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Blake2020 chapter 157 . 13h
RandomBell chapter 157 . 17h
Was definitely not expecting this to be updated. Not complaining though,since this was one of my favorite stories.
Perfect Carnage chapter 157 . 17h
Oh good, you're back. I had questions...I can't remember them now but soon...Didn't want to make it awkward.

-Perfect Carnage
ShadowLDrago chapter 157 . 17h
I've yet to see Resurrection F, much less Super, waiting for them to come out in English, but, I've heard mixed things about it. Nice Epilogues though.
Hugodrax chapter 66 . 9/2
This was an awesome chapter, it was so action packed I loved it. What was cool about this was all the fights, Goku, taking on all the Frost Demons in a great fight, and he even looked liked he was going to take out King Cold, but Kuriza, stopped him to deal with his family himself. What will come of that I'll just have to wait and see? Also, the fight between Gohan, and Turles, is nothing short of god like; they're going at it with so much power, you are making it so unbelievable that it is cool! Also, with Tarble, and Dr. Myuu, running into Nappa, was interesting, can't reason with Nappa? Just knock his butt out, a short fight but awesome nonetheless. Also, with Raditz, and Pikkon, taking on Janemba, that was a cool think to see as well, seeing the original form, giving them a run for the heroes money, and then finally seeing the humanoid form for Raditz, to confront. I'm betting that this is going to be nothing short of epic! On a final note for the chapter, cool how Goku, is also tackling Broly, again. PS. The time traveling Kai, segment is awesome and funny, the Back to The Future, Terminator, and Dr. Who references are hysterical! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Hugodrax chapter 64 . 8/31
Sorry man, I missed this chapter somehow, but I went back and read it; which it was great. I do like how Krillin, and 18 are getting closer, but it is also sad that no one can help her with her plight, but as you've stated before and, you also like to show that we're not done with the future timeline yet. Also, I do wonder if anything going on with the Android in the future timeline, and 18, along with Bulma's time machine will have any connection in the near future? Also, with Gohan, still getting the Majin seals as well as turning a coloring book into Majin Buu, is freaky. Your build up for Buu, is just awesome and I can't wait to see what he is going to be like. Also, with the plot of Fusion Reborn being used which is awesome, and all the old villains being released it will be interesting to see where it will all go. You have Goku, fighting King Cold, Videl, taking on the Red Ribbon Army, and even Gohan, once again taking on Turles. All these battles will be good. Also, it is awesome how Mr. Satan, is helping out too! Looking forward to the next one.
Hugodrax chapter 65 . 8/31
This is a good chapter that was very interesting. What I liked was how we went back to Break's future timeline, and it worries me also as well, that the lab of Dr. Gero's can move on it's own. That was seriously an awesome twist! Also, with Break, training Gohan, now to achieve and vice-versa the power of Super Saiyan 2, which was very nice for you to have them keep going on levels that are higher. Also, what was shocking was Broly, showing up, I didn't expect you to do that, along with more or less having him wanting to communicate with others. Very nice touches man! Then after many hilarious bouts of Broly, wanting to kill Break, and Break, continually training the Legendary Super Saiyan; we see how Break, has actually forced feelings out of Broly. It was a nice touch as well because of the certain hardship of uncontrollability, and the kinship that they both feel towards one another. With all of that together, Break shaped Broly into a better person, which actually made me laugh how scared he was of that. Along with the possible love interest between the two, which made Break stomp off in a fit. Just can't wait to read the next one man!
Hugodrax chapter 63 . 8/31
This was a good chapter man, and it keeps getting better, the fact that it started out with all the rest of the Z-Fighters meeting Dr. Myuu, and wondering, it was something. Also, the fact that both Dr. Myuu, and Tarble, are staying on Earth is pretty sweet, along with Tarble, using his kind pacifistic nature to reason with Myuu, and change his hatred was cool of you to do, and I hope it works out. Also, with Bulma's countdown and Goku, helping her out with the mind reading ability was very cool indeed; also on a side note, it is awesome that you didn't cut Gohan's long hair, because he does look better with it. What happened next was interesting with Gohan, interfering with the psychic link and seeing what these numbers mean, which obviously it is the coming of Majin Buu, but what is the tie in you're trying to do with the Dragon Balls? I can only guess and see where it goes from there. Sadly, I don't like how Gohan, is being affected by what Bulma, was going through, and the fact that, believe that Gohan, is writing the Majin M, on his forehead has me wondering; is he going to go through some mind control? He can't catch a break it seems! Also, with Android 18, showing up and destroying the time machine because of a possible new android has me wondering; what will this bring, and who is this new android? Also, if 18 and Krillin, use this to start the relationship...interesting. Can't wait to continue reading.
Hugodrax chapter 62 . 8/30
Great chapter, I loved this all the way, once again being World's Strongest and all. Loved how they were all working together as a unit, even though they kept getting their butts kicked. Also, it was cool to see Krillin, and Yamcha, do a double Kamehameha wave. Also, it was nice to see Dende, contribute to the Z-Fighters, by healing them. Otherwise, with the power levels they all had I don't think they would've beaten Wheelo. Once again though, it was nice to see them all working together, and to see Tien, as well use the big huge spirit bomb like in the actually movie. It shocked me to see that Dr. Wheelo, survived it, but it would've made sense with the Time Frame pass as well as the change in the universe structure made, Wheelo, aware of what the Z-Fighters could do. It was awesome to hear Tien, joke about it though by indicating Dr. Gero. Also, with Krillin, using the final touch on Wheelo, by using a controlled Kiezan(destructo disk), was awesome to finish it all off. Also, the Kai segment was hilarious! Can't wait for the next chapter.
PoptartProdigy chapter 32 . 8/27
You know, having read the whole story through before, I can say that, in hindsight,


