Reviews for Maconaquea
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 5 . 5/18 that the end?
Tayla141 chapter 1 . 3/16
Please finish this story
You can probably tie it all up in a few more chapters
I of the bet criminal mind fictions I have read
When you update this book please message me
Phoenix's Moon chapter 5 . 2/20

Holy shit this was good.
DrbLoveWrite chapter 5 . 1/17
You have abondoned this fic I guess...such a shame.
Guest chapter 5 . 9/30/2015
I've been waiting for a story like this. It is a shame you don't work on it anymore. Hope you Come back soon!
Beachgirl25 chapter 5 . 8/13/2015
This is an awesome story please finish it !
Kas3y chapter 5 . 7/11/2015
Since it was last updated in 2012. I'm thinking u have abandoned this story, which is real sad as I just found it and I have bloody fallen in love with it. The writing is amazing and the depth and realism to this story is fantastic. I really hope u do eventually come back to this story cuz it would be a real same for it to not be completed :\
crazychick444 chapter 5 . 6/17/2015
ohhhhh my gosh where is the rest? This story is amazing!
crazybanana4loki chapter 1 . 5/30/2015
all right when are you coming back to finish said story,, I'm going to be reading it for the second or third time now!:)
crazybanana4loki chapter 5 . 5/30/2015
hi I really like this story you two have going here so PLEASE FINISH THE STORY!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/27/2015
update, please!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/10/2015
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please update! This is without a doubt my favorite story on , and it's not even finish yet!
greece60 chapter 5 . 5/6/2015
I love this story so much! I really want to know what happens next!
nicky69 chapter 5 . 5/3/2015
Oh, now that is just too cruel, leaving us hanging here with no idea what happens next.

This is an amazing story, you have totally drawn me in and left me yearning for more. I see you haven't updated this in a long time, and I suppose my disappointment is my own fault, seeing as I knew that going in; but I'm going to live in the hope that you come back to this one day and give all your readers an ending to set out little fangirl hearts alight with joy.

Seriously, this is a great story, be proud of the work you did on it and thanks for sharing.

arabellalynn chapter 5 . 3/22/2015
please update soon.
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