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G the Headmaster chapter 1 . 12/7/2015
This seems like it's going to be a fun story!
johnsonjacob217 chapter 19 . 9/7/2015
I would like a character please. His name would be Jacob Johnson.
He is as old as Harry.
He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He was malnourished so he is small and thin.
He is shy at first but if you become his friend he is loyal to you no matter what.
He is a pure-blood but death eaters killed his mom and dad when he was young so he got put in a orphanage and got adopted by abusive people.
His powers are mainly weather-manipulation, echolocation, and intangibility.
His loyalty is considered a strength and a weakness but he is terrified of people because of his upbringing.
Since Harry is his first friend Jacob is loyal to him no matter what.
a chapter 20 . 7/14/2015
This version is great your new one not so much
lalo80 chapter 1 . 5/25/2015
No abandones esta historia que es buena, Porfa actualiza pronto
Anderfail chapter 6 . 5/22/2015
Ewwww what the fuck? An 11 year old boy and a 6 year old girl? Jesus Christ.
catgirl00 chapter 20 . 5/17/2015
Can you please finish it?
Guest chapter 18 . 5/15/2015
Вот и философский камень для Эммы пригодится. :)
DalkonCledwin chapter 1 . 5/15/2015
Let me guess, when Lucy was simply his imaginary friend, she was still able to pull actual REAL pranks thanks to Harry’s imagination drawing upon his magic to manifest real changes in the world around him and thus making his imaginary twin sister much less imaginary than she would normally have been if he were simply a Muggle or a Squib… ah the wonders of Accidental Magic!

How much of Lucy is Harry’s imagination? Is there a portion of her made up of Lily’s sacrificial protection magic? I also wonder how many of her ideas aren’t based on ideas that came from the Scar Horcrux?

Fire Teleporting? Like a Phoenix? Most Dark Lords prefer shadow teleporting…

ROFLMAO, Harry just turned Lucy into a Polymorphmagus (as opposed to either a Metamorphmagus or Animagus), Brilliant! The difference being that a Metamorph can change their physical appearance but still remains human, and an Animagus can shapeshift into one or two different animals, while a Polymorphmagus can change form at will into any shape they so desire whether it be humanoid, animal, magical creature, inanimate or abomination. A Polymorphmagus is the true pinnacle of the Transfiguration branch of magic.

Is Harry’s ability to become invisible TRUE invisibility or simply Disillusionment?

ROFLMAO, Lucy is essentially duplicating Nico Robin’s abilities? I will point out that One Piece’s manga didn’t debut until 1997.

How was Lucy able to inform him of cameras nearby if Harry himself wasn’t aware of that fact? Oh yes, we aren’t supposed to be killing this with logic…
kyoshi711 chapter 8 . 5/8/2015
So far Harry hasn't been very evil. A pervert yes, but not evil!
david.teague.3950 chapter 20 . 5/3/2015
While I hate the fact that this will be the second re-write I do have a couple thoughts or rather a suggestion since the time frame is alternate Harry will be able to learn magical ideas based on two different resources. If he can sneak the chances to when the Dursley's are out he can watch Fairy Tail and maybe Star Wars, the original trilogy provides decent ideas especially Return of the Jedi as that that can provide the idea of using Sith Lightning.
AJMC chapter 20 . 5/2/2015
Thank you for updating your readers. That is always appreciated. But I must say the rewrite (of the rewrite) for Vulcan is disappointing, and not just because it takes us back to the beginning. All your stories that I've read are interesting, but the original Vulcan was by far the best. I'll try to give my reasoning/suggestions/constructive criticism and I hope you take it that way, because it is not my intention to flame.

Each rewrite gets farther and farther away from the original and it is sad that that great story has been pretty much lost. The rewrites, while good, get SO bogged down in mechanics and get more and more ambitious. To make a bad analogy: we don't need to know how the brain and lungs work together for every single breath he takes during the day. We just needs to know what he does with that day. The original was great because it focused on the STORY. Yes it lacked a little background info, but it quickly moved to the teenage years and the middle of Hogwarts. THAT'S when things can get interesting: how much magic and hormones and evil are a 5-12 year old capable of, even one as magically powerful and emotionally damaged as Harry? Instead focus on those later years where he can truly grow into these things.

That's ignoring the horrible influx of OCs. Regardless if they are well formed or not, adding a lot of OCs for anything other than meaningless canon fodder for the Ministry or the DEs is almost never a good thing. It's too hard to keep track and too much time building them up and giving them background and fleshing them out. If Harry steps up his game from cannon, then so can Dumbledore and the Order, Voldemort and his DE's, and/or the Ministry/ICW. No need to reinvent the wheel. They can be upgraded much quicker and easier than creating a new group. That extra time can be focused where the story should truly revolve: Harry and his group.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see plenty more writings from you in the future.
JHShadow chapter 19 . 5/2/2015
Name: Jack Hinson
Age: 16
Appearance: Sandy blond hair 6,2" wears mostly black and gray crystal blue eyes and wears a ash gray cloak in public
Personality: Nice person but is distrustful and distant
Histort: Is a powerful muggleborn who's home caught on fire one night at the age of 8 and in an act of accidental magic he's core bounded with the smoke his family disowned him and he was found by the mystics
Powers: can control and make smoke usually turning them into weapons and a pair of smoke gray wings to fly the weapons he uses the most are daul bladed swords and a sythe
Strength he's a master weapon user
Weakness he's insecure about his family
Alligence gray he does what he needs to survive
Kharneth666 chapter 20 . 5/2/2015
seriously? I'm not complaining, but I'm curious. How many times have you rewritten this story?
Umbralight365378 chapter 19 . 4/7/2015
I rarely read stuff like this and unlike a lot of the harry potter fanfics this story has no blatant Gary sues and has a actual plot which in my book makes this fanfic one of the best I've come across and I normally dislike this type of story.

anyway you asked for OC's for your story which creates a problem of mine because if someone asks me or I find an OC form I will (9/10 times) create an OC or two for that story and this time i created two of them.

if you use these two in your story or not is up to you and if you have any questions you need to ask about them just PM me

ether way this is a good fanfic keep it up.


