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sxpphic chapter 4 . 9/5/2016
y does janewayseven hate this fourth year snake sad (jk)
Eclectic Me chapter 5 . 2/6/2016
Oh, how I loved this story! It must've been quite an adventurous day for the poor hat! First denied by a hologram, and by his reaction there must've been some pain involved, then attacked by a borg, then whatever was going on with Kes. I expected another meltdown with Tuvok, both a telepath and an emotional shut-in, a double wammy! The doctor was quite right in his acessment of Griffindor, lol. I could just imagin him setting up shop in the common room and sighing whenever someone hobbled through the portrait hole. I considered that since he couldn't be sorted in the normal way, and since some cynic somewhere once said "those who can't do teach," he might assist in the teaching of muggle studies. I must say that Seven's sorting was my favorite, because of how perfectly you wrote her character. I love how she just bosses people around without any regard for who they are. Hmmm, I think that's all. I have a bad habit of leaving all my thoughts until the end and then forgetting a lot of them. Mostly, I just wanted to let you know I read this story and liked it. Also, I love your user name!
queen-of-the-libary-and-light chapter 5 . 11/16/2013
This is hilarious! :) and so true as well.. you should of included Q and q junior, I would of loved to see them get sorted
ZenaraTheDragon chapter 5 . 1/29/2013
These are really pretty accurate, Harry is so Hufflepuff! I liked. Hmm, have you done something similar with the TOS characters? I'll check for myself, but if you have any input I'm writing a TOS/ HP crossover, and debating about the houses to put people in
PinkAngel17 chapter 5 . 8/20/2012
That...was...perfect! I have had so many discussion about which house each of the Voyager characters would be in, and this is almost exactly what we would come up with! I loved that Chakotay got Hufflepuff (again, it's perfect!) and the dilemma about Janeway. I always thought Janeway would be a tough one to sort, because of all her different characteristics, and I really liked how you kind of had the Sorting Hat outline that. Plus B'Elanna's part with the glare was hilarious. And then this last chapter, with the Doctor, his reasoning was just so great! Before I start rambling more I'll just say that I loved it all and thank you so very much for writing this! It totally made my day!
D.T.Guthary chapter 5 . 8/20/2012
I think you sorted these characters very nicely based on their traits. However, I did notice that you didn't sort anyone into Slytherin despite acknowledging that they could fit well there. I know Slytherin has a bad reputation and that the hat does take choices into account, but I would still put them wherever they would fit even if it was Slytherin.

I especially liked how you sorted the Doctor. However, I don't know whether he would take such a short amount of time to decide which house to be sorted into (in an alternate timeline, it took him 23 years to decide on a name for himself: Joe).
androidilenya chapter 5 . 8/18/2012
Haha, I love how the Doctor got to sort himself! He could never be a Hufflepuff, but I could see him in Gryffindor... but you're right, Ravenclaw was best. A lot of the Voyager crew has ended up there, come to think of it...
androidilenya chapter 4 . 8/18/2012
VULCANS ARE RAVENCLAW. Every time. That's just really obvious. I like Naomi, she was kinda cute here. And yeah, she definitely seems like another Ravenclaw. Ooh, the Doctor! I'm going to go read that!
Hideout Writer chapter 5 . 8/13/2012
Well chosen, Doctor!
Guest chapter 5 . 8/13/2012
I feel sorry For the sorting hat.
But other than that your story was vere funny.
Good work and I hope you do more one day.

The Crimson Mage.
androidilenya chapter 3 . 8/11/2012
Haha, I loved B'Elanna. She was really funny. Ah, I love her and Paris... and once again there's a Hufflepuff! Though I think that fits Neelix. Funny, we haven't seen anyone in Slytherin, I think.
ghosteye99 chapter 3 . 8/11/2012
Tuvok would be an interesting one - being vulcan one'd assume ravenclaw, but he's got a lot of hufflepuff in him with his loyalty & dedication.

Seska, on the other hand, would be a slytheryn stereotype poster girl.
androidilenya chapter 2 . 8/10/2012
"I hate sorting telepaths!" Haha... that was funny. There's a lot of Hufflepuffs on the Voyager crew, apparently. I think you're doing a great job matching the characters and the Houses. Can't wait for the next chapter!
evilplotbunnies chapter 2 . 8/9/2012
I just read all your Star Trek/Harry Potter crossovers. I like them! I'm not as familiar with Voyager as I am TNG, though. I've got a ST/HP crossover myself, if you want to check it out.
Hideout Writer chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
Only three more characters?
Janeway, obviously, is among the Lions.
Chakotay would be a 'Puff.
Tuvok would be another Raven.
The EMH would be a 'Puff for loyalty.
Paris, ever the brash one, would be a Lion.
Torres, the fiery engineer, Gryffindor.
Neelix, the chef...Hufflepuff.
And there's the Ocampa girl... I forget her name. She'd be a Puff as well.
Good Hunting!
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