Reviews for we smoked the screen
LetMeWalkTheEarthWithYou chapter 1 . 8/3/2015
Amazingly done, really loved this!
c0lorfultears chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
this one-shot was absolutely amazing! you have amazing skills :)
like teen spirit chapter 1 . 11/3/2013
This is just... damn. It's Cook and Effy, and that's all it is. The way you capture these two is breathtaking and so realistic, you can hear the voices of the characters in your head with every single word of the story.

For a minute it seems like fun and games, but then you start screaming. You've been looking for the ghosts that haunt you all around outside you, and it took you this long to realize that everyone else is irrelevant because the real ghost is you.

This is art. Talent. Something you can't teach. It's so beautifully written, it's heartbreaking. Wow. Just... amazing.
fheiu chapter 1 . 2/1/2013
FLAWLESS, you're writing is truly a masterpiece
WritingElephant chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
Love it! This was really well written!
underthelane chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
One of my favorite parts had to be, "You are Effy Stonem, but barely." You really captured Effy and Cook perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this.
anonymous chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
absolutely love! You captured the perfect raw moments between Cook and Effy and made it real and extremely relatable. The way you write is absolutely breathtaking! You were definetly made to write this. Beautiful :)
Lucifersdaughter chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
That was amazing, I love it :D
Guest chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
You did such a good job of capturing who Cook is, which most writers on here can't do. I could actually picture him saying the things you wrote.
motherpucker chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
There's seriously no doubt about it, the fact that you're one of the best, if not the best, writer I've come across on fanfiction dot net. I mean, this was so beautiful. I'm generally at a loss to say things in reviews when I'm trying to review fics like this because I try so hard to get people to understand how good I think they are that I eventually render myself incoherent which isn't cool at all. But Cook and Effy is my one true pairing, the sort that legitimately causes me physical pain and stop all the clocks cut off the telephone this was so painful to read because it was so bloody bloody good. It was beautiful and it really inspired me, because every word, every sentence was so intelligent and honestly I'm often basically in awe of you because you're just so clever and your writing is so thought provoking and I think that's one of the best things someone's writing can do. Good grammar, spelling, whatever - that's all fine and dandy, but I think the mark of a true writer, of a truly good writer is thought provoking writing, a story that you read over and over (I've read this everyday since you published it and I've not gotten to reviewing it until now because I couldn't quite wrap my head around reviewing which is a miserable excuse sorry) and learn a new thing every single time, a story that explores a person or a thing or a situation.

I'm going to start at the end because that's basically how I roll - the end of generation two has always had me hurling myself at a wall because, well, you've seen it, but the thing that's devastated me most is Effy loving Freddie over Cook and the fact that I've always assumed she would kill herself eventually - actually, I've always imagined quite soon after Freddie's death. The fact that Cook didn't shed a tear in front of anyone else but wept at her grave was incredibly in-character for Cook. The thing I love most about Cook is the fact that he can cry, the fact that he does cry and rage and love and they all sort of get mixed in together and they sort of poison him from the inside out, but Cook crying in front of everyone else at a funeral - that's not him. And, to quote, "all these insignificant fuckers, as you would have described them" - I don't think Cook would've let himself cry in front of those people. It rang so true - so very tragically true to me. And "the two of you were always Cook and Effy" - YES GOOD. It's always Cook and Effy, always, always, always. Even when Freddie and Effy were together - and it knocked me absolutely sick when they were because no - it was still always Cook and Effy. They're basically infinite together.

"there's a million and one ways to die" - that's so Effy. Effy is, in my opinion, the most complex character Skins has ever had and she's one of those characters that's truely a struggle to truly capture because she's got about a thousand and one layers to her and you're never quite sure which one is the real Effy, and you're never one hundred percent sure what's going on in her head. I've always thought that even though she started talking after Tony got hit by the bus, she still kept herself guarded, and she's one of those characters that's almost impossible to define. "You are Effy Stonem, but barely" - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful line. This fic is so heart-breaking because of how hollow Effy's gotten - she's barely Effy Stonem anymore, and I feel that in the fourth season she was heading that way. I love how your portrayal of Effy isn't pretentious at all - it's spot on and very haunting and beautiful. I think there's always a danger of sounding pretentious writing Effy - I can't writing her without sounding like a completely knob to be absolutely frank - but you just absolutely nailed her.

