Reviews for True Potential
DT.A.9.RE chapter 30 . 7/7
Did you give anko green goblin abilities from ultimate Spiderman ? Xd
TheGoodDoctor13 chapter 25 . 7/3
Man I think Lee should've won tbh. He's certainly stronger than Sasuke and didn't even use any of the gates yet but I guess taking advantage of him having damaged chakra coils with a genjutsu makes sense, it's just anticlimactic
TheGoodDoctor13 chapter 15 . 7/3
Did Gaara kill Karin? It showed him killing 2 kusa genin and says he killed the 3rd so unless Karin wasn't in the exams in this or there's more than one kusa team then I'm assuming Gaara killed her. That's a shame
DT.A.9.RE chapter 17 . 6/29
Yeaaaa when two people give 'promisesit usually ends up with on of them dead and i am sure u didn't forsake naruto for the next hundred chapters or so
Elizabeth White chapter 94 . 6/29
1,000,000 words. You make the professionals look like amateurs! I can't wait to see if you publish any original works! If you don't, I will be disappointed. Don't let the original author know, but I am sorry they didn't use some of your ideas!

Seriously, great job!
The Dude Himself chapter 133 . 6/27
Hey, I just want to say that I really enjoyed this story, it is by far one of the greatest stories on this site. While I have nothings but love for this story, there were times where it felt like the plots, dialogues, and arcs were repeated, which took away some of the impact. Also, I feel that this story dragged on too long, respectfully. For example, when all the jinchurikis mastered their bijuus and had the faceoff with akatsuki, i thought that would have been the end-game arc, rather than just a skirmish. Regardless, I really love this story and look forward to future updates.

DT.A.9.RE chapter 8 . 6/26
I really like your han, he seems realistic. The rest of the team, mhm well i would have to say that the maturity for both genin teams dropped a bit and they became rather bland, but i think the pacing of the story is affecting relationshipsi don't dislike it but not great fan of it either. Thanks for helping me become a better writer
DT.A.9.RE chapter 4 . 6/25
Ngl that battle was actually really smart good on u for figuring it out
The One True Nobody chapter 1 . 6/17
I find myself coming back to this one every so often. It's really good. I've just never had the time to actually *finish* the darn thing. I think I'll be making that my next big reading endeavor, though, so watch this space: I may have a review or two to add when I finally catch up with the most recent updates.

First, though, download and convert and load onto Kindle, because staring at my monitor for quite as long as it'll take to read this almost-1.7-million-word behemoth is asking for eye strain, ha...

Hope you continue the story in the meantime!
Shadow chapter 49 . 6/14
I have a legitimate question. Why didn't Haku use his demonic ice mirrors at all this arc.
Not only is it his signature jutsu from the original, but it would also have helped him kill the executioner before he killed the hostages
OverlosFFN chapter 38 . 6/13
This arc is pretty well thought out and, for the most part, I like the way you build things up.

If I had to point out my biggest problem with your fic is that 'power levels' are utter bogus and Kurama being so friendly with Naruto ruins a lot of the tension. Seriously, Karin managing to keep up with tayuya and Naruto against high jonin or near kage level threat is pretty outrageous If you asked me.
OverlosFFN chapter 33 . 6/11
Just as I've thought Kabuto will take over what Orochimaru began.
OverlosFFN chapter 32 . 6/10
I really thought that Orochimaru would make it out alive. With him dead Kabuto would likely take over.
OverlosFFN chapter 30 . 6/9
I forgot at which chapter I left off, but I'm pretty sure this is the one I read last year.

Glas to be back)
The Not-So-Ultimate Writer chapter 58 . 4/26
You know, on the subject of ShikaKuro, it has some implications long term. It can end in four ways. It'll end. Shikamaru would retire as a Konoha ninja and move to Iwa, meaning he can't be Naruto's advisor. Kurotsuchi would move to Konoha, meaning she would never be Tsuchikage. Or they'd have a long distance relationship for the entirety of their lives.
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