Reviews for Murphy's Law
Darkmoon99 chapter 11 . 6/18/2014
I laughed, I cried, I cheered at the triumphs, and fretted over the peril of the actors. Fantastic story.
Rex Splode chapter 11 . 9/21/2013
Ok, so I've never read a shadowrun mod, any version of the game, and i haven't played the game, i am however familiar with some of the words, the general concept of the world and Mega Corps. With that said, i found this eleven chapter short story to be interesting. The characters are defined and have their own personality's that stand out, you do a good job in getting acrossed their emotional states, feelings, thoughts, hopes and just in general they seem like fully fleshed out characters ( although some are obviously mroe so than others, this is fine as some characters need less info as they are not the focus ) and not simply half $$ed.

The grammar and spelling are very well checked, as i didn't find to many, or no mistakes from chapter to chapter. I also noticed your lack of reviews, and I have to say I don't think its because of a lack of talent on your and your co -writer(s) talent, i think its more along the line of the larger the fan base of the original characters of a story for which FF is based on, that larger the FF audience is going to be.

For instance, there's how many Dragon Ball Z stories and Harry Potter stories on here? And guess what.. most of them are total garbage, written by people who are not aspiring writers, not interested in professional or not so professional criticism, have no interests in spell checking things themselves and have little patience or respect with / for the source material for which their story's are based on. You, on the other hand, as far as I can tell.. surprisingly.. care about your own work and it shows.

I enjoyed all of the characters, although i find the attractive smooth talking Elf and Human to be a bit of a drag, perhaps because I usually prefer characters less concerned with physical attractiveness and more about them surviving. Or maybe because i'm not a smooth talker, lol. Either way Feral and Madden are probably my two favorite characters out of those shown here. While I thought Will was interested, and definitely a good character I had trouble trying follow everything he was doing, where he was going or what exactly was going on.

But that could be a combination of me not knowing enough about the Matrix in any of its incarnations or how one interacts with it. I mean i played the SNES shadowrun, and liked it a lot back in the day but the Matrix then was really crappy.

Now with that all said, nice Firefly reference with bringing in a virus that is the Reaver virus from that show / movie. One of my favorite shows and for writing something that has effort and putting that in there, this story is added to my favorites. Glad theirs a cure in this story though, lol as in the show its a bit more permanent from what I can tell. I'm a sucker for characters with horrible pasts and i'll check out some of your other stories as it seems each set, reveals small tid bits here and there of their sorted pasts.