Reviews for Duel Masters: ZX
acumashindorballomu chapter 6 . 6/24/2015
The expected showdown between double Js, Jake and Justin, finally takes place in this chapter, but first some backstory:

After a small struggle to discover the place where June was kidnapped, Jake finally makes his way to save his "Damsel in Distress". Vanessa is also worried about June, but Kureshima falsely comforts her while secretly going to take care of the deed himself. He also seems to be late at a meeting with other three strange people, possibly new characters? We'll see. And of course, our main characters didn't have time to come for the rescue.

Jake and Justin show off in a duel, one going with Treva Shield Force beating down while the other retaliating with Rakdos Knights. A game of supply VS removal, I might add, and while the brutality of Justin did seem to get the upper hand, in the end lucky shield triggers from shield force saved the day. But that's not it, Jake also got overwhelmed by his wrath and his desire to make his enemy pay, obviously giving off some ARC influence. And boy what a nice little personal showdown would've been between him and Justice, had that dick Kureshima not interfered and brought the usual "dishonor" speeches, screwing this fun little party.

Oh well, the rivalry seems far from over and with this encounter done, it's time to move to another subplot. Till next time, ja ne.
acumashindorballomu chapter 5 . 6/24/2015
Man, how long has it been since I last RxR'd your DM work? We've both been caught up with our projects and stuff, it seems like forever. But alas, someone finally decided to update his fic, and the loyal kok is here, ready to grant yet another review, tho it won't be as juicy this time around as the chapter ain't too long, sadly. Oh well, next time. ;)

As I'm being reintroduced to your cast of characters, it took me a bit until I familiarized myself with them and once more remembered their struggles and whatnot. June is still being overseen with protection from Vanessa, as expected, and Jake seemingly feels the same way about it. I suppose the young girl's trust in Justin her willingness to go without her deck were foreshadowing of events to come. And as the ending of this chapter proved to me, I was right. Justin is allied with the Knights and June has been kidnapped, woopee...

CJ and Jamie's duel was obligatory filler, but it did serve to reintroduce us to our cast of protagonists. And Jake's statements that he had been hanging with CJ too much and that he must go on his own path I fear is yet another foreshadowing, and if there's anything that adventure fiction teaches us, is that nothing good will come out from this. Now let's see if that'll be the case.
acumashindorballomu chapter 3 . 7/2/2013
Yes, it's been ages since I've read your KG fic, but FINALLY you updated it! The chapter's kind of short, but it did its thing. It introduced the concept of 3-civ decks, brought a small legend regarding the Sword Flash archetype, and whatnot?

Duel-wise, the match was simple, but it managed to showcase the effect of the new basic cross gears on CJ's side, while Jake used the basic LWN cards to show their effectiveness. Very... basic and effective? xD However, you did take me by surprise in renaming Lightning Kid to Prince Alcadeias as well as Bolbalzak to Bombazar, but I guess I should've expected that. xD Also, Karon's explanation with the civilization's siding was a really nice touch! (FN siding with Samurai, LD with Knights, W with both). For some reason it reminds me of nowaday's Outrages and Oracles, with the exception of W and N trading places, but eh, I'm probably getting ahead of myself.

And ofc the evil Shotaro is still out there, ready to cause havoc to our heroes, but luckily his trio of Bolmeteus got their metallic rears handed to them by the brave warrior known as Bombazar, Sword Flash Dragon. I can't wait to see you develop the rivalry between Bombazar and Romanov. Also, now I remember the relationship between Justin and Juniper. For some reason I think that Shotaro is going to exploit that to his advantage, but hey, that's what cliche villains are supposed to do, no? Or this guy is breaking the cliche? Hm, actually, that would be interesting, your characters, who willingly parody cliches while being cliches taking the effort of breaking those cliches. But we'll probably see that in our crossover, am I right?

Well then, since there's not much to comment upon, cya in the next review! :3
acumashindorballomu chapter 2 . 11/3/2012
So finally after what seems MONTHS (maybe they were) a certain someone known as shuriken6 decided that it was high time he took a broomstick, cleaned the spiderwebs off his fic and continue it. Good for him, because this writer is more than eager to live a spicy and trolling review in return for his laziness... I mean kindness of writing a new chappy :3

So what we have here is the introducing of Danny who wields the Uranus Supernova. Sadly, just like Dani from my fic, this guy sucks. Attitude, dueling style, anything about him, and I am glad that the vengeful Dante has returned to show us his bad assery and kick his butt to kingdom come.

Now for my real complaint is that poor Romanoff... I mean Romanov the 1st, besides his uber awesome entrance, was not exploited fully. Really? No Darkness spell cast from the graveyard, no Inferno Sign? No Terror Pit? No nothing?! Poor Romanov cries ;-; What's worse, the evil Nolan made Dante use a DN deck for Romanov when he works at his best in DFN or WDF. Romanov's main problem is his slowness and he needs something to speed him up other than mana boost. I feel sorry for Dante, not dueling at the highest potential. I mean, has he not seen Romanov Sign decks before? Does he not want to have his revenge upon mister Roman? Or maybe it's the writer's fault for not knowing how to properly exploit the dark civ .

Now that I got that off the way, I have to compliment you for the duel though because it really brought chills down my spine with the descriptions of Inferno Sign's effect, Romanov the 1st and Beginning Romanov. And the very ending with Sir Virginia Beginning Romanov was truly a shocker.

And yay, the Samurais come to your fic to teach your heroes the arts of cross gears! :D CJ, you better not fail... Oh wait, he's the hero, he has to fail :D
acumashindorballomu chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
So the new project has already been started. Alright, I know what's your job: sit down at a computer and type epic shit out; and of course what's my job: sit down at a computer and type reviews to feed your ego. Oh well, not that I can complain, I mean your fics are still highly entertaining :P

Now onto the actual review, the journal of CJ and the way it covered the action over the past 2 and 1/2 months was a treat. And I liked how CJ's and Jamie's relationship moved to the next level. Though I'd like to see Dylan right and have them married, I guess that breaking them up and cause them to be a little cold to each other could work for some drama

Then we have the small mini tournament... with some todomedas, nothing much here. I really liked Jason in this one and how Bolmeteus and Ulpheus united into Bolpheus (FTW!) - my fav fire/light creature. Also the description of Neptune's user was great and I love the fact that you mentioned a Poseidon symbol medal since the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon is Neptune :D

What else? Oh yeah, Shotaro is back to begin his war *yawn* However, the return of Dante is what really surprised me! *Wasn't he killed? O_o* Still, it's great to have him back seeking revenge against his father. Mister Roman, you're double screwed xD