Reviews for Our Sweet Rapture
meet-the-winchesters chapter 1 . 11/10
I am currently reading this story and it is amazing. I am on chapter 14 and I love it so much :) thank you for writing it!
Sere-san chapter 18 . 11/7
*soft sobbing* was gorgeous. 3 3 Sooo sweeeeeet!

Tips: Stick to one "tense", past-tense...present-tense...future-tense (you stuck in past-tense for a good majority of the story, but occasionally you switched between past and present tense).
Sere-san chapter 13 . 11/4
Halo-sexuality. I like that term.
Sere-san chapter 12 . 10/31
Hellooo again! 5pm as I come back to read after a long day. I would like to bring about a tip...try to stick to one "tense". Your past-tense was much easier to read than your present-tense in my opinion, but the switching between the two made my head spin...but don't get me wrong, this was a, *licks lips*, quite a lovely chapter. Very...very lecker...*le sigh*
Sere-san chapter 11 . 10/31
And now it's officially 5am. Kudos, dove ;D Now that I've accomplished my goal for the night, I shall continue reading in the morni-, er...a couple hours after I get some rest.
Sere-san chapter 10 . 10/31
Aaaaand it's 4am
Sere-san chapter 8 . 10/31
I am F*cking reading this at 3:30 in the f*cking morning...XD there's something wrong with me, I just know it
Sere-san chapter 5 . 10/30*ck...I'm...dead...beautiful...f*ck
Guest chapter 4 . 10/12
In this chapter, Dean claims people treat him as if they have 'decease'. I think you meant 'disease'. And when he told Cas to stay out of sight, 'capish?' I believe you meant the Italian term 'capisce'.
Guest chapter 3 . 10/12
At the end of the chapter, it says 'jerked of' instead of 'jerked off'. Thought I'd let you know.
RachPmilo1012 chapter 18 . 10/7
Loved every minute of reading his story. So happy they both got their happy ending _. And poor Sammy for being stuck as a baby for so long lol.
cellaria chapter 18 . 10/6
i'm just getting into this pair & really enjoyed this. I felt it was well written & that they were pretty in character. it's actually a lot harder to find decent canon universe fics in the eternal sea of AU stuff so this was nice lol was hot as fuck. seriously. XD
8BitCow chapter 18 . 9/9
This was a great fic. I loved the progress with dean. It was extremely well written and the way you wrote the characters seemed extremely "in character" not all the fics on here (obviously) are this good at keeping them in character and I just want to let you know how good you did on that.

Now you said that being a Swede you could get all the grammar help you could get and I noticed 1 or 2 (little) things. Some times you would say 'of' instead of 'off', also the same with 'though' and 'thought'. Not big things but just THOUGHT you should know. (tee hee). Now this next one I don't know if your WRONG per say but I'm pretty sure your not correct so that's why I added it. You sometimes would say 'none of them...' When it would be more correct if you were to say 'neither of them...' When referring to two people. If you were talking about 3 or more then none would work but generally it's better if you say neither (when talking about two) because it's saying not this one nor that one.

Ok I'll stop with the grammar natzi. Again great job.

Happy writing!
Guest chapter 18 . 7/12
Awesome story thankyou!
WinterSky101 chapter 10 . 6/27
I have read this fanfiction multiple times, and every single goddamn time, the "it was the end of the god damn world!"/"and what, exactly, do you think you are to me?" exchange hits me like the best sort of punch to the heart.
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