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IvyMasonCullen chapter 30 . 7/6
So I know this story hasn't been updated in like 4 (?) years now but I just have to say it. Wtf?

**** SPOILERS ****
Although I liked your riding style the complete 360 that Edward did through for a loop, he turned from a sweet but horny 17/18 year old to a creepy stalking abusive boyfriend. I felt completely sorry for Bella through out and found the fact that she ended up settling with him just heart breaking, I feel that Bella believes that she's never going to get any better than Edward and is therefore is settling. She had suffered a trauma at the hands of her parents (all of them) and then the one friend she did find was Rose (and honestly 1 of only 2 characters that I actually found myself liking through the whole of this story.) who was ripped away from her and then Bella was not aloud to talk to her (which is also a sign of an abusive relationship). The one time she found a partner who made her feel nice she thought that was love, I honestly just want to cry for her.

Grandma Maggie - another woman who let down Bella, she was all the crazy rules and encouraged them calling him a good boyfriend and father and Bella not knowing any different thought this must be how a healthy relationship worked and went along with it.

Alice - so Alice and I have a love/hate relationship, Yes she was the only one out of the whole of this story to call Edward what he is to his face an Abuser one who I believe if Bella wouldn't have so easily gone along with his rules would have turned physical. But then she also let Bella down she called him out knew Bella was a victim then left her there anyways without talking to Bella or reporting Edward or just SOMETHING! Also Cecelia Brandon (some connection there?)

So yeah, definitely not flaming, your writing style is good and apart from the complete psycho Edward 360 at the beginning I enjoyed how all the info seemed to be worked out etc and in the end Edward turned out ok and Bella seemed to grow a bit of a backbone I honestly think he's still teetering on the end and letting Bella think she has a bit of power! I just want to wrap this Bella up, give her a hug and tell her not to settle that she thinks she's happy with Edward but there's so much out there with out the rules and the fear of breaking them, the sneaking around to have a phone and scared what will happen when you put the bins out. Locked doors and glued shut windows. I just want to kick Edwards ass!

*** end of spoilers****
So yeah after that rant, I need to read some fluff!
Keep Writing,
Bevey99 chapter 22 . 5/9
Bevey99 chapter 18 . 5/9
This whole story has done a 360. Party boy is now a kidnapping stalker/control freak boyfriend. The title bares no relation to the story. And, I'm still reading.
Bevey99 chapter 1 . 5/9
ME either.
PAT2024 chapter 30 . 3/5
Thank you for the ride...

Your Edward was a bit different than usual, particularly the way you wrote his POV, but I kind of liked his specific "voice".

You never explained why Bella was acting like a slut and sleeping around so much in the beginning of the story... I would have thought that after being abused she'd rather shy away from men...

Thank you for sharing.
TheConstantReader03 chapter 30 . 5/31/2016
This story is crazy! Not what I expected when I started reading but still very good.
Mell C chapter 12 . 12/19/2015
Hmm. Was this a OS that has been expanded? That's the only thing that I can think of to explain the dramatic change in the characters and plot. Edward morphs from good time partyboy to professional kidnapper with creep factor off the scales.(I actually find him completely unlikable. Sorry.) And Bella goes from confident older woman to damaged victim. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's sexual trauma. No surprise there.

I agree with a couple of other reviews that the story description doesn't really match the contents. Not really my thing: the dark drama, violence, and angst. Maybe I'll check out some of your other stories, instead.

Guest chapter 30 . 12/8/2015
This has to be my favourite story.I love Edward's crazy possessiveness. Um i find it weird that Bella named her baby Jacob because in the early chapters, Bella was calling Jacob asking for sex. I wish there were more lemons in the end, but I still absolutely love it.
Guest chapter 30 . 7/11/2015
I thought this was a amazing stories.
Thank you
Guest chapter 30 . 6/24/2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! A job well done
Sarah chapter 30 . 6/8/2015
Wow. I really didn't expect to stumble across this story...I loved every second of it. Great writing and great story line. Kudos
Edward's Shadow chapter 30 . 5/22/2015
I have to say I'm glad it wasn't Esme how was such a bad mom. I think you done a good job with the epilogue and letting us know how their life turned out.
Edward's Shadow chapter 28 . 5/22/2015
What a sick bitch Renee is. But I loved Alice's brand of justice.
Edward's Shadow chapter 27 . 5/22/2015
Alice was pretty spot on about Edward and him wanting to control Bella. He says it's only because he is trying to protect her from Phil and Renee, but he was like this before he knew about them. I think he is afraid she will go back to sleeping around if he gives her freedom.
Edward's Shadow chapter 26 . 5/22/2015
Whew, I wonder what the doc thought about Edward's controlling ways. Never letting Bella talk.
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