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Akeays chapter 47 . 4/6/2013
Well of course it was a tear-jerker! I'm so glad you gave Fanny to Allie instead of killing her off, which is what I thought you were going to do when you told me you would be getting rid of her! Such a fine mare, and just like Karma-Lou will produce the next generation of top quality horses for everyone to admire! However, despite some readers' offers to take Karma off my hands, she will be with Heyes for the rest of her life!
Like how Kyle came to realize that maybe he hadn't loved Daisy quite as much as he thought he did, which would explain why he took so long in asking her. Maybe it was just the idea of settling down to a 'normal' life that he was in love with and he just wasn't ready for that move yet.
Also pleased with the romance between Ruth and Monty. What's wrong with a little roll in the tall pasture grass? Might just do Ruthie some good!
Great story Suzie and congratulations on completing it. So...what are you going to do now?
RosieAnnieUSA chapter 47 . 4/6/2013
As I read this final chapter, I thought of the old phrase, "not with a bang, but with a whimper." That describes the emotional pain Heyes, Allie, and Kyle are feeling here. No hysterics, no big show of emotion, just the slow sound of your heart splitting apart in pain. Heyes' and Kyle's parting gifts are perfect. And the final sight of Heyes turning to give Allie a last, big smile is incredibly poignant. Thanks for a terrific ride, IO.
Penski chapter 47 . 4/6/2013
aww... What an appropriate ending! Had a tear escape at the end, but I've always cried saying goodbye. And I feel like it is goodbye to Allie, Monty, Ruthie and Esther. I really love how you didn't have Heyes and Allie go to bed - his gift of Fannie with his reasoning were perfect. And speaking of perfect... the Second Chance Ranch. What an awesome name since it is a second chance for all who live and will live there. Great ride, Inside Outlaw!
Silverkelpie chapter 47 . 4/6/2013
What a lovely ending to the story, a blend of the expected and unexpected; with Heyes and Allie having a bittersweet ending to their romance, and Kyle being so cut up about Daisy that he can't bear to even look at the ring any more. The name of the Ranch 'Second Chance' was just perfect. who knows, maybe the boys will need a second chance in the future and give us a sequel? Clapping
Akeays chapter 46 . 4/4/2013
Loved the opening scene with Wheat and Kyle buying Daisy's engagement ring! Part of me hopes that Kyle will go through with this, but then he's not married in the series our favorite little outlaw about to get his heart broken? Oh yes! My suspicions proved right; it didn't work out. Kyle doesn't seem too cut up about it though.

'she felt strong hands grip her waist and guide her gently to the ground. A warm glow flushed her skin.' Very simple phrase, but VERY romantic!

'Allie had already jumped out of her saddle. Her riding muscles toned and strengthened over the last few weeks until she could ride from dawn to dusk without any difficulty.' Given my current physical condition; this hurt! Why oh why can't I be 20 again!? All I want to do is ride my horse! Is that too much to ask? Oh Never mind! I'm getting off topic now...

I really enjoyed this chapter Suzie, even though there wasn't much action etc., but it felt calming, and comfortable. Nothing like new love for Ruth and Monty; it's always so exciting when that happens. I knew on my first date with Paul that he would be someone special in my life; I'd pretty much given up on meeting anyone 'special' and then there he was! Very much like Monty and Ruth so I suppose that kind of hit a cord with me too. It's so nice when it can happen again!

Kind of sad that Kyle missed out, but maybe he'll meet some special lady now that he's done his prison time! There's always hope.

