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Darth Nightmaricus chapter 95 . 10/21
Okay, there's a REASON Beerus is used.

It's a double pun.

Beer, which goes with Whis(key), and Virus.
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 94 . 10/21
Please correct Bills to Beerus. PLEEEASE.
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 91 . 10/21
Why didn't you mention Arale giving energy? She kicked General Blue's ass.
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 79 . 10/21
Welp, I guess Beerus is gone...
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 63 . 10/20
I love what you did with Myuu!
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 22 . 10/19
Kuriza...isn't evil. He just battles to show off...
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 11 . 10/19
Tarble is canon. He was mentioned in BoG.
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 8 . 10/19
Big Green...?

Tyler Hunter chapter 2 . 10/13
this chapter is cool and actionpacked I LOVE IT
Bored321 chapter 16 . 10/12
Yamacha died. This seems to be a recurring problem. A relevant character was just beheaded, and yet the huge paragraph involves Frieza doing many a task all at once. I literally didn't even notice Yamacha was killed until Tien pointed it out. If something suitably dramatic happens, it helps empathize it when there's a single paragraph devoted to it.

Also, Gohan seems like a huge liability here. That's two plans he's botched. Maybe he'll die causing Goku to go super sayin? Probably not; too predictable.
Bored321 chapter 15 . 10/12
From what little I've seen, I'm liking the this fic. However, Freiza eradicating his ship all its occupants seems like it'd warrant it's paragraph.
Pokemon Trainer Chaos chapter 87 . 9/29
You stopped being serious before the scale began, specifically when you said you were done with the serious stuff. Though you said that I'd be wrong...
Anyway I do like how you write the story, it's pretty close to human perfection (Cell perfection cannot be obtained.) in my opinion with extremely small flaws that are unavoidable. I understand almost everything you've done and I've held the same belief about a few things such as Zenkai's.

On a side note would it be possible to create a base state kaioken by simply doing the same as they did with the ssj to get fpssj? Because with Goku and every non-Saiyan it would be quite important to simply have kaioken be instinctual.

If you do get to have ssj4's as proper base states as you said would it be possible to then use kaioken or would the energy's conflict once more? Or use the lssj in it? Both have been shown to conflict with the ssj energy.

When they fight at such speeds would it not be fights at say ssj3 level ending within seconds if not milliseconds thanks to the sheer speed they have? If Buu knocked Raditz to the other side of the Earth, had a chat and then sped over their before Raditz got up that implies some serious speed. Would this be bringing in the speed of light rule? Where time moves slower and mass increases infinitely the closer you get?

Come to think of it would light be a five dimensional object? Also the three dimensional punches wouldn't be able to make them fall into a five dimensional space, they'd go around it not into it as the five dimension simply would be possible to get to by a 3 dimensional force. Would this also mean light can remain faster then any object by simply taking every dimensional shortcut there is? Would wormholes be say 10 dimensional parts that are right next to each other in the 10th dimension yet light years away by the third dimensional universe? Would shifting be simply creating a wormhole space connecting two spaces by allowing said three dimensional piece to move through the five dimension as explained above? Shifting also implies that Gohan himself is able to affect the fifth dimension with three dimensional force, is it simply using energy as a means to do that since energy presumably makes up everything?

Would super saiya-Jin be in your opinion be an instinctual re-design of matter within a saiyans body that allows storage and production of energy on a much larger scale then before? And when it becomes fpssj said production becomes more efficient, minimum loss of energy for maximised output. And then the next form would be a much better blueprint, and when it reaches ssj3 the hair becomes much, much longer to store the energy created. However the energy created is always stored in the hair while the base state energy is stored in every place but the hair and when they use up the ssj3 energy to reinforce the body or simply attack the base energy has to be used more for higher production creating said fatigue. True mastery would be when the base energy recovers quicker then production requires normally however it still has it's limits. If a super saiyan gave to a normal saiyan I presume it'd take the edge off the base energy or fill up the stored ssj energy entirely creating no need for the base energy to produce and allowing it to rest. This kind of stopped being a question as I wrote and more of my own little theory but I still want to see your opinion on it.

Is the kaioken the same process but more intensive and unstable? So if they went kaioken base they'd have an unstable energy production that's horribly inefficient. However if they trained in the use of it and it became more efficient and less energy was wasted making it more controlled it'd be like mastering the ssj form. So when they go up another stage the strain becomes more and the production process is screwed over again. With higher tiers taking more proportional power making it harder to master higher tiers as it goes on. When the energy inside a fighters body becomes high enough the production process has so much wasted energy that it's almost impossible to train it meaning that the kaiokenX20 becomes something that flickers on for a millisecond and then completely wastes the entire energy of the fighter giving enough time for maybe a dozen hits on the opponent.

When the entire world is trained in Ki does this mean the spirit bomb will become more dense thanks to higher amounts of Ki in everyone or not?

Alright I've already bombarded you with more then enough so I will stop now and continue catching up. I hope the screen has been fixed and that you respond to this though I don't blame you if there's a chapter's delay or it's not answered at all. Good luck and have fun!
Avatar Goku chapter 158 . 9/21
I finished this entire story in a week. You did a great thing here. This is so good I keep forgetting it is not canon.
61394 chapter 95 . 9/20
I prefer Beerus but to each his own or her in case your a girl
Guest chapter 106 . 9/13
I have no idea how to feel about this story anymore, so I need to ramble a little with this review. I found the story, one rainy day, a couple of years back, but was forced to take a 'break' (hah, get it?) until recent days brought me back again. Now that I've returned, in the midst of Super's airing, I find myself at a crossroads. Of course, I do appreciate that this wasn't the case when you put hands to keyboard, but given the new series's running, I find it difficult to enjoy BTtL as much as I once did. I'm not a fan of 'Even Further Beyond' in comparison to Super, although I admit that comparison is wholly unfair to you as a writer. It's merely an uncontrolled emotive impulse that I have. Black is awesome. Zamasu is becoming more awesome. From what I remember, the shadow dragons you introduce are somewhat 'meh' in comparison. (I've just read ahead on a separate tab to confirm, and I do still find them lacklustre, unfortunately.)

What's worse, this comes after my disappointment of also returning to BoD around the same time, and discovering a massive drop-off in quality due to one of the two writers departing late in the Cell saga. In other words, I'm feeling distinctly unimpressed with Dragon Ball FanFiction at the moment. This is still my favourite story in the category on this site, but only up to the 105 mark. I think that I'll leave it here, and not consider anything that happens afterwards canon, much like we all must do with GT. All writers have their bogey arcs, it is true; even the great Toriyama himself makes mistakes from time to time, although I am eternally grateful he threw the book at GT's creators. Super itself had a slow start, but it's now picking up a head of steam.

For that reason, I truly hope you decide to write a Super-based sequel at some point in the future, if you haven't already. It would be well-written, and would nullify EFB, an inherently good thing.

Always a fan, nevertheless.
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