Reviews for Slytherins Secret
Noxy the Proxy chapter 18 . 11/8
Interesting...I wonder what happens next...
Noxy the Proxy chapter 12 . 11/8
Wonderful story.
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 18 . 9/6
Ooooo, very interesting! I look forward to more chapters! This is so interesting, I can't wait for more!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 13 . 9/6
Prongslet! SIRIUS! Oh wow, looks like things are going to get interesting! Ahh, Dumbles, you have no clue of the monkey wrench that has been thrown into your plans...
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 12 . 9/6
Oh my goodness you are amazing! I love this story! I can't wait to read more! Dobby is wonderful, Harry is smart, Fawkes and Hedwig are brilliant, everything is amazing! Well done!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 11 . 9/6
Yay! Arthur joins the conspiracy! Looking forward to more chapters!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 10 . 9/6
Nice! Very nice! Can't wait to see how the Gringotts visit goes!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 9 . 9/6
Nice! Again, great usage of a not-very-often-seen-character-in-canon-but-often-used-in-fanon! Yeeeeesh, Aka, that's a lot of hyphens. I amuse myself sometimes.*Cackles*
I think I'm a little insane. Ah well, sanity is overrated anyway.
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 7 . 9/6
Very nice! I love Madame Pomfrey, but we know so little of her from the books. Excellent use of an under-used character!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 6 . 9/6
Ooo, that's a thought! Ron being a Seer. Obviously in canon he wasn't but in the realm of fandom anything is possible. Nice chapter!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 5 . 9/6
Tee hee~! Look out world: a super-powerful True Heir of Slytherin is about to make big changes! Well done!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 4 . 9/6
The AN is hilarious! And personally, this is your AU, you can do (have done) whatever you nice chapter, I can't wait to see what career you land Harry in.
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 2 . 9/6
Tee hee, nice going, Harry. Well done! Ah well, that's how we grow and learn, by having our illusions stripped away. Nice job!
Aka-Baka Hoshi chapter 1 . 9/6
Oh. My. Gracious. Goodness. An original idea like no other! Well actually that's kinda redundant, if it's original no one's thought of it before. Anyway, yeesh, Aka, rambling much? Excellent chapter! I can't wait for more!
azulkan2 chapter 18 . 9/4
This is really a great story. I'm hoping that you plan on continuing it and that your note at the beginning of this chapter referred to this chapter and not the story itself. I'll mark it to follow just in case it is updated.
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