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Guest chapter 38 . 6/1
love the family shenanigans, and how you write each characters perspectives so well. the fortune telling in this chapter was interesting.
Chikaniwa chapter 38 . 5/17
This is truly an amazing story. This story from the beginning grabbed my attention and I couldn't stop reading. What really strikes out in this story is how realistic the plot and characters are. I know I do say this all the time when I decide to review, but it's not easy writing in character. So I hope it doesn't sound too over used when I say the way you write each person fits the canon. I do mean it. When you set out to write a realistic story, you really mean it. The amount of thought, research, and details that went into the explanations and character portrayal is just out there. The pacing is good that it allows for background and character development or description. It's important to understand each figure and how they react/feel.

I watched partial of the 2003 FMA and from those few episodes, it wasn't my cup of tea. So I'm curious at what you'll do with bits of 2003 in a post-FMAB. So far, you've weaved the two FMA to fit together that it makes sense. I really do like the idea of the alchemy/science side and on the side it the superstition/"magical" idea.

Thank you for writing this awesome piece and hope you're doing alright! I look forward to the next chapter and chapters o/!
SoThereWasThisRaccoon chapter 2 . 4/21
The opening with Envy slowing becoming aware of his surroundings was written well. Now that he's in possession of his body, is it now impossible for him to detach himself again? The way you wrote it, him not being able to feel his original body anymore, seems like it's a permanent thing.

I'm excited to see how Ling will react to seeing Greed again. He's a younger version of him now! :o

Everyone seems pretty in character to me. I enjoyed how you wrote them, especially Lust, Envy, and Sloth. Sloth is a good bro, breaking the tension like that!

I liked when there was one dialogue blurb after another. Made me think which person said what! Loved it!

I'm cool with the pace of the story. It takes time to build things up, and right now I'm just enjoying how you're writing the characters!
SoThereWasThisRaccoon chapter 1 . 4/21
This story sounds so interesting! I always wanted to read a multi-chapter Homunculi-centered fix. Since you are bringing in elements of the 2003 series into this, I hope the "her" you are talking about in your author's note is Dante. It would be so cool if you're planning on tying Brotherhood and the 2003 versions together.

The story is pretty believable so far, I just can't imagine Ed and Al being ok with bringing the Homunculi back to life, despite Selim believing they deserve a second chance. I wonder if you'll write their reaction to his request or if it will be brought up again.

I'm so hooked on this! Thanks for writing it!
Panic chapter 38 . 4/8
Best of luck with the purchase. I hope everything went well.

I adored this chapter. I loved the interactions between Lyra and Envy-and though I haven't seen the original anime, I will go out on a limb here and say that Lyra is really Dante in disguise. I loved the way you had the esoteric elements come through in her fortune telling. It really was spectacular.

As to characterization, both Lust and Envy were spot on. I thought that their interactions, as well as their interactions with other characters were amazing. I must say that I adored Lujon. I think he's an amazing character, and I can't wait to see more of him.

Btw, I'm not sure if you'll take the story in this direction, but I liked the flirting with him and Lust.

As always, an amazing chapter and I can't wait to see more.
koliri chapter 38 . 3/16
I took me a long time to read the last chapter, but I finally did! Sorry for not leaving you a(n orderless) review earlier. ;

I really enjoyed this chapter, especially the whole exchange between Envy and Lyra (I wonder what people who have never watched the first anime thought about this part...), she striked a few sensitive cords of his and- it's actually difficult for me to explain clearly how it made me feel, but it made me want to smash my keyboard — in the good way, if there's any! Envy isn't adjusted to his new human life yet and doesn't plan to be any time soon; I always feel bad for him and I worry about how people will make him feel and how he'll react to it. So yeah, many emotions.

Oh, by the way, I didn't think you'd bring back this detail about the fingerprints so soon, not that it'd be a relevant information either, but that's great! And the whole flashback was good too. Lust's reaction to Envy's new form was perfect, and I love the mix of pride and insecurity in Envy at this moment. I love the way you write Pride too, with the way he criticizes and points out useful details.
And since I'm talking details, I also love the mention of Envy's past eating habits and how he couldn't taste food very well before.

Lust is such a good actress, it's always a pleasure to read the contrast between her behaviour and her real thoughs. The story she served Pearl was a clever move, and the mention of Mustang and Havoc makes me wonder how the latter will/would react upon meeting Lust again...
"Envy would have been pleased; he did so enjoy acting" this sentence pleases me more than it should, but I love when Lust thinks of Envy like this, for no other reason than there's something he'd like.
I'm a little disappointed that we didn't have Pearl's opinion on Envy's fashion sense though. I still hope it'll happen in a future chapter (it's okay if you have no intention to write it, I'm not asking you to do so!).

"Sloth. I could use you for a moment. Wake up and break this for me." makes me laugh. And Sloth doesn't even do it right away to get rid of her and go back to sleep, now he asks questions — and he had concerns over breaking Lily's belonging! I love when he cares about others.

I wonder how things will go with these two new characters, how Lust's alchemy lessons with Lujon will be, and when and under which circumstances Lyra will make another appearance.
Oh, and let's not forget dinner's at Pearl.

All in all, as I already stated, it was a good chapter! I was starting to fear you'd never update Phylactery, so I guess I couldn't read it right away when it finally happened, it was too much emotion. XD
Anyway, I'm looking forward to read what will happen next! Even if it takes you months, you always put great quality in your writing and it's natural that it takes time.
Have a nice day, and I hope that things went well with the house.

