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Kitty210 chapter 1 . 6/3/2014
*few minutes after reviewing chapter 25* *reads your author's note* ...OMFG! Sakura isn't going to write with you anymore?! *starts to cry* and you guys are, not were, my favorite conjoined authors! NOOOO!
And thanks Momo, I could rant about how awesome you are but I don't want to hog the review box...thing...
Kitty210 chapter 25 . 6/3/2014
As I said before, I'm perfectly fine with it. And nobody has ever known this but you were the one that inspired me to make my own account. So I've got to thank you and Sakura for that. (Yes, I'll never leave you out again Sakura)
Lucio BetaBlake chapter 25 . 6/3/2014
... Well atleast your already working on it... again.
Fangirl chapter 24 . 6/2/2014
Ryan Roach chapter 24 . 5/25/2014
Thank God you're back!
Lucio BetaBlake chapter 24 . 5/23/2014
Nice. Nice.
kitty210 chapter 24 . 5/9/2014
*Moments Later*
I decided to review again...and celebrate some more. But still...I love your writing and it has improved and mine too...since mine sucked butt.
And I'm also a fan of BOTH your work...that's right! I didn't forget about you Sakura! Not this time! *Starts dancing weirdly*
So...I'm still your faithful fan and support you no matter what!
Kitty210 chapter 24 . 5/9/2014
I felt too lazy to sign in so...
*major fangurl squeal*
You're back! I've been waiting forever! And I don't care if you rewrite it...I just want some more Momo and Sakura stories!
Anyways...welcome back to the awesome world of the living and fanfiction!
*throws a party*
Guest chapter 1 . 1/22/2014
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iiiEatPandaBear chapter 23 . 4/30/2013
Pleaseeeee continue! This is awesome! Keep up the good work -
Lewascan2 chapter 13 . 4/23/2013
I wanted to say another thing about my OC sorry this will be the last thing I add. I wanted to say his level is more like 30 instead of 17 since he has been enrolled for a while. thx!
Lewascan2 chapter 8 . 4/23/2013
Ok here's something I forgot to mention about my OC that I hope you use. When I say he likes to spy on people it's not cause he's perverted it's because he likes to stay on top of everything. Also since Wolf is so obviously following Alexandria and my guy is just naturally suscicious of everybody. Maybe he could spot Wolf following Alexandria and then start following Wolf himself.
Lewascan2 chapter 2 . 4/23/2013
I hope you're still acceoting OCs cause here's mine. Also in several parts of his bio I'm going to have instances that are different depending on weather Malistaire is defeated or not.

Name: Connor Thunderbreaker

Gender: Boy

Age: 15

Level: 17 (if Malistaire is still alive) 42 (if Malistaire is already defeated or dead)

School: Death

Secondary: Storm

Description: 5 ft. 2 in. His hair is brown and short except in the front, where it hangs over his right eye covering it completely. His skin is pale, but not so pale it looks white. His eyes are a shade of brown that almost looks red. His clothes are black with red trim. He has a Death symbol on his right forearm that he was born with. Wears a hood and clothes with no cape.

Likes: Reading, being alone, dualing, delivering justice, learning something new, spying on random people, his black and red dragon named, Vaden.

Dislikes: Cheerful, chatty people, large crowds, life wizards, snooty people (such as many Myth wizards), being asked about his past, Malistaire.

Good or Evil: Good (if Malistaire has not been defeated or killed), Good or Neutral ( if Malistaire is dead).

Personality: Aloof and antisocial. Prefers to fight his own battles. While he rarely makes promises he will see it to the end if he does happen to make one. Firm believer that every evil person should get their dues for their crimes. Obsessed with gaining the power to kill Malistaire (if Malistaire is alive). Content to keep learning at a slower pace (if Malistaire is dead). Mysterious and secretive about his past. Is uneasily annoyed or impressed. Easily angered. When holding a grudge he will plot some form of eventual revenge. Curious and inventive.

History: He was born in the realm of Nightshade to two death wizards. They lived alone out there for most of Connor's life. During that time he became very unforgiving as they had to kill any living thing they saw to survive. From a young age he was taught in the ways of Death magic and became quite good at it. He was strong there was no doubt about that but his parents were not masters and could not teach him much. He became a very good suvivalist and often scouted for supplies. On one of his scouting missions he came across the fallen school of Death. Since there wasn't much to do out there he was a very curious boy and completely intrigued by the building. Inside he met Dworgyn and found to his delight that Dworgyn was a Death master. From that day on when he could he would go see Dworgyn and learn more Death spells. Later he was introduced to the Death tree, Mortis, who taught him even more. Connor seemed to be living the life until one day Malistaire found his mother and father and attacked them after they refused to join him. Connor returned to find Malistaire standing over thier lifeless bodies. Having had to deal with death and killing things so often Connor's sadness and shock were quickly replaced by rage and hate. Connor engaged Malistaire in a fearsom battle in which he quickly proved to have become much stronger than his parents and both slightly impressed and annoyed Malistaire. But although he was strong he was no match for the evil Death professer. Connor was left for dead after being defeated and was found by Dworgyn, who brought him back to the Death school to treat him. Connor forever promised himself that he would kill Malistaire to avenge his parent's cruel deaths. Upon recovering he was told by Dworgyn that a safer place to learn magic would be the school of Ravenwood. Before he left he was taught a spell that would allow him to travel to the human world and back. He then set out to Ravenwood. When he enrolled he demonstrated he skills to Headmaster Ambrose and was enrolled as a jouneyman necromancer. He never told Ambrose of his past or the spell Dworgyn had taught him.(If Malistaire is alive) now he spends his days learning the skills that will let him kill the dark master and avoiding age ts of darkness that have been trying to sway him to evil. (If Malistaire is dead) After aiding in the destruction of Malistaire he began visiting Nightshade to continue training with Dworgyn and Mortis. He spends the other portion of his time searching for the next great evil, talking to a small group of friends he made on the quest to kill malistaire, and avoiding strange agents of darkness, who seem intent on swaying him to evil. For the most part he remains neutral as he has no quarel with the wizards of Ravenwood and the goals of most of the villans do not effect him directly. He only fights against the armies of evil because they are in the way of his goals, and because they often threaten his small group of friends.

(If evil) Code name: (If he were to go evil for some reason and I really hope he doesn't or at least turns good again it would be) Scarlamange

Relationship: none

(Bonus!) Saying/Quote: Life is a lie, for it is only a way of prolonging all eventual deaths.
IzLemonade4 chapter 23 . 4/16/2013
I love this chapter! You are a great writer. Please update more!
Variable chapter 22 . 4/9/2013
that really is XD
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