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Hugodrax chapter 55 . 9h
This is a good chapter and I like how this keeps getting more interesting, and with Raichi, really mixing things up. A good point to that is Hatchiyak, is very strong for a robot and it was shocking even with his protocols how he took out Broly. But, it didn't surprise me as much as how many he modes that he has that can take down an opponent. I mean you even had Goku, struggle really bad which was amazing to see even with his build up to Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta's power up was nice and it was cool to see how he did a quick but effective laying waste to Hatchiyak, and in classic evil Vegeta, fashion he gloated about it all the way. Gohan, in the end using his new ability of shifting to defeat Hatchiyak, from being inside the robot himself was just the coolest thing, that to me was even cooler than when he killed Cell. I did not expect anything like that so bravo sir, but it doesn't seem like Hatchiyak, is done yet, so can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. Also, the fact that Baby, possessed Gohan, and tried to fight Goku and Vegeta, was cool and shocking Shocking because I forgot Baby, had that ability. Things looked grim with that, but you made an awesome table turn with Gohan, going Super Saiyan 2, which drove Baby, out. It was nice to see the shock on Vegeta's face as he is not the only one who achieved Super Saiyan 2 form. Other than that, I wonder who Baby will go for next, or will his true form surface. Plus, did Dr. Raichi, keep Broly alive for Baby's use, if he did I shudder to think. Either way looking forward to it.
jrrawr.1 chapter 18 . 8/2
Hugodrax chapter 54 . 8/1
This was an interesting chapter, even though it starts off with Gohan, captured by a robot that has the same power as Broly. With Gohan, captured I wonder what this Dr. Raichi, has planned for them all. Also, the fact that you have brought Paragus, back into it, and even Tarble into now is something that I didn't expect you to do but it is cool nonetheless. I also hope given everything that has happened with Gohan, and the other Saiyans being captured, I just hope that Kuriza, and Zarbon are okay considering that they were helping Gohan fight the robot. Also, cool how we are going to see all the Z-Fighters come together again after a long absence. What was interesting about this chapter was Vegeta, coming to save his brother Tarble, and Broly, who I didn't expect to be alive, coming into it was shocking; I just hope he doesn't kill Paragus, because it is very nice how you've kept all these other Sayians around. Also, nice mention of Baby from GT, so I am wondering what he will be like in this story. Also, funny to see a little of baby Break's uncontrollable power, it was funny to see how she reacted to Chotzui(or how ever it is spelled again.) Can't wait to see more of Trunks too! Can't wait to read the next one.
Hugodrax chapter 53 . 7/31
This is a good chapter, I like how they all kept fighting what ever these eyed creatures were and with Gohan, kicking butt, along with Zarbon's Deep Sight was very cool, an awesome partner pairing there. What was just as cool next was that Gohan and company discover that there is intelligent life on the planet with the arrival of T'ensha. What was very unique about this was that these people are a peaceful people, who don't want people causing danger to their planet and like on Earth, with so much diversity, and styles you gave these people a great thing: The Fifth Dimension. The fact that the Alfiem people can turn themselves into cubeits and stuff like that and move very fast is awesome! So, very unique creation there. What was even cooler was that you made Gohan, use his intelligence and strength to learn the ability which was just awesome! Also, Kuriza, using the cliché alien sayings from TV and films was awesome, not to mention funny. I also like how you are making the legend of Gohan, grow through space and that is very cool, just how this Golden Warrior is making waves throughout the universe. As cool as that is, it's also bad, as you've shown there is a cyborg/android robot thing watching Gohan's progress, and it seems that Gohan, to it needs to be eliminated. So, it will be interesting to see where this goes from here.
Epidox chapter 156 . 7/31
Hmm, hmm...
Shall I give you the short version or the long version?
Ah, what the hell, let's go with long.
Now, normally when I make a review, I start by discussing the things I like about the story, then addressing the things I don't like, but I won't do that here, because there are so few negatives that I would rather just get them out of the way first.
For starters, my number one problem with this story: Even Further Beyond is CONFUSING AS HELL. At least, I felt like it was, though to be fair I'm not the most attentive reader in the world. It's just that-you introduce seven Shadow Dragons, then throw an eighth in for good measure, then you add eleven Hakaishin and give a bunch of backstory, THEN you add Entropy and all his insubordinates and THEN you throw in the six elements and Void, all while intereaving a bunch of subplots and backstories about practically everything you introduced.
Don't get me wrong, I admire the level of detail, but I feel like it was a bit rushed. If I'd been in your position, I would have cut down on the number of new characters, or at least introduce them more gradually, because the upshot is that the reader is unlikely to be able to connect with these characters very much. Now, with that said, you obviously do give characterization to some of them, with the main ones being Alpha, Hephaestus and Asrai. I connected with them, but a lot of the time, I really did just think to myself, "who's this character, who are they supposed to be fighting, why do I really care?"
That said, I only noticed this after I was finished reading EFB. In the moment, I was completely hooked. The ending chapters and denouement, especially, were really greatly done. If I'm completely honest, I kinda teared up a little bit at the end, but that could have just been due to binge reading this story without interruption for hours on end.
Right, so. There's that. That's really the only thing I can complain about with this story. Now for the good... hmm...
I don't really know how to put it, if I'm honest. This was my third attempt starting over from the beginning, and the first time I actually read all the way to the last chapter. At this point, I basically take BTtL for granted, if that makes sense. By that I mean, I'll be plotting out some story, and when I think to myself, say, "what would Gohan do to overcome this opponent?" I think, oh, he might use his Shifting technique-but then I remember, right, that's not canon. My bad. You've also completely turned me off the idea of Raditz dying when he first comes to Earth, among other things, so there's that.
Overall, the only way I can really think of to describe exactly how I feel about Break Through the Limit would be (and before I say it, I want you to go into this understanding that I am going to tell you nothing less than the complete and honest truth and am NOT in any way saying this just to massage your ego. Got it? Good. Here goes):

I believe Break Through the Limit is a better story than Dragon Ball Z.

