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Kairan1979 chapter 34 . 3h
Thanks for the update.
I wonder about Hokage's reaction when Naruto tells him about 'Madara'.
Kabuto is really a slippery SOB. It could be nice if Akatsuki decides to get rid of him, and his 'great work' will be never finished.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 34 . 4h
I'm glad Naruto is learning more about his family and got to bond with Jiraiya and Tayuya. I can't wait to see them go to Uzushiogakure.

Shikamaru inviting Kurotsuchi over was great, I can just see Yoshino and Kurotsuchi bonding over ways to motivate Shikamaru and Shikaku giving his son a pitying look. Now, I have to wonder how Yoshino would have reacted if Onoki had come as well?

Hiashi's plan to change the Hyuuga clan through Hinata and Neji is great, I know they'll make it happen.

As for Kabuto... looks like he's ready to play mad scientist and make the ultimate body. I just hope it takes him a while to do so.
Draco Oblivion chapter 34 . 5h
You gave Naruto a very mature response to the reveal suitable for a chuunin, nice work
Haha Shika was so cute, inviting her to meet the rents :p
Oh so they plan to rebuild the clan do they? Oh-ho-ho-ho
Haha just watched the latest arrow episode and all I saw was Rahs' alghul superimposed over Hiashi, Nyssa over Neji and Oliver superimposed over Hinata xD
Guess he still could suggest marriage down the line though since I'm pretty sure Hiashi and Hizashi are identical twins they're more like half siblings than cousins...
Huh I do like Kabuto, he's petty awesome so I'm excited to see what he has planned
Ramrikai chapter 34 . 5h
You handled the revelation of Naruto's parents very well. It was brought to my attention recently, and I have to agree, that too many stories stop at the "he couldn't ask someone else to do what he wouldn't" reason. While it is valid and something the Third would probably say, it isn't something that is particularly comforting. It makes it sound like Minato guilt tripped himself into the decision. No one really likes to be a last resort, and it could legitimately instill resentment in Naruto. However Jiraiya's reasoning here, the real reasoning, is powerful for the acknowledgment-starved Naruto. I'm quite pleased seeing it crop up here. Well done.
MWRANDOM chapter 34 . 5h
Not bad. There should have been some anger about the revelations Naruto recieved though. The Hokage holding info from his parents may have been understandable by him, but there really should have been an explanation demanded of Jiraiya, as he's claiming to be Naruto's godfather, but apparently knows NOTHING about him and has done nothing to help Naruto in his younger years when he NEEDED to know that someone, anyone, other than the Hokage, Teuchi, and Ayame cared about him. They had little time for him either, but they at least TRIED. So yes not having some initial anger at him comes off as quite strange, especially as he doesn't even ask for an explanation as to why and just rushes in for a hug with someone who basically is a perfect stranger. It's just a bit too much too soon. This Naruto has had people that care for and support him longer than canon (although admittedly not THAT much longer) so him being less angsty and angry is ok, but that would result in him forgiving a lot quicker, not simply taking everything at face value without questions about why the people who were supposed to be there for him weren't.
xXxWolvesInTheNightxXx chapter 34 . 6h
Just awesome! :D This story never fails to make me happy!
KitsuneDragon chapter 34 . 6h
Well to be honest, while a good chapter, it does seem to be a bit stereotypical of the scene of naruto finding out about his parents. He's a bit pissed that hiruzen never told him anything and lied to him, but then easily gets over it and doesn't blame his parents for sealing kurama into him, etc., etc. but given his character. Naruto would react that way.
Having Hinata and Neji being groomed to change the clan is an interesting tidbit to note, something which brings up the thought as if to whether or not naruto in the manga has carried out the promise to change the hyuga clan when he became the seventh hokage?
So guess he and Tayuya are going to go and get Karin now probably. Wonder if you'll have Hinata confess to Naruto next chapter.
Hope to see another update soon.
Iloveallanime16 chapter 34 . 7h
Amazing chapter!
crazypaul00 chapter 34 . 8h
ZyiareHellsing chapter 34 . 8h
Thanks for the awesome update! For a genius it sure took Shikamaru some time to realize how his parents saw this. I loved the bonding with Naruto and Jiraiya as well and darn you Kabuto!
Guest chapter 34 . 9h
Awesome chapter..loved it..
Imagine476 chapter 34 . 9h
Darn it! Your finals are done? I have mine coming later :(. Oh well, nicely done chapter as always.
ZeroKaze chapter 34 . 9h
Hmm... Yeah, I think Shikamaru and Kurotsuchi could be interesting couple. Just wondering, are you going to do triangle between Shikamaru, Kurotsuchi and Temari? If you do, could you at least make it non-awkward?

As for the body... I have fair idea who "she" could be, but just to make sure, is "she" canon chracter or OC?

Otherwise, liked the meeting between Naruto and Tayuya. Looking forward how Tayuya will develop from here on...

See ya in next chapter!
Winto-kun chapter 34 . 10h
Congrats on 3k favorites!
I guess it's Kushina's body... I'm expecting Naruto vs. Kushina fight in the future, then.
Lientjuhh chapter 34 . 10h
I like it.. Well done.. :)
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