Reviews for A Very Special Edition
Imminielle chapter 1 . 5/1/2013
What a great story ! It reminded me of the wonderful time I had reading Enid Blyton and Tintin... Thanks for that !
Callista Evans chapter 1 . 11/20/2012
Hi Allie,

I’m sorry, it took me so long to read your story and write a few words *blush*
It’s a great honor to have an OC named after me and I like your Callie a lot ;)
Since I’m not familiar with all the English titles I had to ask google for help to find out, which muggles books you were referring to ;) I’m not sure I really like the idea of Enid Blyton being a witch and the existence of other versions of her adventure series. You know me I’m not quite a fan of Slash-Stories in the Potterverse (there are definitely too many of them or shall I say too many bad ones? ;)) though yours of course is different and I never thought of Madame Pince having a kind of double life.
It is fun to read about her love for books and the way she deals with the student's incapability to manage books in the right way. It is very handy to be a witch having to deals with such kind of violence (wish I had the same abilities my son seems to like dog-ears :D). In some way Irma reminds me of Aunt Elinor from ‘inkheart’. They might like each other a lot.
The best of all is Severus’ appearance in this story. It is good to know he has help and support from Irma in this discrete way of hers. Muggle books are a fine addition to the bibliotheca of Hogwarts.

Guest chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
*seufz* In der Bibliothek wäre ich auch gerne mal um alles entdecken zu können, was sie so zu bieten hat. :)
Ich finde du hast wundervoll geschrieben (glücklicherweise hat sich mein Englisch wesentlich verbessert, sodass ich englischsprachige FF's immer mehr genießen kann), am liebsten hätte ich mich selbst zu Irma gesellt, damit sie mir ein paar neue Ankömmlinge verrät.
Ich liebe es wenn ich in die Geschichten eintauchen kann, und du hast mich mit deiner richtig mitgenommen. ;)

Viele Liebe Grüße
Eule ;)