Good job, Cap.
Hugodrax chapter 52 . 7/30
Great chapter man, I'm still enjoying everything. What I liked about this is how Kuriza, decimated Lord Slug, with the Death Beam demonstrating his power in an awesome way, which was very nice to see. Also, loved how after the planet was liberated, you give us a future glimpse of how they all remember Gohan, and they give life to his legend, that was very cool indeed. I also am enjoying how in a way that Zarbon, has become this secondary father figure to Gohan, he's really good at giving Gohan, advice and showing that he cares a lot, so it will be interesting to see how that all develops later on. Finally, now that Gohan, and company are on this mysterious planet, I can't wait to see who these mysterious spiny things are, all I know is that you've had them take out Videl, Zarbon, and Kuriza. What are they, what power are they using? Well, I'll just have to wait and find out. LOL!
Hugodrax chapter 51 . 7/28
Great chapter man, really enjoying it. What I've liked about this one is when Gohan, ran into Zarbon, I liked how Zarbon, loved his really good fight. It was nice to see because as Zarbon, mentioned in is chapter he did get kicked around quite a bit by Cell, which is what usually happens in those situations. Plus, I liked how you had Gohan, once again bring Zarbon's morality into play; because as much as Zarbon, does deny it he really has become a grea warrior, as well as a kind person willing to do anyone for this loved ones and friends, so that is a awesome display you've done so far. Also, when Gohan and Kuriza, go off to fight Lord Slug, I liked how once again Slug gets dominated easy in hilarious fashion and then is shown the errors of his devastation. What is even cooler is how Kuriza, has chosen to step in and fight Slug, himself. I like how you brought in Frieza's thought process to Kuriza, it was funny hearing this guy go..."Think later, fight now." Lol. Nice touch of humor there. Also, great way to give a backstory to Lord Slug, other than being a banished fighter from his world for being evil. It was a nice way of him being a second child sent away to save the Namekian race, but was turned evil by the harshness of the universe, like Piccolo, and Kami, so well done on that. Can't wait to see more and I hope you keep showing Gohan, and crews adventures, it is awesome!
Guest chapter 69 . 7/18
And with this, Break has finally broken through her very last limit.
Gundam Kaiser chapter 70 . 7/20
Not entirely sure how I feel about Raditz using the Dragon Fist...

It was bad-ass, though.
ClarkX100 chapter 10 . 7/18
I had to turn away to catch my breath after the "Quarter worse this time" comment
Gundam Kaiser chapter 68 . 7/17
So much for SS3 Raditz having the most hilariously over-the-top hair in the univer-

Hugodrax chapter 50 . 7/16
This was a great chapter and I loved every bit of it. I liked how Android 13 presented himself in this, the same way he did in the movie; you carried that well. Break's fight was pretty epic on the scale and you made it very entertaining. Also liked how you had Android's 17 and 18 make quick work of 14 and 15, they were pretty useless and bizarre in the movie anyway, but it was very cool to see 17 and 18 use their skill again. After that when 13 morphs into the Super Android, I like how he is even tougher, but I love how Break can stay toe to toe with him, unless he cheats. Lol. It was also very unique how you had Gohan, toy with Cell, it was funny how you had Gohan, counter all his moves effortlessly. Which Gohan, had Cell going until he went to help Break, with Android 13, where he got knocked out. Then this follows 17 and 18 helping Break, out and they get beaten by 13. Which, I was shocked when you had Cell reabsorb 17 and 18, I was sort of expecting but not at the same time; so good twist. It was interesting to see how Gohan, took the loss, you made him feel for people who were similar to injuring him. I would of thought he would've kept his grudge, but once again that pure heart coming through. When Gohan, finally defeated Cell, by punching him hard in the stomach, having him puke up 17 and 18, was awesome; then blowing him away like he did in the show was a nice touch. Finally with Break beating 13 at the end I love the Air Force One joke after she practically squishes his head. "Get off of my Planet!" Get off My Plane!" Even if unintentional, just awesome! Can't wait for the next one!
Gundam Kaiser chapter 66 . 7/15
Reading the comments... huh. That's right, Vegeta DID die and (most likely) go to Hell.

So in the one sense, it'd be kind of a waste if you didn't try SOMETHING interesting with him, what with all Hell having literally broken loose...

But on the other hand, I also recognize that you are WAAAAAAY too far ahead in the game for going back and changing stuff to be anything close to a feasible option.
Gundam Kaiser chapter 65 . 7/15
...I ship it.
MoonShadow396 chapter 1 . 7/15
This is amazing and I'm so happy with how you've written the tournament! Satan practicality turned it into a circus and I didn't like it at all. Your story here has been great and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
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