Reviews for Façade
RamblingInsomniac chapter 2 . 8/27
the story is interesting so far...but there are several spelling mistakes. do you on editing them later on?
RamblingInsomniac chapter 1 . 8/27
how is Rose WEASLEY the first person to be sorted? sorting uses last names; so Scorpius and Albus Potter and Alice Long bottom should have all come before her.
Arveen Malfoy chapter 39 . 6/25
I'm sorry but I like the idea where Hermione is Draco's one and only love. I didn't like Astoria being so important to Draco. I'm sure it would be absurd for some but really, that's the way I love stories. Anyways, you have an amazing writing style.
Arveen Malfoy chapter 16 . 6/25
While she was overhearing, I'm confused if Erik mentioned Draco or Victor Krum being his best mate becaue both are the possibilities
Arveen Malfoy chapter 16 . 6/25
This story is becoming so fascinating and intense. Little drop of hints, I love such stories.
Arveen Malfoy chapter 10 . 6/25
I just hate it when people judge Draco. Even Hermione is not fare judging him and all. Judgmental bint
Arveen Malfoy chapter 9 . 6/25
Gods! this is so exciting... Love your storyyyy sooo much and hats off to your writing skills, pretty intense and subtle as well.
Arveen Malfoy chapter 8 . 6/25
You have written Draco and Hermione soo well. I love it that hermione is logical and accepting and completely not a bleeding heart. Your Draco is so much the version of Draco I imagined him to be after war. The most intense and mysterious characters seem Elladora and Draco to seem. I'd love to know her more. Really
Arveen Malfoy chapter 7 . 6/25
I would have thought about selecting Rose Weasley from gryffindor
Arveen Malfoy chapter 1 . 6/25
Hahahhaha "My father will hear about this." hahahhaha
Hotmamantx chapter 12 . 5/2
I am enjoying the story ( 12 out of 41) but really if ur going to use French dialogue then I really wish u had translate it in author notes at the bottom of the chapters
Kelsey441 chapter 41 . 4/18
I really liked the story. I like that you didn't have Hermione pregnant with Draco's child. They were happy even without that.
Kelsey chapter 13 . 4/17
Goodness, how old are they?! At first, I was thinking early 30s - old enough to have an 11 or 12 year old if Draco had children soon after Hogwarts. But now that I know Daphne had an 11 year old before Draco and Astoria even started dating. I guess they must be significantly older.
SuYuChen chapter 41 . 3/28
Thank you for the story! I really enjoyed! ()
Carroux chapter 41 . 3/26
Just wow.. I've never liked a story with children from a protagonist until now. This story was incredible. I've enjoyed it sooo much that I read the whole story in one session xD So thank you again for this incredible storySorry for any grammatical issues, I'm not an English native :S
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