Reviews for Kaijudo: Extremus Unleashed
dawriterman chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
So you start of your fanfic career with a kaijudo fanfic huh? Well the fic was quite good but there are some things i would like to point out..

First of all Jake had been struck a fatal blow in his chest by Trox right? So how come he survives

Then when Barbara and Sarah go to help Jake they faer that he is going to die of Hypothermia rather than that big wound o.O

Well aside from these the chapter was pretty good for a starting chappy :D

Nice looks like Alca is gonna be Jake's trump (Y)

And looks like Arlane was the one who defeated Jake :D

Barbara and Sarah are pretty kind people lol

And we have the epic amnesia problem again :D

P.S. Review my fic :D