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Elise Deschat chapter 35 . 11/8/2016
Great story, I am so glad that I got to read this as a completed work and not individual chapters...It was amazing that a group of writer could seamlessly trade off chapters, providing the continuity of plot and resolution as well as it did...the narrative kept the reader on an emotional roller-coaster in the elaborate frame that would have destroyed Five-O had the detectives been not first rate...

Yes, there was an increased level of hurt/comfort/angst...however, the levels were not superfluous as they were logical for the case and the motives of the antagonists (Big Chicken, Petrelli, and the Vashon patriarch)...I mean all three wanted to see them dead...just saying
KMW1968 chapter 35 . 11/27/2012
This was a nice little epilogue to wind the story up. It would not have been complete without Danny’s reinstatement at Five-O and the return of his badge. It would have been nice to have had a brief scene with Chicken and/or Pretensky-Petrelli in prison reflecting on the fact that the plan failed and maybe resolving to try again to get revenge on Steve and Danny (a sequel perhaps?), but that is less important than seeing Danny and Steve back to normal. They have been able to have several talks as they both recovered and their bond remains unbreakable.

I’m a little surprised that Steve seems to be already back to work, when he welcomes Danny back to Five-O. It has been about three weeks since he was shot, and he was shot twice. The shoulder injury was particularly serious, and even though the side injury (thanks to Danny) was not so severe, it was still in his side. There is also the fact that Steve too was beaten up by Chicken, although it was not nearly so severe as Danny’s beatings. I would have thought that Steve should not be back at work yet either – but this is Steve we are talking about. Bergman may think he should take a bit longer, but Steve would probably make a habit of coming back to work as soon as possible.

I liked what Steve said when he gave Danny’s badge back to him:

"I hope you'll take this back. Five-O – my life - wouldn't be the same without you."

But even better was the last line:

"Thank you, Aikane. For your courage. For my life. For everything." He squeezed his friend's shoulder. "Now, let's get back to work!"

I particularly liked “let’s get back to work!” The welcome back party is over, Danny has his badge back, the touchy-feely moment is over – it is time for work. Everything is back to normal.

I really enjoyed this story. I know that I did point out a few discrepancies, but I still enjoyed the story overall. Considering the conditions under which the story was written, there could have been many more discrepancies than there were. Congratulations for avoiding that, for keeping the story pretty much coherent and for maintaining interest.
KMW1968 chapter 34 . 11/27/2012
Finally the chapter in which we see Danny (and Steve) start to heal. I liked Steve noticing Danny’s physical injuries and thinking about the more serious ones in his soul. Steve is still in command mode when he tells Danny to open his eyes and look at him, but that is what Danny needs. I like the fact that, once he has Danny’s attention, Steve is gentle and reassuring with him, even though his own voice gets choked with emotion. It was good that Steve laid emphasis on Danny’s courage and the fact that Danny had no other option but to shoot to save both their lives. Steve’s forgiveness was also well done:

"All I can say is thank you for taking that chance. I forgive you, I would forgive you anything. I hope you know that."

The growl from Steve when he recognises Danny’s “self-doubt and tendency towards self-blame” was good too. I have sometimes wanted to growl at this trait of Danny’s as well. That trait is also seen in the fact that even after everything Steve has said, Danny still has to ask “Still friends”. I liked Steve’s reply and the end of the chapter. Danny can start to heal now:

“"Always, Danno. Always, my brother."

Danny weakly grasped Steve's hand. "Friends . . .brothers . . . always," he murmured softly as he fell into a deep, healing sleep, safe, forgiven, the chorus of angry accusing voices finally stilled and only the memory of his friend's absolution remained”.
KMW1968 chapter 33 . 11/26/2012
Wow, what an insight into Danny’s mental state! Bergman is spot on in his analysis of the problem. Danny is indeed “lost” and “wandering around in some guilt-filled limbo in his mind”. Poor Danny, to be haunted by Pretensky-Petrelli’s accusations that he hated Steve and wanted him dead is awful and his pleadings for forgiveness in his own mind are so sad. Danny’s own mind is far less forgiving than Steve. This is a particularly dramatic example of how crippling Danny’s self-doubt can be. While anyone would feel traumatised and guilty in Danny’s situation, Danny’s tendency towards self-doubt makes these feelings even worse.

