Reviews for True Potential
thetizzler chapter 40 . 1h
I don't think I've ever read a fic where the civil war was still going on. I'm really excited to see what you do with this arc. You're really inspiring me to shape up and do better with my own fic. Keep up the good work dude.
Shigure Toshiro chapter 40 . 2h
Good chapter, looking forward to the next one.
ZyiareHellsing chapter 40 . 9h
Thanks for the awesome update! So glad to see Haku!
zomgonozdinosaurs chapter 40 . 12h
I am now going to ship Anko and Zabuza! XD
RHatch89 chapter 40 . 13h
awesome update :)
Dragon Man 180 chapter 40 . 15h
Yeah... Yagura's side is full of crazies. I would have liked to see more of Zabuza vs Jinpachi, I have a feeling Zabuza would have shredded him. The Fuinjutsu training is awesome, now if only Naruto could keep all his seals from over loading. Dare they teach him how to make explosive seals? They'll probably be Kage Killers.
Draco Oblivion chapter 40 . 15h
I do think it's interesting to see the Uzumaki cousins learn fuinjutsu and it would be awesome if the Uzumaki clan was reestablished in Konoha but there has to be better uses for an endless chakra supply than sealing :p
Also nice to see Haku and Zabuza but(though I guess he is crazy) I'm not sure the Kirikage could afford to confront Konoha about taking sides when he has a civik war to lose...
JD98 chapter 40 . 15h
Brilliant chapter, really enjoying the original content, keep up the great work.
SPeCTeR-ll7 chapter 40 . 17h
Hm an interesting albeit predictable turn of events. I wonder how Hinata is going to react to Ao having a byakugan beneath that eyepatch or if she will even notice. On a similar note, shouldn't they be pissed that the rebels dragged them into their war?
Guest chapter 40 . 18h
Trust me, you deserve us as readers. If you didn't, we wouldn't be reading your story. It's really good, though I hope we get some romantic action in there soon.

Although, I do have one criticism. It's in regards to the training of Naruto and such. I think that he really needs to focus on the physical aspect every day, as well as ninjutsu and fuinjutsu and such. Seriously, you don't just do super intense, insane workouts once in a while to get stronger and faster. You workout like an hour or two each day to keep building on your physique. Just pointing it out.
falcoknights chapter 40 . 18h
Another good ch keep it up
FlygonNick chapter 40 . 18h
All in all, I'm really enjoying the current arc. Its nice to see deviations from plot lines I'm used to seeing in this manner, especially with the Uzumaki's. Anko and Dosu getting into a tea conversation out of nowhere was pretty funny, though.

Looking forward to more. Keep it up!

Quathis chapter 40 . 19h
I enjoyed how the juxtaposition of the tragic past with the bloody present goes with the celebrations, one cut short due to the invasion. Guess Anko still has some training to do on her techniques, though it was a poor matchup for her. Until next time.
buterflypuss chapter 40 . 19h
good chap
RandomWriter21 chapter 40 . 19h
Something tells me Naruto's team will end up helping Anko and the others. These upcoming chapters are going to be amazing!
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