PS: "What makes you think that I am trying to take advantage of you?" that sentence still hurts me, that's exactly what she's doing but not for the reasons he thinks — we don't even know for what reasons yet! I doubt I'm wrong when I say she's bad news though. I'm glad the plot is developing, but at the same time you've written the characters so IC so far, you really get the world of FMA so I know you're going to make us cry at some point, otherwise it wouldn't be FMA. I... must be ready for that moment.
Hannah chapter 38 . 2/18
I am in love with this story and it's characters. Mrs. Bradley, however minor she was in the manga and anime did something bad ass. Let's just take a look at all ages been through the story. Her husband goes missing, she's taken hostage only to find out that Central command is perfectly willing to let her be a collateral casualty, her son goes missing, then it turns out that both he and her husband are inhuman monsters who've been using her since the beginning of their 'family'. Then her husband is killed, and her son is returned to her as a broken shell. With full knowledge of how deeply she's been tricked, of what her son really is, and with everyone left at the top of the military telling her it would be best to get rid of any lingering threats, what does she do? Takes Selim home and raises him into a kind, polite child who worries about injured birds, on nothing but willpower, love, and good parenting. And helps Grumman cement his position as Furher while doing it. Best mom EVER!
RobinNightingale chapter 38 . 2/12
Thanks so much for the update! I really enjoyed this chapter, the fortune-telling scene was really interesting. I like that Envy might get a friend in the future.
On a side note, if you're still taking suggestions, I was struck with the thought that Envy, with all his years of espionage, might have had to learn a few new languages in order to fit in. I don't know if everyone speaks the same language in the FMA world (like how the Ishvalans could speak Amestrian) but I would assume they wouldn't (considering Xing). I was wondering if you might do something with Envy demonstrating a knowledge of foreign languages. I don't know if any of the other Homunculi would also know foreign languages considering their age (Greed is learning Xingese and all), but I figured Envy would definitely have to know some.
Thanks again!
ari chapter 38 . 1/9
ohmygod im so happy you updated! this chapter was certainly interesting. you're very good at setting the scene, and every time i read this i find myself so immersed that the real world seems like the fictional one! the way you described lyra's shop thing, i could almost smell the inscense. while you are very good at descriptions, sometimes scenes feel a little emotionless. it's gotten better as the story progresses, but sometimes scenes that i think are supposed to make me react don't. i really like lyra's character, and i hope we get to see more of her in the future! also, you are very good at keeping everyone in character, envy and greed i think especially. and is sloth starting to care about something other than sleeping? im excited to see where you take this. is lyra dante? also, if lust really is going to introduce lujon to alphonse at one point, how will she explain who he is without causing suspicion? i think shes probably just gonna kill him or something when shes done with him. you've also done really well showing the relationships between the homunculi. it kind of reminds me of my own siblings fighting! also, i am curious about one very small (pretty insigificant) thing, though you don't have to answer it, as i know answering questions from anons is hard, but i was wondering where you thought of the nine nines/xingese square game from a while ago? also, the plot seems really interesting, but the slice of life chapters are my favorite. i love seeing the homunculi react to human things they've never encountered, and also seeing mrs. bradley deal with them. also, good luck with your house!
(i used the how to write a good review thing from your profile for this so i hope it wasn't too bad? this story is one of my favorites!)
Purple Pork Penguin chapter 38 . 12/30/2016
I really enjoyed the introduction of Lyra (who I'm guessing to be Dante) and how her meeting with Envy turned out. I'm not entirely certain what to expect from the subsequent plot, but I've definitely enjoyed the characterization and world-building!
Evilkitten3 chapter 38 . 12/28/2016
Ooh, Lyra! I love her. XD Or is it Dante... neither would be particularly surprising, but I'm curious to see where this goes (although it's a lot creepier if it's Dante, since Envy's her son in another universe). Kudos to keeping Envy genderless, though! When I first started reading this story, I somehow got the mental image of Envy coming back in a male body and panicking over his... genitalia. XD
LadyDrago88 chapter 38 . 12/27/2016
I really liked this chapter, overall the story of Envy's appearance!
Maybe it's just my impression, but I think he is starting to learn a bit how it is being a human...
Amberflame805 chapter 38 . 12/27/2016
Okay so first of all you finally updated and since this is like my favorite fmab story I literally dropped my phone when I saw the email because I was so excited. I also love where the plot is going and the idea of Envy having a love interest. I already ship him and Lyra :D they're so cute, and she's like the only one who can take his attitude. I've reread this story around four times and I'm just so happy you didn't abandon it! I hope you update soon, I can't wait to see where you take this!
WhitePearlReaper chapter 38 . 12/27/2016
Scorpio is fitting for Envy. In the morning I'll have to look into it myself and see if there's anyway to guess the moon and rising and such from what we know about him. And I can see how the fact that he chose his own lines would make palm reading a tad more freaky, so to say. That's something ive just started learning myself.
Lust's plan so far is interesting. It would make sense to take the job, the others would not get suspicious of how often she would visit Dublith for lessons that way.
You did a great job of portraying life in the town, it was quite immersive. It really gave off the feeling of the time era. Great chapter, through and through.
ArtisticMooch chapter 38 . 12/26/2016
I'm so happy you finally updated, and with such a good chapter, too! I absolutely love this story

Good luck with your new house, btw!
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