Reviews for Doll
InsanityByDefinition chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Strange story.
However, I was a bit confused mostly throughout, mainly concerning Anzu. At first, i thought Kaiba was pretending to be her until he made her into an adriod. Then the fact he was through her (I guess) really had me baffled. The part where it said Anzu, as his wife, had died, REALLY had me perplexed. Eh? Hm.
Anyway, is there a relation between Sho Ryuzaki and 'Dinosaur' Ryuzaki? Because both share the same birthday and it had me wondering if it was just a coincidence or maybe it's not? Granted, we're never really given Kaiba's actual surname before he was adopted, so...? I could be wrong, but I'm just asking.