I love how Kono voices his concern about Danny in terms of Danny not eating “Auntie’s good muffins”. Danny doesn’t stay awake for long and he doesn’t talk, but Kono knows there is something really wrong when Danny doesn’t eat the muffins. That is so like Kono.

Bergman and Chin are right in thinking that Danny is so far gone that only Steve can get through to him now.

I think this chapter could well follow on directly from the previous chapter. Bergman pretends not to notice the signs of Steve’s tears. Am I right in thinking that these tears are the one Steve was shedding in the last chapter? Steve is being typically sharp in seeing immediately that Bergman is coming to talk to him about Danny. I liked the way Bergman told Steve that Danny needed him:

"He needs you, more than he needs us. He needs his friend, his big brother, He needs to know that you understand why he did what he did. He needs you to forgive him so that he can forgive himself."

Steve’s response is also good:

"I need my little brother back, too. Doc, get me a wheelchair. Now!"

Steve acknowledges his need for Danny, but I liked the way he takes charge and issues orders. You know Steve is beginning to get back to normal when he does that.
KMW1968 chapter 32 . 11/26/2012
So, after three days, the anaesthesia would have worn off, but Steve still does not seem to have the understanding of Danny’s actions in shooting him that he had in chapters 26 and 27. While perhaps it is not wholly consistent with his attitude in those two chapters, it does make sense that Steve should be bothered by Danny shooting him, even though he does understand that Danny was forced to do so. It is not very surprising that Steve should be haunted by the sight of Danny aiming his gun at him and shooting him. The image of his best friend doing that is the stuff of nightmares. It is an interesting question whether Steve could have pulled the trigger if their roles had been reversed. I think he probably could have. Steve is capable of doing what he has to, in a terrible situation, even if that means he has to hurt someone he cares about. I’m sure he would feel as awful about it as Danny does. Steve is right that Danny took “one hell of a chance”, that if his aim had been slightly off, Steve would probably be dead, but surely Steve should not require Danny’s assurance that he thought about alternatives and thought about the consequences.

I liked the conversation between Steve and Chin. Chin is just the right person to help Steve come to terms with what has happened so that both he and Danny can heal. He is right to point out that it took guts for Danny to do what he did and also, if he hadn’t done it, both Steve and Danny would probably be dead. I liked Chin’s comment “It will take some serious talk between you two, but you may find that you will come out stronger than before." “Wise words” indeed.

Steve does show how shaken he still is, as well as his physical and emotional pain, by shedding tears. He does, however, listen to Chin and allow himself to be comforted.

I liked the final paragraph. It sums up the chapter and looks forward to the talk that Steve and Danny need to have:

“Again alone in the room, McGarrett's thoughts returned to his second-in-command, now deeply concerned about the young man's illness and mental state. What was past was past. Chin was right. It was time for healing”.
Mary chapter 35 . 11/20/2012

This is a very satisfying story. I had hoped to read some of the conversations between Danny and Steve, but that does not detract from how well the story was written and how well it stayed on plot. Thank you very much.
caroline chapter 33 . 11/10/2012
can the nxt chapter be up soon plz ive been waiting long for mcgarrett to see danny really want to see it soon!
Heartbeats In Stereo chapter 33 . 11/10/2012
I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story when you have a chance to post the rest of it; I would have thought that because this story has been finished, updates would be longer in length (they're more like individual scenes or snapshots of scenes). I also noticed that there were a few open-ended quotations, mistakes in grammar to do with tense and one or two spelling errors. They do detract from the action in the scene, and I suggest sending the finished story to a beta to check it out, or taking a second to proof read your work before posting to the site.