Name: Linus Brooks

Age: 14

Appearance: short dark black hair, grey eyes, 4'7, 95 lbs, thinly built, with a scar on his right cheek. Often wears dark muggle clothing with a black water proof waistcoat.

Personality: harsh and snarky who’s fed up with the world but underneath is a kind and caring person who is angry at all the wrong in the world. Linus does however have some things that will piss him off including mistreatment of sentient beings (verbally and physically), pointless murder and corruption. Linus also has an interest in Japanese anime and manga. Linus often prefers cruel mercy over killing an enemy but has no issue with killing.

History: Linus grew up in a small town in the west of England and grew up more interested in books then making friends making him a target for bully’s and when the teachers did nothing Linus lost faith in authority.
Linus spent most of his time at the local library reading books but at the age of 9 a week before his birthday he watched as his family was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Linus was able to kill the attacker with the murder weapon during the attack but the police found him coated in the thief’s blood and they blamed him for the murders.
Around the age of 11 Linus ended up in London and moved in to an old abandoned apartment complex and stole to survive and avoiding the local gangs. Linus often visited the local library to keep himself educated.
After a robbery Linus finds a wounded 11 year-old albino girl in a back alley who was bleeding badly and after bringing her back to his hideout and did his best to bandage the wound and then spent day’s nursing her back to health.
When the girl woke up she tried to attack him only to fail when her injuries prevented her from moving only to given a scolding for trying to move by Linus and soon revealed herself as the serial killer that had been plaguing London over the last year when she tried to kill him with a bloody scalpel but failed when she reopened the wound and was forced back in to the bed as Linus redid the bandages.
Once the girl stopped trying to kill him Linus learned that she had been abused by her father all her life only to snap and kill him in the most brutal manner possible before living in the streets and killing people that looked like her father. Once hearing this she got the only affection she had ever had in her life from Linus.
The pair soon formed a bond and Linus worked towards to helping her move past the trauma and gave her the name Jacklyn. The pair supported each other over the next year.
Unfortunately when they were 13 they tried robbing a dark wizard who stunned them both and took them to a home under a fidelius charm before gloating at them telling them exactly where they were at them before using both to experiment curses on and after hours of torture before the wizard casted a death curse on Linus which put him in a near death like state and Linus started absorbing the curse.
Over the hour Jacklyn was put under the imperius curse before being toyed with.
Linus spent over an hour in his near death like state before waking and with his new power running though his veins attacked the wizard starting a fight as the wizard blasted Linus across room, only to see Linus get up and getting faster and stronger over time and throwing deadly curses at him before escaping with Jacklyn via the floo before the fireplace was destroyed by one of Linus curses
Screaming with rage Linus vowed to get Jacklyn back at any cost and took the home for himself after finding out that home was impossible to find to everyone but him.
Linus then spent the rest of the year reading the books in the home, locating the Leaky cauldron and testing out his new powers on the local London gangs.

Powers: by absorbing an unusual death curse Linus powers are based on how he uses the curse. On a basic level it provides Linus with near complete immunity to other curses and including the unforgivable curses also marks Linus as both living and dead.
Linus can channel the curse to make him stronger and faster but to preform near superhuman feats he can encase his arms and legs in black chitin armour with clawed hands and feet allowing him to throw the curse at his foes.
Linus most powerful ability however is a double edged sword as it starts to erase his memories as he completely envelops himself in black armour which allows him to move at near superhuman speeds and strength to rip apart steal but losing around a year of memories every few minutes.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Linus is mostly a brawer and fights head on with most of his plans of attack are simple goals then complex tactics and focuses improvisation to compete his goals making him unpredictable but has no actual training in any martial art and has only learned to fight by experience.
Despite this Linus is not simple minded or stupid but quite intelligent and can come up with complex plans if needed however Linus’ biggest weakness is that he ignores most spells shot at him that are not throwing fire etc. leaving him open to attacks that are not cursed based but the main issue is the fact that the curse is not only keeping Linus alive but it’s also slowly killing him like a cancer but will only affect him later in life.

Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral) Neutral as Linus falls in to the well intentioned extremist category as while he wants to do good but knows that to save Jacklyn he needs to be ruthless.

Name: Jacklyn (the scalpel killer)
Age: 13
Appearance: short white hair that reaches to her neck, dull blue eyes with a scar over her left eye. 4’4, 78 lbs often wearing old Victorian style clothes in back that allow quick movements

Personality: Jacklyn mostly acts without any emotion at all being, quiet and blunt at all times but around Linus becomes extremely clingy towards him and will violently harm those who try and hurt Linus. Extreme distrust of doctors.

Powers:Has some skill to subconsciously summon the London fog that allows her to hide herself and others while disorientating her enemies. Which Jacklyn often uses isolate her targets before killing them also this fog allows her to remain unseen and unheard
Guest chapter 19 . 4/2/2015
about the dear bullies thing in your bio she would not need to starve herself if she stopped caring what other people think of her that the problem no a days people care to much about what other people think of them.
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