Reviews for Break Through the Limit
Hugodrax chapter 79 . 16h
Wow, what a chapter, this was nuts! When Majin Buu, came out it was like let the fight roll. The childlike innocence was there too, and it seemed like Babidi's spell didn't work what so ever and Majin Buu, gave Raditz, quite the challenge. Sadly, Dabura, still got turned into a piece of candy by Majin Buu, and still eaten, but what are you going to do. What was shocking then next was when the Majin, spell out of nowhere turned Majin Buu, into what I'm only guessing as Super Buu, it was like dang! That quick, huh? Then things became nuts, Buu, wasn't listening to Piccolo, or anyone else. Then like a pro Raditz, continues his fight with Buu, which didn't go his way at all. He got hit all across the world, and then ruthlessly tossed through the planet, itself which was nothing short of epic. You made things get more chaotic when Raditz, lost consciousness. The others joined in, but to no avail. Piccolo, got owned and went down after one hit. Shocking to see Goku's, Kamehameha Wave actually do some good, but then you made him get blasted in his poor body again, and then thrown off away. Launch, got owned and then what was even more shocking was having the Kaioshin, die. I did not see that coming what so ever, it shocked me! It was nice, and sad how you had Kibito, relive all his old memories of his master. Then in a huge twist, Buu, creates a huge amount of energy and hurls it at Gohan. Gohan, caught it but is struggling; so what will be the end result? Can't wait to read the next one!
Guywithafedora chapter 157 . 10/6
Okay, so we have already determined that what we have come to know as Super Saiyan 4 is simply a new base form caused by going Great Ape while in Super Saiyan. Here's my question: What would occur if someone were to go Great Ape while in Legendary Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan God form?
Gundam Kaiser chapter 77 . 10/7
Out of the anti-brainwashing scenes, Goku's was the best in my book. Although I admit I'm kinda surprised that Gohan shrugged it off - I was totally expecting a berserk Majin Gohan.

Majin Piccolo was an effective twist, though.

On the subject of Zenkais - currently progressing through DBZ Kai, Freiza JUST unleashed his final form - Gohan in full berzerk mode (after 2nd Form Frieza smacked him around, and then Dende healed him) was able to put out a super-huge ki beam that 3rd form Frieza had to strain like hell in order to tank and throw back, which then prompted him to assume his true form.

So your theory actually makes a lot of sense to me. Headcanon accepted.
shijanni chapter 157 . 10/7
me again…. that bit with the sorcerer on ponderings on beings that live in the void… possible sequel hook?
Gundam Kaiser chapter 75 . 10/4
Man, it's been a long-ass time since I got to read this fic.

Glad to see that it's still as good as I remember. XP
android235 chapter 10 . 10/4
When the Goku said, "Power Pole extend!", I would've been the one to say, "That shit gets longer!?"
Hugodrax chapter 78 . 10/2
This was a great chapter, the fact that you brought Piccolo, back with just a spell from Babidi, was cool and for the most part the fight that Goku, and Piccolo had was an awesome one. You had them go blow for blow with magnificent results that it was so entertaining. Even when you had Goku, do the Kamehameha technique on Piccolo, I could've almost thought it was over, than you did a twist by having Piccolo, do a multiform technique and he punched right through Goku's stomach, and that made me cringe. What was cool too, was having Raditz, and Goku, convince Gohan, to use his rage against Dabura, and with them saying that Gohan, could use it to protect his loved ones was awesome. Then you added the nice icing on the cake with him having a vision in the future about Goten, and Videl, being hurt, and that was enough to push him over the edge; which gave the two a wild fight. What happened next was awesome, with Goku, going down because of Piccolo, I liked how when Gohan, was trying to go save him Dabura, tried taking him out with a weapon; then with all coolness, Raditz, interceded with Katchin. It was a quick fight, but it was cool to see what Raditz, could do with it. I also liked how Raditz, spared Dabura, and I will wonder how Dabura, will play out now with Babidi, gone. Also, with Piccolo, breaking Babidi's control was awesome that just showed the strength of the Demon King, which was nothing short of spectacular. Piccolo, then making Babidi, use a Majin spell on him just made me think how much more evil can we make Buu, which will be interesting? Now with Buu, breaking free I can't wait to see what will happen next?!
Hugodrax chapter 77 . 9/28
Dang man, great chapter. I must say like what I saw. You had Dabura, and Gohan, go at it in classic fashion and even with Dabura, still not using his full power against Gohan, it was a good bout. Loved also, how Raditz, got a new sword, Katchin, made for him. The black sword tearing through Dabura's weapon was just awesome and epic. I do hope we get to see a sword fight between those two. Also, the teasing of Gohan, did stink too, but I know why you did it, he isn't training like Goku, but at least he's lost nothing that he gained. I know people said that he lost a lot of power in the anime/manga cannon, but truthfully I don't think he did. Other than that to my point, when they were teasing Gohan, they let so many of their personal issues out for Dabura, to hear, it's like shut up already and don't speak so loud! Lol. But, it was gold with what you did next. Having Babidi, trying to take control of all their minds and fears was awesome, and I loved how you focused on each of the group individually. I thought for sure that it was going to be Gohan, who was going to be possessed, but you twisted with Nail; which I didn't expect. Having Nail, be the one regressing to his old form Piccolo, was awesome! How is the group going to hold this out? I can't wait to see!
Digitaldestiny360 chapter 157 . 9/26
Glad it's still contuing in one form or another. Pretty impressive to have fabrics about fanfics.