I am enjoying this H/C riddled story as H/C is one of my favorite genres, and you've set us up for a long satisfying road to recovery for Steve and Danny. I don't understand why Steve would have issues with Danny shooting him as he even said that he was aware that Danny was forced to. Steve has more grit than that! And Bergman was a little too volatile and angry in this story; not the usually curmudgeonly doctor we all know and love. Be careful, as some of the characters are getting a little ooc.

I loved the Danny shooting Steve chapter; it really reminded me of one of my favorite episodes "Deadly Courier." There Danny was hypnotized to shoot Steve from the bidding of that woman, but couldn't. At least there were no out of place 70s sound effects, haha!

I am really looking forward to seeing how you deal with Danny's guilt at shooting Steve. But I know that there will be plenty of counselling and therapy to get him back to normal.
Nans chapter 32 . 11/7/2012
A well crafted story.
The emotions are dripping .
Chun is a wise man.
Mary chapter 32 . 11/6/2012
Once again I thank you for a well-written and compelling tale. We are now into the section I like best. I have not written for Hawaii Five-O, but it is what I tend to write for the TV series for which I have penned stories. I look forward to excellent and gritty dialog.

KMW1968 chapter 31 . 11/4/2012
Poor Steve! He wakes up after surgery and remembers seeing the pain in Danny’s eyes and also remembers Danny shooting him. He is clearly in pain – and not just physical pain but emotional as well. He is confused and devastated and this is well caught, but given the scenes between Steve and Bergman in chapters 26 and 27, he shouldn’t be so confused and he should understand.

When Steve was shot by Danny, I thought that he might have been too dazed to understand what was going on, so I was anticipating that there might be a scene like the one between Steve and Bergman in this chapter in which Steve is confused and devastated. Then, in chapters 26 and 27, it was clear that Steve had been conscious enough to understand that Danny was forced to shoot him and that it wasn’t Danny’s fault. I was, for that reason, no longer expecting a scene in which Steve asks “Why” as he already knows the reason and has forgiven Danny. In this chapter, however, Steve is clearly confused and devastated as if chapters 26 and 27 had not happened. The only explanation I can think of is that Steve is still affected by the anaesthesia. It has made him confused, but when it wears off, his mind will be clear again and he will remember that he already knows why Danny had to shoot him. Right?

Bergman hates seeing Steve in physical and emotional pain and of course Danny too. As well as the rib fractures and concussion, Danny has pneumonia. Bergman knows how to treat the physical ailments, but knows that it will be harder to deal with the emotional effects of this ordeal suffered by his two friends. “One was consumed by confusion, the other consumed with guilt. Somehow he had to find a way to bring the two together.” I’m glad that the prognosis for both Steve and Danny is good and that they will both be alright eventually. I like the fact that, despite the seriousness of the situation, Bergman and Chin are still able to smile when Bergman describes Steve as a “pig-headed cop” and Chin wishes Bergman luck with his job of keeping Steve in bed and keeping both Steve and Danny off work for a while.

I liked Bergman’s and Chin’s final exchange and Chin is so right – it was indeed the hardest thing that Danny has ever had to do.

“Still find it hard to believe that Danny would shoot Steve," said the old doctor, shaking his head.

"Well he did, Doc," Kelly replied sadly. "He had to or Chicken would have finished Steve off for sure. Must have been the hardest thing Danny ever had to do."
KMW1968 chapter 30 . 11/3/2012
""Five-O detectives!" the curmudgeonly physician groused as he returned to his latest patient."

Indeed! Bergman tells Kono that it will be a couple of hours before he can produce a diagnosis for Danny and suggests that he gets some rest. Kono insists on staying with Danny and says that it is what Steve would do. The Five-O detectives are really not good at resting, taking care of themselves or following Bergman’s advice.

We see how distressed Chin and Kono are about what has happened to Danny and Steve. They both start praying.

