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rere97maui chapter 63 . 8/11
Can't wait to read more your story has me on the edge of my seat constantly. Keep up the spectacular work! :)
Kenshin135 chapter 50 . 8/3
I do not recall Itachi ever being stated to give information in canon, merely that he was spying and keeping them (well, Tobi at least) from directly harming Konoha. The biggest problem with Itachi supposedly reporting anything to Konoha, is Konoha's general lack of information on their goals or even their existence/members. Jiraiya only even finds out about them in canon because Orochimaru was a member briefly.

You'd think mentioning Pain as someone with the Rinnegan (which certainly would've clued in Jiraiya that it was at least possible Nagato was alive and something to look into, even if Itachi doesn't know much about Pain himself) or his thoughts that Tobi was the true leader and claiming to be Madara would be high priority information to relay asap. Especially since he knew about Tobi before he even became a missing-nin...

Also, I'm not entirely sure if Itachi is active in his Tsukiyomi. I've always thought of it as a prerecorded attack and any version of him in there is just an imprint. The whole time-dialation thing makes the jutsu confusing, but if you take the light novels as canon, then the time-dialation taken to an extreme is lethal by itself; he can literally kill you with a happy life. If he's in there with you, I don't see how he'd be safe from that considering the damage comes from overloading the brain.
Kenshin135 chapter 49 . 8/3
I'm confused as to how a swamp holds a flaming tornado in place...
shunshu chapter 63 . 8/1
Hola! muy buena e interesante la historia me encanto espero que lo actualicen pronto besos
Kenshin135 chapter 19 . 7/31
Not that it matters now, but I feel a more elegant solution to the odd numbered contestants would've been either letting the oddball out get a bye (luck is canonically stated to be part of the exams after all) or have let one of the losers fight for redemption instead of taking a winner away. Either woulda left an even 12, for 2 rounds of 1v1s and a final of 1v1v1, over having a complicated bracket where some people get 3 fights and others get 4 and the problems that causes with tired fighters fighting fresher (like Naruto fighting 3 times before winner of Hinata/Neji even get their second match). Not that it matters since the invasion still seemingly happens, but still.

Also, Naruto interfering before the match was officially called is a mistake. Technically, these were fights to the death unless told to stop. Gaara had every right to keep trying to kill him until Hayate intervened. Jonin Sensei interfering, like canon Gaara vs Lee, or Hinata vs Neji is one thing, but another contestant doing so is a big nono.
Gako959 chapter 63 . 7/24
I just read your story, i really like how you are gathering the jinchurikis and how naruto and kurama are slowly becoming friends.
one suggestion i have is that naruto does not lose the red chakra cloak intead the yellow one only apears when naruto comibines kurma's chakra and sage-mode that way you have a logical explanation of way naruto looks diferent, also let naruto go full biju like killer B and the yellow kurma only apears when naruto use sage-mode and biju-mode at the same time.
Great chapter 63 . 7/19
Oh boy, they weren't subtle on who to blame... For me, It would have been more prudent to implicate a less known puppeteer, maybe someone that its moderate in the art. Anyway, awesome chapter! I love it and Im looking forward to more!
HyperA1985 chapter 18 . 7/19
I am looking forward to chapter 64 and I hope Naruto gains ability to summon Kurama the nine tail fox.
Anonymous Person chapter 7 . 7/18
I gotta admit, Oiroke no jutsu really is one hell of a weird jutsu. Why did he even come up with it?
Anonymous Person chapter 4 . 7/17
For starters, this is my 3rd time reading the fic. Yeah, I've got rereading issues, major ones.
Anyway, really starting to see how anyone would probably be mind-boggled as to why Anko of all people was getting a genin team. In terms of sadistic tendencies, the only person characterized as being more sadistic while still being obviously on the "good" guys side is Ibiki.
OmegaUltima chapter 63 . 7/12
Well, so much for that promise :P
katsekala chapter 50 . 7/12
Another great chapter! Many kisses!
Draconix chapter 13 . 7/8
*waves!* Yo. Not gonna be flowery here, just blunt and quick. Updates. More. Please. This is some fucking good shit, I get a kick out of how Han became a big brother to Naruto and their interactions, interactions involving your Team Three, and everything else, honestly. I've re-read it 12 times so far in the last week, too much time on my hands, SO FUCKING UPDATE THAT DAMN CLIFFHANGER ITS AS BAD AS THE SAO FANFIC WRITER MATARAS AND HIS CLIFFIES! FUCKING UPDATE, THE CLIFFY BURNNNNNS!
herkanator chapter 63 . 7/7
this is an awsome read i cant wait for more ps i started this three days ago my wife has gotten really annoyed with me but its addicting amazing work
Encouragingyouth chapter 42 . 7/2
As scathing as my previous review may have sounded i have adored this story before that point. You do a good job in making sure that, while they are shinobi ninja, the kids still act like kids. I wont be finishing it anytime soon for the reasons in my previous review, but perhaps in a few weeks the urge to pick it back up will strike me.

Good luck in all your writing endeavours.
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