Reviews for How I learned to stop worrying
Loserdemon chapter 3 . 6/30/2018
This is fucking amazing
Princess Asuna chapter 3 . 2/4/2018
Will you still be updating this?
Reishin Amara chapter 3 . 4/7/2016
huh,i REALLY hope you update this soon...we need alot more like this...
redwolf23456 chapter 3 . 3/30/2016
Great story so far
DR.DavidMR-sonofChaos chapter 3 . 3/11/2016
Excellent! Can't wait for more!
yannick chapter 3 . 1/2/2016
itsnangood story but pls finish it
Greatazuredragon chapter 3 . 4/26/2015
Very interesting idea, good work.
Pity it seems you drooped it.
Tererdrone chapter 3 . 12/25/2014
Plz continue the story
red the lugia chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
Guest chapter 3 . 1/1/2014
Guest chapter 3 . 11/9/2013
Please please please Update! There simply aren't enough fics with this pairing! So PLZ UPDATE!
SonicGamerAndArtist655 chapter 2 . 10/5/2013
I like the parts in between their love story more than the tale their telling, but it's all awesome!
ladygoddess8 chapter 3 . 5/6/2013
I must say this is an amazing story that I hope you continue to write. It is pretty cool for them to be dimension hopping. I wonder if they change forms in certain dimensions or if those realities are actually based in parallel and as such have ponies/colts instead. From this dimension, I would think not but how then would they fit in around 'humans'. I mean talking horses are crazy. Twilight seems to have mellowed out quite a bit. I guess this adventure gave her the experience and the lack of reference material to each world required her to develop a more adaptable attitude and lessen her need to rely on books. Interesting couple to say the least and very good I must say. It gives a better understanding and dynamic to changeling queen. I can't wait to read the Gotham visits and all the other worlds you pull the pair into.
BlackRoseFire chapter 3 . 4/2/2013
Interesting story I can't wait to see moe of it.
Jetflash chapter 3 . 4/1/2013
Your stuff is just too darn heartwarming.
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