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amethystfirechik chapter 1 . 2/8/2014
Good story here. Glad that Sakura realizes truth between her and Sasuke little by like and won't live in delusion anymore.
floating on clouds above chapter 1 . 12/13/2013
So tragic, but I love the way you wrote this!
xoigoi.labang chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
Nice! Love it !
cion chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
It's been a while since I've read one of your works - TOO LONG! *tears*

I like this a lot. I think a lot of people can relate to this... Wishful thinking. Investing so much energy and hope into an inevitable loss. Fooling oneself into thinking that love is present when it is not. The bitter realization that it's a wasted effort to continue on. Kind of hating yourself, and then again, not really.

Good job, wings! :) I miss you and I miss Yuki Uchiha lol. PLEASE COME BACK.

els1324 chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
...I don't want to review because that ending made me really sad, buuuuut I HAD to tell you: I think your writing is absolutely beautiful.

Just too damn beautiful!
kuromimi chapter 1 . 9/17/2012
A SasuSaku shipper I may be, complete with all the 'awws' and 'ughhs' when reading fluffy fictions of them, but in the end, I acknowledge the (high) possibility of a non SasuSaku couple at the close of the main story. And your story is the best reflection of the pair's relationship-or lack of thereof.

The Lady Avaritia chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
This is not okay. In fact on a list of things that are okay, this doesn't even make the list. You have left me with a gaping hole where my heart should be. Congratulations. You made it hurt so good. I cannot even.
I just. I knew it would be sad. But this brutal rainstorm of emotions that you decided to rain upon my head... This, my dear friend was not expect. I'll go curl up in a corner, and try to remember that it's fanfiction.
MidniteCurse4Eternity chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
My heart is breaking. I just got to the ending and my heart is breaking. I feel like crying. It's so sad and I kind of wished that it was a happy ending. I enjoyed reading this.
uchiha.s chapter 1 . 8/15/2012

See, here's my problem: I am a SasuSaku shipper (as you well know by now). BUT. I also don't really believe in them getting together anymore, and it's because of this. This story sums up their problems, both individually and together, so neatly. At the end of the day, Sasuke is an attention whore, but he only wants attention in masses — it's not satisfying when it's just from Sakura, who is so inconsequential in so many ways. And Sakura doesn't -get- it. She never gets that she and Sasuke were never friends. It's that classic tale of young, unrequited love, and it's such a classic tale of friendship as well. You can imagine Sakura going through her life, thinking of her 'friend' Sasuke and smiling at old memories. He dominates her thoughts, and she makes choices — even minor ones — based on Sasuke. Ex: "Sasuke likes long hair, so I won't cut my hair." Even when she does cut her hair, it's still a reaction to Sasuke in some way.

So that's why this story is so freeing. On the first day, we as the reader can empathize so well. Sakura has staked -everything- on this day, and yet, once she finally does see Sasuke, you get the feeling he's only thought of this day as his first day out of prison. You summed this up nicely in the comment about her breath frosting on the glass that is Sasuke's skin. I think that really perfectly demonstrates who they are as a couple — er, not as a romantic couple, but just how their interactions are.

Then, on the second day, we can again relate to Sakura so well. Who hasn't been in that position, where we begin to realize that our 'friend's' 'jabs' are actually jabs, and not just friendly trash-talking? We all know that sick, sinking feeling, and the defensiveness that follows. So the jabs aren't just hurtful like any other jab or rude remark would be; they're a betrayal. We can balk along with Sakura at how surprising this seems...

...and yet, on the third day, we realize, along with Sakura, that this is not actually a surprise at all.

So, yeah. I think overall this piece of writing is the most real of yours — what I mean is, it's the most relatable. You're very good (especially, especially in BoD) at making readers feel what the character is feeling, but in those stories, the situations are always unbelievable and fantastic in the original sense of the word. Hinata watches a Zombie!Sasuke die. Makes us cry, but we will never be actually in that situation.

This story, on the other hand, is very relatable to begin with. (I guess that's because it comes from a real situation, sadly) Another nice thing is that we can relate to the feeling of peace that Sakura attains when she finally admits to herself that she and Sasuke were never actually friends. It's funny, because we also have the sense that all these things happen within Sakura's mind — madeup fantasies included — and so we all the more clearly see how much Sasuke -doesn't- feel that way, and it intensifies the heartbreak as well as the peace.

Another point is that Sakura understands more than Sasuke ever will, so it is funny that he is on the path to becoming a monk. This is similar to when we talked about the real-life version of this — your friend wanted to become something that requires so much insight and compassion, and yet, you were the one that was so far ahead of her in insight and compassion. And she couldn't even see that, which is so like Sasuke as well. He is so self-involved and lacks so much self-awareness that he can't even perceive how asinine he usually is. Add to that the revelation that he's always stalking off for attention, and you have a very mature, insightful Sakura on your hands :P

Anyway. Rambling aside, I really loved it, and I really enjoyed the way it was written. As always, fantastic, lovely work. x
xxkaylaa chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
It would make my life if you wrote a follow up to this!
dazynl8 chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
eeep, the angst! It's made me depressed tenfold knowing that it's based on your experience. D8 I WANT TO HUUUUG YOUUU! *sends cyber hug* It was so moving and sad and the whole time I was reading with abated breath, waiting for the 'something good' that I wasn't really expecting anyway.

I guffawed at the idea of Sasuke becoming a monk, but then after a while I thought, no, he would do something like that wouldn't he? It kinda suits him strangely enough. He's into that weird, 'search for you own path' stuff. -.-

Beautifully written, wings, nearly brought me to tears T-T
InFieryPeace chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
I was getting really annoyed with her until the end. It's very well written. I liked it, and I hope you are okay :)
BananaphoneBob chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
That was done so well! It's a shame it's based on a true story, though I gotta say, I'm kind of experiencing the same thing. It sucks. I think what made the story sadder for me is how Naruto was always so optimistic and still so naive, and how that contrasted with seeing Sakura facing the fact that Sasuke didn't care. I love Naruto. The image of Sasuke dressed as a monk did amuse me though :') I loved it!

Unlimited Power chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
Naruto's so oblivious and Sasuke's a no-life. And it was depressing. How could Sakura assume that "I don't hate you" means "I love you"? Although it didn't surprise me, coming from her.
Arigatou-Bee chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
Oh this tore my heart right down the middle. Like a slap to the face, but I loved it all the same. This perspective of SasuSaku I haven't seen much of. I thought it was going to be a happy sappy SasuSaku ending. But maybe the fact that it wasn't is what made it so great? The "glitter" anaolgy I loved. You never dissapoint girl, and I do hope like Sakura you came to find it was okay if glitter was fools gold. As long as you werent the one left to still reach for all things that glitter neh?

P.S Sasuke becoming a Monk? HAH. Hell mustve froze over. Made my night :)
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