And her and Cook, oh god her and Cook, the conversation was flawless and I wouldn't be able to nitpick - wouldn't be able to point anything out as being out of character. It's such a difficult, difficult relationship to get on paper which is why I love them so much, because they've got this mad, out of control love that just kind of burns. And you portrayed Cook so perfectly - the thing about Cook is that he's so mercilessly blunt, that he's never been overly nice to Effy, and you got that perfectly, the fact that he loves her so much but he's still himself, he's still brash and when Effy asks him about the blood consuming him his reaction was perfect, exactly the reaction that Cook would have - it reminded me of the "I'M NOT SCARED" scene. And god when Effy denies feeling anything for him, FUCK THE POLICE THIS IS NOT OK MAN. I AM NOT OK ANYMORE.

"Just because he can't see the blood anymore doesn't mean that it never existed" - this line just makes me want to curl into a ball and cry because I legit cannot deal with these feelings anymore. Because you've got everything perfect, it's not romanticized or anything but it's complex and layered and just everything about it makes me want to turn green and start smashing shit up because Cook and Effy were meant for each other and the fact that I can't seem to fathom them having a happy ending despite everything I wish makes me despair. I mean seriously. They are just. I mean I can't even explain the feels I have for this couple. Because they could be hot and sexy and funny but there was just this burning passion and this crazy love and the fact that they were like eternally bound together and utterly infinite and Cook loves her so much and Cook was always the one who seemed to look after her and I can't help but always think that Cook could've looked after her better than Freddie ever could and that Cook loved her and needed her more and every scene they were in together I just wanted to hurl myself against a wall. And I want to hurl myself against this wall because THIS FIC RUINS MY LIFE with its face and the fact that it's Cook and Effy and so painfully Cook and Effy and so painfully gorgeous but also very gritty and raw. Raw is the best type of writing in my opinion, it's my absolute favourite, and Cook and Effy are the most gritty, raw couple and just. I honestly can't.

"You are Effy Stonem and he is James Cook"



And I found myself not very confused by this fic, I was thought-provoked and I want to ask you all sorts of questions and you have no idea how certain lines just sort of stabbed me in the stomach - in a very good way though believe me - but I found myself following it and not confused because it was so perfectly in sync with the Skins universe and absolutely everything about Cook and Effy and it makes me want to asjks,nmbuh YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE FEELS. My heart my heart it's been hurt by this fic immensely

I wish I could write you lots lots more and you'll probably recieve a pm with me rambling and rambling because what else do I do when I pm you but I realise I sound like an idiot already and I have no idea how to express exactly how I feel about this couple that you've basically summed up in 2,435 words which I didn't think was possible but. I don't think you even realise how, I don't know, dynamic or gorgeous or LIFERUINING or awe-inspiring your writing is but I think only a few people actually are WRITERS, you know, honest to god writers, it's a gift and it's so difficult but yeah. I honestly wish I could write how you can, and I'm so glad I have the privilege to read your stuff. so gladddddddd

right ok love you love you i hope this made sense? i tried really hard to make this review really easy to comprehend but i sort of strayed from sounding together and yeah basically this was gorgeousness and raw and everything
RockN'RollChild chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
left me a bit confused but it's really good ;)
jellobellybean chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
UnchartedRevolution chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
very morbid very well written
kingslayers chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
oh. my. gosh.

hope, this was amazing. okay, so, i'm a reject and don't ship cookeffy (even though most of my friends do um) but i really really really loved this because, i don't know, it's obviously not canon if effy's coming back for the seventh season but that doesn't matter because it feels like canon and i really should never review anything at 2 pm but.

i loved the second person because i love second person in general and it's really hard to pull off but you really pulled it off and it really suited effy and your EFFY ohmygod i thought you pinned her characterisation down perfectly and your lines were beautiful like her encounter with knives and "his scars are visible - yours are not" (paraphrasing, sorry!) and just her total all-consuming apathy that almost wasn't apathy and just FREDDIE and it was like she was trapped in her own mind and there was this total vibe of her just being numb and that sounds super sketchy, but.

and then cook, oh golly, he was brilliant. he was rash and impulsive and he didn't understand effy but at the same time he did and he was just completely and utterly cook.

and then their dynamic was brilliant and i won't lie, i'm probably not capable of understanding the themes of this, exactly, but i know that i loved it and that it worked and that you're one of the best writers i've ever read.

-— janey xoxo