it was rather obvious that Gohan would be out of commission for the Cell fight. I mean, Goku practically spat in Murphy's face and screamed, "COME ON IF YOU THINK YOU'RE HARD ENOUGH!" I really should have expected no different.


So glad to have found this fic. Glad to be re-reading it.
Hugodrax chapter 61 . 8/24
This was a good chapter, first of all loved how Yamcha, was brought back into the fold by Tien breaking the mind control device very cool! Also, loved how when Nail was captured and taken control of, it was interesting how the mind control device brought out the demon Piccolo, from Nail. Not only that but I loved how Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha, all faced off against him in an epic battle that was nothing short of spectacular. It was awesome to see the three Z. Fighters fight off Piccolo, with all their Kaioken techniques. Also, very awesome how you had Yamcha, get to times five, along with the sneak attack he did on Piccolo with the Kaioken Wolf Fang Fist was nothing short of sweet. Also, when all the Z-Fighters were down from Piccolo's last attack I loved how Launch came down and used her new abilities to help save the day, it is cool to see her training pay off. Also, when Nail thankfully recovered and Dr. Wheelo, making his mech creature form, it made me think it sucked for Yamcha, who had just recovered from a hit to the face from Piccolo, to almost have a glacier come down on him. It is also a little sad to see Dende, feel useless; like he can't do much, because I know that there are the Z-Fighters, and they protect Earth, but Dende, just is down because of it. But when he sensed Wheelo, become the creature he sprang into action with Mr. Popo, and is there with the Z-Fighters. Now, with Wheelo, in his mech form, and Dende, to back up the Z-Fighters, I wonder how this next chapter will be? I will greatly look forward to it.
MalikJamalTimberlake chapter 71 . 8/19
If I remember correctly, Goku already did the dragonfist while he was a kid, it just lacked the dragon at the time and it had a raging oozaru instead
MalikJamalTimberlake chapter 66 . 8/19
Plenty of cool things in this chapter. I like how you shortened Raditz hair for the eminent SSJ3 Transformation. Thought you were going to at least have Hercule train up to saibamen strength though. Very slick in all this xD. The Broly being good in the future is probably something many have looked forward too. Kai segments very funny btw
MalikJamalTimberlake chapter 56 . 8/17
I know I'm way behind but you're chapters are excellent. I like how you put two GT aspects in and explained them to the point where they make sense
silverknight12 chapter 70 . 8/17
okay gotta say I was not expecting the dragon fist to used by Raditz, and am sorry to say I don't mean that as a compliment. It kinds feel like theft honestly it was like Gokus most original move and when he first used it, it blew my mind and seeing Radiz use that and not something more oringal to him was really anti-climactic and ruined the suspense honestly, I know Goku has the 10x kamamaha but still thats not as original as his Dragon Fist will ever be, it just feels like Goku has been robbed of his own final grand techinque, one that was not taught to him one he made HIMSELF. I hope am not the only one who feels like this.
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