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dariustanner0205 chapter 9 . 6/5
I know I'm super late to the party but this is awesome. Raditz is my favorite DBZ character. He was totally wasted. This story has actually got me back into reading.
raze200 chapter 115 . 5/12
Raditz used dragon fist! It's super effective! XD
raze200 chapter 101 . 5/11
Awww poor Goten and Vegeta Jr... Hopefully something can fix their ears... Kibitoshin maybe? Granted it's not like they listened much in the first place :/
raze200 chapter 95 . 5/11
Wait... While that was a funny bit... Hold on... But Saga takes place during Age 774... Unless I'm missing time skips... It's been a bit so I can't remember any different time skips (I think you did the seven years between Cells death and Buu's awakening ) according to the DBZ wiki (and according to Super Perfect Guide)) Videl was born age 757... Gohan in age 757 as well... Someone want to do the math for me? While it was a funny moment (and I predicted that that was what she wanted to tell Gohan) I had what TVTropes calls a "Funny Aneurism Moment" when I'm like "wait... How much time has passed?" Someone want to do the math on how old these two are (yes I'm aware it happens but it made me do a double take... Perhaps I'm just overreacting or whatever... Just something I noticed)
raze200 chapter 80 . 5/11
On one hand 18 gonna kick some serious ass... on the other hand... yeah... she's gone so far to retain the humanity she has left... its kinda melancholy (I think I'm using the word right...)
raze200 chapter 38 . 5/10
"What could possibly go wrong?" Goku you of all people should know to NEVER say that!
KentaKurodani chapter 156 . 5/8
I just wanted to say that I truly loved this fic. Years ago, I read it in it's early days, back when you had maybe 50 chapters. Back when I was much younger than I am today, but I always looked on it with incredibly fond memories. Over the past year or so, I've become so much more into Dragon Ball than I ever was, and finding this fic again was truly amazing. I COULD NOT overstate how awesome reading this whole fic, cover to cover, has been over the past few days. The music, the highs and lows of the story, everything just truly works perfectly. So many stories have plot elements that if they had been developed correctly, could have improved the work they were a part of so much more. This is one of those circumstances. While it may be different than the Super canon we have today, I think that this fic is forever going to stay in my head, just as canon as any saga of Dragon Ball. I could feel the growth of you as a writer, as well as the growth of the cast as a whole. It's often said that Toriyama writes by the seat of his pants, and as much as you may have laid stuff in advance, I could feel that same sort of wild-eyed adventure throughout this whole story, informed by all the info the Dragon Ball world/community has to offer. I can only dream for the day where you might one day revisit the Dragon Ball world, as whatever story you write next could very well turn you into another man like Toyotaro, if you were to show it to the right people, I believe. Someone who could be dramatically influential in Dragon Ball. Best of luck to you in no matter what you do. Godspeed.
P.S. I wanted to make a suggestion, if you were ever to actually read this review. I think this chapter deserves a better theme. www dot youtube dot com slash watch?v-upPMNCXcVg. I think that this embodies the spirit of this whole series, truly. Even the name of the followup comes from this epic scene of the original anime. Because the Z-Fighters story never really ends, does it? There will always be a new challenge, always be a stronger power to fight, always be a new mountain to climb. Because that's just who they are, and now there's a whole new generation of warriors to go Even Further Beyond. I feel that the ending should not be sad, and should not be a cliffhanger, or stressful. But not peaceful either. Instead, the ending for a series like this should reflect power and hope, should push the characters within, as well as the reader, to push themselves past their limits, because that's the whole point. Dragon Ball in general is designed to show us to never accept the lot that life gives us. Goku goes from country bumpkin to savior of the universe at large. Bulma goes from a smart girl in search of a boyfriend into the world's most influential scientist. Vegeta redeems himself from his bloody past and becomes a happy father, while maintaining the peace to keep his family safe. So I feel there isn't really a better theme in Dragon Ball to express this push for the future, this ever challenging spirit, than when Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 for the first time. I hope you read what I have to say, my good sir.
azzamalqazi chapter 112 . 5/9
You know sometimes I look at this and imagine what is toriyama thought of this rather than the is an amazing fan fiction I hope a manga comes out one day.
raze200 chapter 21 . 5/9
A very nice and interesting chapter! DEFINATLY hyped up for what's to come! Curious. How different does Trunks look in his normal form (or what have you)? I'm just picturing Trunks as he was in "History of Trunks" I don't know if it was said in the chapter itself I can't find it...
raze200 chapter 15 . 5/9
I thought Vegetta Force was Xenoverse alternate timeline you had to fix. (Briefly fucking it up by getting switched yourself.) not quite how you did it but similar enough
raze200 chapter 10 . 5/9
Oh geez! That Kai episode was perfect! A BIIIIIT long... But hey, who am I to complain?
raze200 chapter 8 . 5/9
Oh my god. The TFS jokes! Big Green was somewhere... But "Times what?" Just got me! This is amazing! Time to binge!
KentaKurodani1 chapter 156 . 5/8
Hey, so I just wanted to truly give my thanks for this badass story. I posted this review before but I don't think it went through, so I'm making sure. You are an amazing writer. Truly. I followed this story years ago, when you had only 50 chapters. And even then, I was shocked by how amazing this was. Now, reading it in full, I cannot help but smile widely that you were actually able to fully complete your dream. You have that flair, that style of writing by the seat of your pants that Toriyama himself does, even if some of it is pre-planned. You have some of the best and most original ideas I have seen in Dragon Ball fiction, and it is amazing to see your take on the world. One thing I wanted to say though. I feel like the song you chose just doesn't befit a tale of this epic scope. Instead, if you don't mind, I'd like to give my own suggestion, as well as the justification. youtube dot com slash watch?v-upPMNCXcVg. The reason I feel this way is because I feel that this song truly fits all the points your story hits. Dragon Ball isn't a story that ends. Even when Goku left with Shenron at the end of GT, there were still Z-fighters, still his descendants keeping up that spirit. No matter where the plot may stop, the fighters of DBZ will continue to go Even Further Beyond, just as the quote that the whole latter part of this story is based on goes. Dragon Ball is a story all about pushing beyond your lot in life, and as such I don't think the DB universe will ever stop pushing. It is the driving factor behind so much. Goku went from a country bumpkin to a universal savior. Bulma went from a selfish girl to the most talented scientific mind in potentially all of Universe 7. Vegeta went from a bloody-handed tyrant in service of the galaxy's greatest evil to a loving caring father who has the power to keep his family safe. So too do people in real life possess the capability to improve themselves, and I think that's one of the largest themes Toriyama focuses on, and why so many characters tend to dissapear in his stories. If someone is getting too stuck in their ways, he drops them, because they don't push forward his ideal. In the same way, I think this song embodies that spirit of never stopping your own flow. I hope you will take the time to read this.
SuperVegitoFAN chapter 90 . 4/27
With this name i know what theme to listen to

boz theme that i nicknamed hope of the universe.

try finding a youtube comment saying that under one lf bozs thenes its an epic one that starts out wild from the get go
azzamalqazi chapter 50 . 4/26
Can you show us the new power levels.
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