Reviews for The Best-Laid Plans
Sapphire Dawn chapter 17 . 4/15
That's a good chapter. :)
jinxcat21 chapter 17 . 4/15
Well, it's about time this story got an update! Certainly waited long enough!
Love the chapter. It was a little choppy with all the introductions between everyone, but smoothed out very nicely. The scene between Margaret and Becky is really sweet (I could read it over and over again without tiring of it). Great job :)
Harry Albus Potter Dumbledore chapter 17 . 4/15
Great chapter.
seth 8627 chapter 17 . 4/15
Love it and poor Margaret
yenyen76 chapter 17 . 4/15
Enjoying the story. As long as you do keep them coming and don't leave us hanging, I'm happy!
CanonAntithesis chapter 17 . 4/15
Nice update. Is Frank going to show up? I'd love to see that.
Sarai chapter 17 . 4/15
lilmeier chapter 16 . 3/30
I've spent this evening reading the 3 stories of this collection, and I just wanted to say, I love them! Please continue this one, you're a wonderful author.
virgil t stone chapter 16 . 3/15
i really love what i've read so far and would love to see more. please update soon
MoreThanWants chapter 16 . 3/9
Oh my god, I love it! I love it I love it I love it! I cried and I laughed (okay, cackled) and I grinned and I seethed. It's perfect! But I see it's been over a month since you updated. I noticed that it's taken you long in the past, but you are still working on this one, right? God knows how many times I've run out of ideas for a story and left it to lie. But it's so good, and I literally squealed when you put Honoria/Nora and Trapper together; it's so cute and I want morrrre! Ahem, please. :)
Fawn Hickory chapter 16 . 2/13
I didn't know another chapter was up! Life has gone crazy around here, people dying and everything. I'm glad to see another chapter! Something enjoyable! And who doesn't love a M*A*S*H reunion? Can't wait for more. :D
Katie chapter 16 . 2/5
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I luv ya

I was really to exited to see that this chapter went up

This is such a great story
Write more soon
Sapphire Dawn chapter 16 . 2/4
I can't wait to see HAwkeye's face when he sees Trapper's girlfriend.
Anon chapter 16 . 2/3
As I said before, great story. I feel a little selfish asking this, but (to quote a book I read long ago) "Please sir, may I have some more?"
mmwaveprincess chapter 16 . 1/31
Loved it! But could you make longer chapters? These are read so quickly it's a shame they aren't longer. Really. They're goooooooood. Longer?
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