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katie.nunnally1 chapter 33 . 7/21
Please keep it up! I've enjoyed the story and want to see how Margaret and John find their way back to each other. I had given up hope that this story would continue and am so glad that you are moving forward with it!
ANA chapter 33 . 7/14
me alegra volver a saber de ti me da gusto que vuelvas a escribir
ImprovementByExtensiveReading chapter 33 . 7/14
Wow, I saw something the other week that reminded me of this story. I'm so very glad to see you back.I am so sorry that more problems have been heaped upon you though.

Oh, I liked the chapter! I am very very curious to know the other outline and this one. I know it's not something you'll ever write up but it would be interesting to know at the end of the story how it could have played out.

I love that John is jealous of "that woman" 's husband. Oh poor John! Poor Margaret was so hopeful that he might remember her name or anything about her on his own. No such luck.

Ah, I'm left wanting so much more! I hope everyone is okay. Maybe Margaret being in danger will be what shakes him up and regain his memories of her? I hope he didn't further injure himself and put his recovery way back.
nsfanficnewbie chapter 33 . 7/14
Wow. I just read all your story in like two days. I'm hooked. Thanks for having the courage to come back to your story. It sounds like life has been pretty tough lately, not unlike Margaret's life. I've been agonizing with Margaret for two days now. Well done for writing such a courageous, strong and sympathetic woman.
xXObsesser96Xx chapter 33 . 7/12
It's so good to see you back here! I've missed your updates!
This chapter was kind of overwhelming- but in a good way :) Looking forward to more whenever you get around to it!
lexie2 chapter 33 . 7/12
I'm so happy you were able to update this gorgeous fic. Looking forward to your next update whenever it comes.

I truly admire your fortitude. God bless you.
Anony Mouse chapter 33 . 7/11
I'm always so excited when I see a new chapter of this story; it doesn't seem to matter how long it's been, because I always remember where we are as soon as I start to read. You're a very talented writer, and I am amazed you've continued to write at all with everything you've been through. Stay strong and enjoy the little things! It's amazing what small wonders are around if you have the eyes to see them!
EyreGirl chapter 33 . 7/11
Oh my gosh! I'm about to cry. It's so wonderful to hear about you. somehow I know you are such a strong woman and although you have been dealing with difficulties, you still have that passion for life! Welcome back!
holly1492 chapter 33 . 7/11
So glad to see you back! Great update ... Looking forward to more. In the meantime, peace and healing to you...
Guest chapter 33 . 7/11
I'm very intrigued as to where this will lead now, super chapter kinda angsty without being angsty IF that makes any sense.
Hey, about disabilities... Well, they're not. They might make you different from Joe blog but hey anyone worth while won't care and they put you at an advance to treat, solve, fix, see and love the world differently. Don't be down about, life might not be how you anticipated it but that is extremely normal if you think about. Get back on the horse, and ride it like you stole it.
Crap, I'm ranting a bit. Sorry... I wish you the best with the shit hand you've been dealt with, and with the story as I said before. I really want to see how it ends:D

Seth 8627
magdacrista chapter 33 . 7/11
You have made me so happy with another superb chapter! I loooooove that Johns personality is dining through no matter his current situation/state of mind. Of course he'd be mad at anyone putting a lady (his lady) in danger. Keep to the good work and speedy recovery! Sending happy and flexible knee thoughts your way!
guest chapter 33 . 7/10
Oh I am so happy for this new chapter
I was wishing for new update a few days back and was such a joy to find that you posted a new chapter
I am sorry for your injury and will remember you in my pryers hope u feel better soon and keep updateding and continue this story to its ending
NanamiYatsumaki chapter 33 . 7/10
Thanks for updating. Please take as long as you need to map out a new path for this story if you feel you can't continue with the original path. See you next time!
Owlkin chapter 33 . 7/9
You live! Never gave up on this story, still on the favorite list.
Maigra917 chapter 33 . 7/9
I'm sorry about your injury. I hope you feel better soon! I can understand the frustration since I'm in physical therapy myself.
I really liked how you continued the story and I'm excited to see how Margaret and John learn from eachother...and hopefully John won't let his fear get the better of him this time.
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