Reviews for Pokemon KLAMITY
Quilava Flare chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
Hmm... Well, I can tell you weren't lying about playing Kindom Hearts. Inferno is obvious.
These characters... They have a broad objective, but I'm still not entirely sure what they'll do at the point of having all seven.
"but only aloud a trainer to use one or Two Pokémon at a time." umm... yeah, I saw a bunch of spelling and grammar things like this again. I know it's annoying when I nitpick, but for some reason those things just pop out at me. Aloud is spelled using spell check or something. Oh, and the acronym is wrong...
Once you get a handle on things, it makes sense, and I would love to see how everything is going to turn out for these guys, and if you are going to tell the story of all the different sides. That would make for something interesting! The story good so far.