But really!? A thimble instead of a diamond ring!? Thank goodness for the De Boars! Is that the right spelling? Whatever! You know what I mean! Yes I have had a couple of glasses of wine...what of it!?
Silverkelpie chapter 46 . 4/4/2013
I just adore the romance between Ruthie and Monty, it's great to see the characters coming to life and getting such a great ending. The historical notes were great and really added to the bittersweet notes of rejection in the story.
Penski chapter 46 . 4/4/2013
Aww... both Kyle and Heyes faced rejection from their gals. Very interesting learning about the history of the engagement ring. How sweet that Kyle was going to spare no expense for his gal (snickering - the ad to the left of where I'm writing this comment has diamond rings). Love how Decker's house will be a home for everyone not in the DHG and the Monty & Ruthie are a couple.
laf1024 chapter 46 . 4/4/2013
Poor Kyle, but somehow i'm not surprised Daisy had run off with someone else but to be fair she had no idea he was going to propose to her or if she would have said yes. But Kyle came up with a good idea for Esther to continue to help other women and everyone's participation and turning Decker's ranch into it sure makes Allie happy to turn a place she despises into a useful enterprise. I hope Heyes won't be hurting too much when he and Allie leave each other. But some good news certainly came out of this for Ruth and Monty; perhaps Esther is right about a spring wedding in the future.
RosieAnnieUSA chapter 46 . 4/4/2013
So sad and so happy at the same time. Things are coming together to Allie and her family at last, and Allie seems not to have noticed that she's not including Heyes. Is Allie already "moving on" from Heyes? Wheat and Kyle are partners through and through, same as Heyes and Curry. They're just less - a LOT less! - articulate about it. Monty's found a home and love with Ruthie. Even Corky is happy. All that remains is heartbreak for Heyes. He's finagled a way to stick around, at least a few more days, but that won't make parting any easier. It's all drawing to a close. Thanks, Inside Outlaw, for the ride.
Keays chapter 45 . 3/31/2013
Well, it certainly does look like Monty and Ruthie are getting something going there!
Good shoot out scene; lots of action and suspense and of course, Kyle with his new toy! "Yeah, usually only with dynamite, but I should've seen it coming," said Wheat ruefully.
Another great line; "I'm sure," swore Heyes. What was one more lie? He had a lifetime of them staining his soul.
Monty's a smart man getting out of the gang while the getting is good. Me thinks he has found a different reason to carry on as a law abiding man! Too bad for Devil's Hole; he would have made a great new member.

Looking forward to your next chapter and all will be revealed! Will Alley stay with Heyes? Or (more likely) will they say their goodbyes and go their separate ways? Only time will tell!
Silverkelpie chapter 45 . 3/31/2013
I loved the whole tussle of sometimes the boys are winning, and other times they're not. Loved the gun being pointed at Heyes by Esther - very taught. These lines really caught my attention: "Is he always like that?" asked Sy. "I mean, is he always so impulsive?" "Yeah, usually only with dynamite, but I should've seen it coming," said Wheat ruefully."

I think the way the more minor characters were built into rounded, well recognisable characters really added to the story, and I'm so glad that Ruthie got her man.
RosieAnnieUSA chapter 45 . 3/31/2013
The ambiguity of "who shot Slade?" is interesting. You give us some foreshadowing - Kid keeping his gun trained on Slade's heart. Did Kid lie? Did Heyes? It only matters that Allie doesn't feel any guilt.
And Monty and Ruth? Why not! I think we're coming to the end of this story, and it's time, again, to say how much I've enjoyed the character development. Not just our old friends like Wheat and Kyle, but the new characters, such as Monty, Ruth, and (hiss! hiss!) Stafford. Great story.
Penski chapter 45 . 3/30/2013
What a roller coaster ride! They're on top... Slade has them... they're on top... Phew! Kyle cracked me up! I loved these lines -
"Is he always like that?" asked Sy. "I mean, is he always so impulsive?" "Yeah, usually only with dynamite, but I should've seen it coming," said Wheat ruefully.
And then Kyle asking Heyes if he can keep it. Too funny! Was awfully nervous about Esther having the gun at Heyes. Love the thought of Monty and Ruthie! What a great ride - thanks!
Silverkelpie chapter 44 . 3/23/2013
The talk with Kyle was illuminating and I think part of it was Heyes describing himself. I also caught a tinge of jealously that Kyle had family to support him, such good dialogue to catch that. The showdown is building! I can't wait.
RosieAnnieUSA chapter 44 . 3/23/2013
I'm thinking about how smart these people are, the good guys and the bad. They're all capable of planning and patience, but that doesn't protect them from making bad decisions. I appreciate that Kyle and Wheat aren't idiots, and that the bad guys are really bad, and really dangerous. Most of all, I appreciate the new characters and how well they've developed over the course of this story; Allie, of course; the slimy Stafford; and the surprising, steadfast Monty. It feels like the story is winding down. I'll miss these folks. Like the best fictional characters, they've become real to me.
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