It is such a relief that Danny is going to be okay. While the catalogue of ailments sound alarming – broken ribs, concussion, bruising, dehydration and fever – these do not sound life-threatening. It is good that Bergman recognises that the emotional pain and the guilt Danny must be feeling is as much a problem as his physical condition.

I was wondering if the Governor and Chief Dann were going to make another appearance. I wonder if they realise the bad mistake they made – not in ordering the investigation into Danny once the letter was received, but in ordering that he should have no contact with Five-O or HPD, thus depriving him of the people who could have been watching his back and preventing his kidnapping.

The whole business of clearing Danny seems to be wrapped up rather quickly after Pretensky-Petrelli’s arrest. I did think that Pretensky-Petrelli’s grudge would be against both Danny and Steve and that it was because they gave evidence in the case that brought about his downfall at the SFPD so it was good to have that confirmed. I have to wonder, given how easy it was for Chin to find out that Pretensky was Petrelli, why Chief Dann and HPD did not find him out before. Would they not have checked up on him, particularly since he was working in Internal Affairs?

The Governor at least showed in his earlier appearance that he believed in Danny’s innocence despite the evidence. I wonder did Chief Dann really believe in his guilt. When he “apologises” it sounds like he did.

"I should have trusted you when you insisted on Danny's innocence, but the evidence was so well planted."

I’m not sure that the evidence was that well planted. If, for example, Chin and Kono had thought through where Danny was and where he wasn’t during the time between the shooting at the Iolani Palace and the IA officers searching Danny’s locker, they could have proved very quickly that Danny could not have put the gun in his locker and that someone else did. Chin and Kono could perhaps have cleared Danny even before they realised he was missing, if they had only thought about how the gun came to be in his locker. I think we can assume that Pretensky-Petrelli put it there, particularly if he was one of the IA officers who searched Danny’s locker, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

I’m glad that Chief Dann gives Chin Danny’s badge and gun so that he can give them to Steve to return to Danny. Like Chin, however, I would be concerned about Danny’s state of mind and whether he wants his gun and badge back.
KMW1968 chapter 29 . 11/3/2012
This is the chapter I’ve been waiting for – the downfall of Pretensky-Petrelli. Wow, he certainly is brutal. As well as wanting to hurt Danny because of his own grudge, he clearly wants Danny to say something which he can pass off as a confession to put the finishing touch to the “case” against Danny. I’m glad that Danny isn’t giving him anything. Danny is not going to confess to a lie even to save his own life.

I liked Kono’s intervention. I’m sure that he would really love to throw in a few punches at Pretensky-Petrelli and bust his jaw, but he has more self-control and arrests the rogue cop by the book. Pretensky-Petrelli must know, now that his true identity has been revealed and he has been arrested, that the plot against Steve and Danny has probably failed. Is there going to be a scene in a later chapter in which he reacts to the failure of the plot? What about Chicken? Are either of them going to talk to the cops? There are still a couple of issues to be dealt with – like the involvement of the Vashons.

Danny could well have been beaten to death by Pretensky-Petrelli, but his final thought as he faces what could have been a fatal blow is of Steve and his first word after his rescue is to ask about Steve. That is so typical of Danny. When Duke says of Steve, "He'll be OK. That shot probably saved his life. They'd have killed him otherwise." I’m taking it that he knows this because of the information that Kamekona passed onto him from the nurse or that he has been in touch with Bergman.
KMW1968 chapter 28 . 11/3/2012
As I suspected, the nurse is killed. Pretensky had promised her a lot of money if she helped him with McGarrett, but he lied to her and she got a bullet in her chest instead. What else did she expect? I am glad that, knowing she is dying, she at last makes amends by telling Officer Nick Kamekona about Pretensky and his plans. I have to wonder, though, whether she would ever have felt the need to make amends if she had received the money rather than the bullet. I also wonder how much she knew about Pretensky’s plans and when. Did she know, before she helped Pretensky abduct Steve from the hospital, that she was helping with the abduction of one of her patients so that he could be murdered and his best friend framed for his murder? Was she really prepared to go along with that as long as she got a lot of money? The more she knew about the plan and the earlier she knew it, the more culpable are her own actions. Maybe she only found out about that part of the plan after she had helped Pretensky? Maybe he initially told her that he wanted to get Steve out of the hospital for a different reason? Whatever she knew and whenever she knew it, she still knows enough to tell Kamekona something to help Danny. She confirms my suspicion that Pretensky has a grudge against Danny? Is it just against Danny or does he also have a grudge against Steve? Does this, as I suspected, have anything to do with Pretensky-Petrelli’s disgrace in San Francisco?

