Reviews for Tainted by the Past
DragonReader99 chapter 31 . 8/4
That was fabulous! You are by far one of the most talented writers I've come across, and I'm really happy that I read this. You stayed very true to the characters while still making the story your own. Thanks for writing!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/26
I wonder who's going to show up at the funeral. great story by the way.
perfect.fluke chapter 31 . 3/21
Loved it! A few spelling mistakes here or there, easily made, not very noticeable to most.
I quite like how you brought in dudley and beth. I haven't really read any stories that touch on the mending relationship of harry and his cousin. I'll definitely read the sequel! This was a great read and I loved every moment. I always pictured hermione as a rich girl and you painted that out perfectly!
LCB chapter 31 . 2/2
LCB chapter 30 . 2/2
Awesome. Love them.
LCB chapter 29 . 2/2
LCB chapter 28 . 2/2
Alright. Wlell done.
LCB chapter 27 . 2/2
Yes! It better!
LCB chapter 26 . 2/2
How about stand up and say no?
LCB chapter 25 . 2/2
It shouldn't matter if she figures out the money thing. He is sleeping with her friend! Her parents should get that. My dad would have skinned him.
LCB chapter 24 . 2/2
Do it. End Richard!
LCB chapter 23 . 2/2
Wonder what she's going to do?
LCB chapter 22 . 2/2
Oh wowi
LCB chapter 21 . 2/2
She is dragging I out.
LCB chapter 20 . 2/2
Now she really needs to end it.
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