. My favorite line is "wouldn't it be funny if she was married to a football player and she told him about you?"! Perfect! So funny! And that's sad, who cares if she's married! They should be more concerned about her well-being and what happened to her child than if she was married or not! I sure hope the conversation between Stephanie and Joanna doesn't get too out of hand. I was afraid it was going to turn into a real fight for a moment there! Hope Stephanie's not completely emotionally shattered and that poor Joanna doesn't regress too much! It was nice to see her a little happier, a little more confident in this chapter. Hope you update this again soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 6 . 9/2/2012
This chapter was hilarious! I can't convey to you all the things that really made me laugh. But I love Elliot's fears, they're so irrational and totally started the whole thing: lyme! I love how you capture all their senses of humor, especially Bob's dry whit, I'm so surprised none of the other characters, for example, found this humorous: "Well now I feel like I have to watch Emily every time there's a bird around," Bob remarked, hoping to just be able to go to sleep now." But I guess if they did, it just wouldn't be his kind of humor, now would it? I wonder if Emily will have anything to say about The Birds later on? And Stephanie and Zsa Zsa! Perfect. Awe! Stephanie does have true sweetness in her! I hope that she helps Joanna change her look, and gain some confidence maybe. She deserves someone! I'm still anxious to see what she didn't get to really finish saying to Bob. Hope you continue this really soon! P.S. Happy Birthday to your sister!
LisaDouglas chapter 5 . 9/2/2012
The way you started this chapter was hilarious! It's funny how Elliot's upset that she saw him...unclothed and yet didn't even consider that before running around the campsite naked. Maybe he'll think twice next time! Moreover this chapter was great because there were so many really, really good lines...and some intrigue too! Stephanie having a daughter seemed really shocking to me and I'm anxious to see how it plays out and why they aren't together. How will Michael take it?!

And am I right about Joanna and Bob? It might seem so, as I'm not the only one whose noticed something going on?: Michael laughed. "About as much of a chance that Doctor Hartley has with Joanna," he stated, not realizing exactly what he was alluding too.
"Michael!" Joanna snapped, looking to him with disbelief.
"I, I think we should uh, change the subject now," Bob insisted. He knew that there was nothing really to the comment made, but the last thing that he wanted was for the rumor to spread that anything happened between him and a patient.
This would be a really interesting twist! But I'd hate to see Emily's heart broken!

And I love the Emily, teacher in The Bird's references! I was thinking about that the other day! Bob's reaction is just priceless and classic him, although I think I'd be a little more angry/creeped out if someone said that about my spouse!

Can't wait to see what you do next!
LisaDouglas chapter 4 . 9/2/2012
I love how Michael and Stephanie are falling for each other! But I hope she's telling the truth and not planning on rejecting him. Who knows, maybe her parents will take her back if she brings him along? And falling in the lake totally seems like something that would happen to them! Carlin naked in the trees is just classic. The idea that being one with nature could help him makes a lot of sense. I think it was really creative how you had everyone split up, do their own thing and challenge their fears, although I highly doubt that Kirk was being all that truthful. I hope that Joanna doesn't have a thing for Bob! At the same time, that would be totally interesting. They'd make a good I'm on to read the next ch again!
LisaDouglas chapter 3 . 9/2/2012
Hahah! I think you write Elliot Carlin perfectly! You need to do more with him in it, seriously. The lines are just spectacular. I really think you did a great job, in this chapter, especially of capturing just who all of these characters are and highlighting similarities between Bob and Dick. It's easy to see where he (Bob) and Joanna click, even when Emily (who I always thought he had a lot more chemistry with) is around, which is really interesting. I love the part where Michael carries Stephanie! Too funny! I love the way you explain the Newhart character's quirks as psychological problems. The idea that Larry and his brothers are afraid to be separated is really sad though! Off to read the next ch!
Womenreligiousfan chapter 4 . 8/18/2012
I really lie how you spend a good amount of time disscussing in group session and discussing their issues.
LisaDouglas chapter 2 . 8/12/2012
Interesting chapter. It's hard to imagine Stephanie on a camping trip and on a bus! And was that Elliot flirting with Joanna? That might work. Can't wait for next chapter!
Womenreligiousfan chapter 2 . 8/12/2012
Love the maid outfit!
Womenreligiousfan chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
I really like it and am looking forward to more!
LisaDouglas chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
What a great first chapter, and a very creative idea! Very well written. Am I right in expecting Michael and Kirk to fight over Stephanie? I hope Emily decides to go on the marathon after all!
Can't wait to read the next ch!