Reviews for Poisoned Heart
BloodyRoseSprinkledWithSuger chapter 20 . 5/6
This is great, it makes a nice break from finals. I wonder what Hermione will think if she finds out that her uncle threatend to kill her babies daddy? Of course Two-Face might be going after Harley because she knocked up his niece. Thank you for the chapter!
maxgoof296 chapter 20 . 5/6
Very interesting, oh and I noticed a discrepancy. Ear
O'er in the story Snape or mcgonigal mentions in there thoughts that Hermione was dead, so I just thought you would want to know.
dogman999 chapter 20 . 5/6
Love the story.
Ranmaleopard chapter 20 . 5/6
This is just really awesome keep it up
dragonsong2795 chapter 20 . 5/6
This story has seriously veered off into the Twilight Zone...

I like it and can't wait for more!
Noble Korhedron chapter 20 . 5/6
"You have your wand, don't you?" L.O.L! Good one Pammy! :-D
Slytherin Studios chapter 20 . 5/6
nicely done.
thedwo chapter 20 . 5/6

Although, I was hoping for something like:

"Congratulations Ms. Granger, you just earned your Potions Mastery by creating a new potion. In the most embarrassing way possible."


"Yes, all you have to do is brew it in front a three acknowledged Potions Masters, and then...demonstrate it."
nahte123456 chapter 20 . 5/6
I love Ivy's style "congratulations, your pregnant." No warning, just say it and leave the new parents to sort everything out themselves.
harlequin320 chapter 20 . 5/6
lol, amusing chapter, keep up the good work
JanusGodOfPossibilities chapter 20 . 5/6
Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

If they could figure out how it was made, those two potions could be good to patent, market and then sell. It could be good for those who are having problems becoming pregnant since it has a magical field that attracts the necessary products to each other to start the process and ensure its successful. If its not done already, it could also give female heirs the right to inherit Headship/Ladyship of Pureblood Houses since they can now -also- produce an heir the male way and make it so the Patriarchal and Matriarchal (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong I think) Houses are equal since the females can impregnate and produce a child just like the males.
LadyLithie chapter 20 . 5/6
Wow what a way to start a relationship! Good luck to Hermione and Harley ... lol
Anyway it has been funny as hell, I love it! Thanks for updating so often
duskrider chapter 20 . 5/6
Wow that was interesting
MzBellezza chapter 20 . 5/6
Can ivy use the potion for there next child ?
Alex2909 chapter 20 . 5/6
and the fallout of the night is known. guess the death eaters are getting closer to ivy
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