So I just started up my own story. Take a look if you have a chance?
Hugodrax chapter 76 . 9/24
This is a great chapter, loved how you had Launch and Pui-Pui, go at for a bit, even with Pui-Pui, having a slight advantage. What was awesome is how with Launch, using her Spirit Kaioken, and a spear type move, she broke Pui-Pui's back. Interesting to see Pui-Pui, alive after that but, you made Nail, make short work of that. What was more intriguing was Launch's mercy to Pui-Pui, her kind hearted nature is still there with her and I am betting the guys have influenced her along the way. When it was Nail's turn and he took on Yakon, that was an interesting fight. Yakon, almost proved to be unbeatable, but with Nail, being able to inflict small damage on him was something. Also, when Babidi, changed the scenery to pitch black, it looked hard for Nail. Nice touch by the way having Raditz, try to illuminate the area with his Super Saiyan ability. But Nail, didn't need any of that for I don't know if I missed something in the reading, but he got his ki inside of Yakon, and blew him up; which I must say that was epic as well as nice written strategy. Finally we come to the last round where it looked like it was going to be Dabura, and Raditz, but Goku, and Gohan, show up. After Dabura, disposed of Yamu, and Sopovich, it was a hilarious thing to have you make the Saiyans do Rock Paper Scissors, for who fights Dabura. Now, with Gohan, winning that fight, how will all this go down? I really hope Gohan, doesn't get possessed. Can't wait for the next one.
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 1 . 9/21
Interesting start
Hugodrax chapter 75 . 9/21
Good chapter man, I loved how Mr. Satan fought against Spopovich. Mr. Satan, proved he's learned a lot and can still be a great fighter. Personally, I think his cockiness brought him down, but he did get overwhelmed by Spopovich, and I think even though Mr. Satan surrendered; it showed a lot to his character and how much he's grown. I did love though how Goku, was able to cheer himself up instantly. Also, Gohan beating Krillin, LOL! Interesting as well how Android 18, completely took down Yamu, she is very strong indeed. If it weren't for the underhanded cheating Android 18, would've beaten Yamu, for sure. Also, when Bulma, got caught by Spopovich, it was interesting to see how she used a device that was similar to Kaioken/Spirit Bomb to get away from Spopovich. I can understand how that can take a lot out of her, glad she survived. Also, you are showing how far that Bulma, has grown as a inventor; and I can't wait to see what she makes next. Now, with the truth of Babidi, coming out from the fighters, I wonder how Goku, and Gohan, will affect the fight that the other Z-Fighters are at. On that note with Launch, making easy work of Pui-Pui, it was not hard to see given how she gave Raditz, a run for his money. But, now with Babidi, changing the landscape to better Pui-Pui, which has intense gravity, it makes me wonder how Launch will handle it; given that she is slower? Can't wait for the next chapter!
Hugodrax chapter 74 . 9/19
Great chapter man, this was very cool. I liked the fight between Break, and Goten, it was awesome seeing the cousins go at it in full style. It was funny too how Goten pronounced the Kamehameha Wave wrong. With their speed and strength it was a good fight. But when Goten, was forcibly pushed down into a seat, that was something because it shows how Break, has tremendous strength as well as power. Having Gohan be a Golden Haired Fighter superhero was awesome, loved how you had him take on the criminals like they were nothing. Also, when he was trying to figure what to call himself was funny, because I don't have a problem with the Great Saiyanman, you did a great social commentary; I know a lot of people didn't like that character change for him. Although, the Black and Gold trim that Videl, made for his costume was awesome, I must say. With the tournament beginning as well, it was interesting to see Goku, and Videl, go at it. I loved how Videl, improved her skill and didn't back down from Goku, but Goku, makes easy work of her. Now, with Mr. Satan, going up against one of the possessed warriors, who knows what will be in store for the champ? Also, with the others going deep into Babidi's ship, they run into Pui Pui, who Launch, decided to fight? How strong will Pui-Pui, be or will Launch, mop the floor with this pint sized possessed fighter? Can't wait for the next one!
SuperVegitoFAN chapter 3 . 9/18
why do so many stories buff raditz from 12 to 1500?
Hugodrax chapter 73 . 9/18
This is a great chapter man, all the fighters are together again, and it is interesting how you kept the original stuff from Dragon Ball Season 7, in there that was cool to see Krillin's reaction of the mini Goku. Also, I enjoyed the talk between Bulma, and Android 18, about becoming the Super Android. 18, would love to do it to protect the ones she loves, and then Bulma, worries about 18, losing her humanity. Classic moral bouts there you used, love it! Also, loved how you had Break, be just like her father Raditz, at first brash and cocky. Also, loved how the government tried to have Goku, force Gohan, to stop his book being made, but either way awesome how Goku, made Swiss Cheese out of them. What worries me is how just like in the anime, Babidi, warriors are there to make trouble, and with Gohan, seeing a freaking out somewhat about the M. on their foreheads, I wonder where that will lead? The fight between Trunks, and Break, was good; loved how they fought each other neck and neck, almost pulling out all the stops. Trunks, having a never say die attitude was cool too, pity Break, kicked him out of the ring the way she did. After that though, loved how Zarbon, consulted his son on being stronger, and never giving up. That was sweet and heartfelt, and with Goten, coming up to face her, I wonder how far that will lead? Now, with Raditz, and company going after Babidi, and with Dabura, already in his control, things got messy right away. Sadly, Tien, got turned to stone, but with many of the other fighters still going after Babidi, I wonder what will happen?
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