I’m surprised that Duke is surprised by what Kamekona reports to him. When Chin and Kono went to the docks to find the boat, they asked Duke to find Pretensky for them. Did they not tell Duke why they wanted Pretensky found? Did they not tell Duke then that Pretensky was really Petrelli?

Chin should have been right in expecting that Pretensky-Petrelli would go by the book. Since the plan was that Danny should be convicted and sent to prison in disgrace for shooting Steve, it is surely in accordance with the plan that Pretensky-Petrelli should go by the book, particularly as he has no reason to believe that his cover has been blown. It is true that Danny recognised him as Petrelli, but that was not until after he was in the interrogation room. Why was Pretensky-Petrelli not going by the book then? Did he assume that Danny would eventually recognise him as Petrelli and decide to eliminate him before he could blow his cover? Does he not realise that Danny being seriously injured or dying in his custody would trigger investigation into him which would certainly blow his cover? It seems, like Chicken, that Pretensky-Petrelli simply cannot help himself. If he has an opportunity to beat Danny up, he will do so, whether or not that is in accordance with the plan. Does Pretensky-Petrelli really believe that he would not be held accountable for Danny receiving serious injuries or dying while in his custody? Does he really think that he would not be sent to prison if Danny died?

At least, when Chin and Kono realise that Chicken is already in a cell, while Danny has not been through booking, they realise that Danny must be in an interrogation cell and in danger. It is just as well that Duke and Ben are going to the rescue as well and that Duke has an ambulance waiting.
KMW1968 chapter 27 . 10/28/2012
I’m not surprised that Bergman is worried about Steve’s shoulder injury and I am a little surprised that no further damage seems to have been caused to it. I am rather surprised that Bergman is surprised by the second bullet wound. Wouldn’t the paramedics in the ambulance have alerted the hospital as to Steve’s condition while they were en route?

In many ways this chapter is an extended and more detailed version of the first scene in chapter 26 when Steve arrives back at the hospital and Bergman meets him, but as far as Bergman is concerned, it is almost as if that scene in chapter 26 didn’t happen. Steve has already told Bergman in chapter 26 that Danny was forced to shoot; that it wasn’t his fault and that Danny had been arrested and that Chin and Kono had to help him, but maybe Bergman was so worried about Steve’s condition that he didn’t really take it in. Admittedly it is not easy to take in that Danny would shoot Steve under any circumstances, but I do hope that Bergman does take in that yes, Danny did shoot Steve, but he was forced to do so and it wasn’t his fault. Unfortunately Steve is a bit more coherent when he tells Bergman that Danny did shoot him than when he tells him that Danny was forced to:

"Wrong, Doc. I watched him pull the trigger. He . . ." Steve winced and forced his dark blue eyes to stay open. "He looked me right in the eyes and pulled the trigger."


"Had to. They . . ..ahhhh . . . forced . . ." Steve closed his eyes as he struggled against the pain. "Forced him to. Have to find . . ." Steve attempted to sit up. "Find him."

It is rather typical of Steve that he should try to get up to go and find Danny even though he has a bullet in him. He is just so stubborn and so loyal to Danny in particular.

When Bergman wonders how much worse this nightmare is going to get, I’m hoping that the worst is over.
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