Reviews for True Potential
IWantColoredRain chapter 62 . 1h
very good update soon please
Wyrtha chapter 32 . 21h
Amazing job with this part of the story. I look forward to reading what you have planned for next since Hiruzen survived.
Wyrtha chapter 19 . 10/22
Great job with the pre-lims and the changes. I can't wait to see if Naruto's training is different and if maybe Han gives him more help or tips.
Wyrtha chapter 14 . 10/22
Huh, so you had Team 7 still take that mission ... interesting. I am guessing Kurenai won't do what Anko did and rush in without any back up or alerting the Hokage/other jonin
Wyrtha chapter 10 . 10/22
Great job with this story. And now both Iwa and Konoha know about the Akatsuki and their plans way early.
Serious Sam chapter 62 . 10/19
OK, thank GOD that you didn't go through with the Horse summoning contract for Han. I mean really... HORSES? I honestly think at some point you also considered unicorns if that's true...

Naruto tells his squad about the Kyuubi, and they don't care. Good. That's how it should be. Although, the puns really are getting out of control. I wonder if Kanji will be the one to die in Suna and Naruto goes beast-mode over it.
Serious Sam chapter 61 . 10/19
Weird at how you did the battle scene and still had Anko dig up that kid and bury him somewhere else. A small piece of kindness for a woman who doesn't show it that often. And she did it without knowing anything about the situation.

And this mission Jiraiya has Naruto going on is sure to turn south. It's virtually a guarantee at this point. And we all know the Kazekage is Gaara, so...
brian-get chapter 40 . 10/19
Rin Shwarz-Feuer chapter 62 . 10/17
Firstly ohmygosh. I accidentally stumbled across this fic and holycrap I am so glad I did!
It's amazingly well written and the characters. Wow the characters. You've managed to make them so different than canon due to different circumstances yet it doesn't feel too OOC. They still retain the characteristics we love about them yet it doesn't feel out of place or forced.
I'm such a fan of well written, well developed storylines and characters and this is one of my favourite stories, if not my favourite one atm. (I'm also highkey shipping Anko/Zabuza whooops)
All I need to say is love, love, looooooveeeeee!
To find a story that's been around for so long yet it isn't tedious to read is just amazing to me. Sorry for the huge fangirl moment but if you didn't realise I've fallen in love with your story. Absolutely cannot wait for the next update. Hope you weren't affected by the hurricane.
reklaw17 chapter 13 . 10/16
So three jinchuuriki will be in konoha...SWEEEEEEEEEEETTT..the akatsuki ought to stay far
superboy77 chapter 54 . 10/14
Dude I love this fanfic up till now but please don't make sakura a Fuin user. That's a uzumaki trait and we don't see any non uzumaki seal specialists besides jiraiya and minato and I don't think you should change her role as Medical ninja because that's how most of us like her( I don't like her in general ) anyway this is a awesome fic and I hope u continue it
JD98 chapter 62 . 10/10
Great job!
4everfictional chapter 1 . 10/10
It has so much potential! XD
klennett chapter 28 . 10/10
I'm really confused on the chunin exams part they were all suposed to fight like twice
Guest chapter 57 . 10/10
I love your story, as there is great character development, intriguing stories, and new ideas. The fight with sarutobi in ch 57 is a little anticlimactic. It seems like they have been training for two months, not two and a half year. They should have new techniques to show off as well as jutsu that their sensei's knew and passed on. At this point you can't even tell they were trained by them besides their physical speed and even that is borderline same. Think of new jutsu for sealing like lightning rod pillars, where earth pillars rise from ground and create an electrical wall and the first few times sarutobi and gang try and destroy it the lightning destroyed the attacks till they find a smart way to get out. Another would be creative use of hurricane manifestation in combination with Kunai or Sebon to launch them or use fire jutsu to light on fire or rock jutsu to increase speed or force of the flying rocks or make rock tornado. In addition they must have taught the three at least some of their techniques and passed them down, otherwise there wouldn't be any point in training them. You have an amazing story but I think you can do so much better with this scene because I know you are a great writer and that with your creative mind this battle could be epic.
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