Reviews for Another First Kiss
Thumana chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
I loved this.

We can see right from the start that Ike and Soren are close, because Ike's thoughts are all of Soren as he wanders the market uncharacteristically alone for a while. When a merchant offers him something for the "special girl in your life," Ike is still thinking of Soren. "Soren wouldn't go for something so fancy. He was the only one he'd out and give something really special to, after all."

Aimee is overwhelming as usual, insisting on telling Ike's fortune without waiting for him to agree, and kissing him without his agreement too. What she says is strangely accurate though.

Soren's distress is very clear, and Ike is very much aware of it, even if he doesn't understand it.

Ike's thoughts about Gatrie, and about what Gatrie said about becoming a man, are delightful. But even while Ike is feeling so confused, he somehow knows how to do the right thing. Talking to Soren about what happened and how he felt about it was exactly right, and helped Soren feel better as well as giving him an opportunity to encourage Ike.

I really liked
'"I didn't feel anything but grossed out at the oil she had her I weird for that? Kissing is supposed to be this big thing, and I didn't even ask for or want it," Ike said.

"...I'm hardly the one to ask on this matter. I consider anything that sets one apart from the repugnant selfish and vile ways of people at large as being a good thing. If you call it 'weird', then so be it."

Leave it to Soren to find the bright side of things.'
Soren clearly thoroughly appreciates Ike's "weirdness".

And when Ike goes to kiss Soren and it's all a bit awkward, he reassures himself that "Soren was the one person he could think that wouldn't care that the 'romance' of the moment was ruined" and "Soren didn't give a whit about manners."

Your description of the kiss is beautiful, but even more so is the idea in Ike's mind that Soren makes everything OK. "Even earlier that day he'd felt overwhelmed by everything he didn't know, and yet in a space of less than an hour Soren had reassured him, and given him new hope that one day he really would be just as good as his father. The mountain of things he felt like he'd never get was broken down, traversable with Soren by his side."
Rosage chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
Ike PoV! Ike trying to figure things out! Ike actually figuring things out! 3
This makes me especially happy since I was the one who submitted the prompt. I don't really have the focus for one of my more rambly and quote-filled reviews right now, but this was really sweet and cheered me up when I needed it, so thanks. 3
Strategy Improvisation chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
Lovely as always! I didn't mind the timeline changes in the least, because using Aimee as opposed to an OC or the like worked just fine. It was an adorable spin on the first kiss/first romance aspect of IkexSoren.
ViridianNet chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
Hahahahaha i loved that mess up because that was so Ike! :)
I like every fire emblem story you post up! Ike/Soren is so cute Great characterization Hope I get to read more in the future! :)