Mary Rose chapter 1 . 11/10/2014
I'd like more.
Catherine Pugh chapter 1 . 4/8/2014
Ooh, this is starting out really well. Are you going to continue? Please say yes. I like how you described Mary Ann.
Teobi chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
Intriguing! And quite a different take on the characters. Mary Ann especially- a batik wearing worker for the Peace Corps, calling Thurston Howell III a capitalist pig before they'd even boarded the Minnow on the day of the fateful trip! And I like how you've mentioned Guadalcanal, there were more hints of Skipper's Navy background in Season 1, especially in the episodes Goodnight, Sweet Skipper and Forget Me Not. Also lol'ed at Roy drinking a Virgin Mai Tai with a vivid purple straw.

Now, I'm just waiting to see what you've done with Gilligan. Hopefully he'll be in this story too...alive, I mean :)
Persadiala chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
Okaay. Here we go. What I liked:
No, wait. Scratch that. What I loved:

(Oh, and *please* pardon my exuberance... :D I just watched Aladin, and that genie... Anyway.)

-The glass had a nice Tiki God inscribed on it, and the little umbrella was a rich shade of florescent purple. (Professor, only you would notice, only you... :D)

-He looked frail and thin, but inside I could see the old wily captain was still there. (He better be there, I can't imagine SKIPPER looking frail, let alone thin!)

-I reached out and gave the brass plaque a quick polish with my khaki sleeve. (What, are you spring cleaning or having a reunion, eh? :D)

-"And please try not to crease it young man!" (Just like Mrs. Howell. *Sigh* She'd never change :D)

-Eunice Howell had the distinction of being married to a billionaire, and widowed to a millionaire. (Aww, no Mr. Howell? So sad.. :C And Mrs. Howell goes and kisses Professor. For shame! :D)

-Why do those girls in high school and college who never noticed you always say they missed you so much when the reunion comes around? (What, doubting Mary Ann? But she's almost as innocent as Gilligan!)

-Outside, a few cars honked, and some shouting and chanting could be heard. I saw the hostess up front step back as a couple of Cosmos security guys threw the doors open and rushed outside to get control of the driveway. Flash bulbs were going off. I shook my head. Few people can cause a commotion like Ginger Grant. (Hmmf. Lucky guess. :])

- (But where is Gilligan? Under a rock, up a tree? I'm just dying to find out! :D)