Reviews for True Potential
Wildheart21 chapter 71 . 7/13
dang it such a cliffy hope you update soon
Tubeday chapter 71 . 7/9
Please update soon am really looking forward to it
tanithlipsky chapter 71 . 7/6
Lonski chapter 71 . 6/28
Hey there.

I found this story on Reddit because it was a top recommended story to read. I absolutely agree. I’ve read this story start to finish I’m about three days and I would very much like for you to continue.

I love your decisions with the butterfly effect with simple changes like the team make up and the chemistry between certain characters changing your mind about pairings.

I have read many stories on this site and I would say by far your story is one of my favourites. As a writer myself I would say your style and ability as a writer is high and different and you should absolutely be proud of yourself. You have improved as you went in but you were already really good as a writer. I am a bit of a snob with certain things and I have often dropped a story after the first three chapters. You passed my test and you have gone from strength to strength.

Please continue when you can.
All the best,
soomeru chapter 53 . 6/27
Your version of Sasuke is probably one of the better butterfly effects I've ever seen.
Byakugan789 chapter 2 . 6/26
ZeroQi chapter 4 . 6/22
Stop. Shifting. From. Past. To. Present. Fucking. Tense.

It's wrong.
Del21 chapter 71 . 6/20
Can't wait to read more, things are about to get intense!
Del21 chapter 70 . 6/20
Oh those poor genin, Naruto is going to come back and find his students traumatized lol!
Del21 chapter 69 . 6/20
Awesome chapter!
Del21 chapter 68 . 6/20
Great chapter, it is great to see a long held dream finally realized. Or at least it has sparked and started a forest fire of change, dosen't mean someone can't douse it. Keep up the good work!
ZimmMaster chapter 21 . 6/19
I know I still have much of the story to read, but I just wanted to mention that I really like the way you portray Hiashi in this story. So many authors make him into this abusive, uncaring bastard of a man and I'm glad to see, in my opinion, a pretty realistic portrayal of the man.
Husky2014 chapter 71 . 6/17
when will be the next update! I love this story!
Natsuyuuki chapter 71 . 6/16
Mac-The-Editor chapter 68 . 6/13
Good job on using Talk no Jutsu this chapter!

I recently watched a vid by the YouTuber Mathwiz called "In Defense of Talk no Jutsu (Hope and Hypocracy in Naruto)" and it got me thinking about how that's been less Naruto's technique in this fic, and more Team Three's in general, while others have also had moments.

I would compare Naruto's fight with Kabuto here with his first canon fight with Sasuke, or even Kakuzu. To explain my thoughts would require me to repeat a lot of what the video covers, so I'll just post the url for your own viewing pleasure instead. w w w . youtube watch? vgH3Sh3hRV-c
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