Reviews for Grey Matters
AylaNightmare chapter 29 . 4/28
I absolutely love this story. 3
kai.stan00 chapter 29 . 4/24
Amazing :)
Julia.stidham chapter 29 . 4/20
I really love your story! I can't wait for you to update it c:
Thank you for writing such an amazing story
guest chapter 1 . 4/1
Hopefully you see this, but there has been so many loyal readers of this story, we wish you would come back and give us an update :)
Tina chapter 29 . 3/10
This is a great story I hope you continue this soon :)
Washcaps21 chapter 29 . 3/5
Hi there! I LOVE this story! I read the whole thing in one day! When I realized that you haven't updated it in over a year I was really disappointed. Your Cap story is the best one out there! I really hope that you start updating again! PS, love all your other stories!
DTaylor201989 chapter 29 . 2/28
love this story, hope you update soon
Kcrane chapter 29 . 2/6
Oh please come back and finish this. I just found it and is so great it really feels like it could have been a part of the miniseries. Love Evelyn and Cap, and I wish Randal could feel some remorse on how he has treated Evelyn.
Guest chapter 29 . 1/21
I love this story! It's so well written and you've captured the main characters personalities so well. Please update soon!
kee1400 chapter 29 . 12/22/2014
Love your whole story...I started reading too late though...I don't know if you're ever going to finish it cuz hatfield and McCoys came out 2 years ago...but I'm begging u...plz I need to know how it ends... you're such an awesome writer
SunshineDaisies6 chapter 28 . 12/1/2014
So the last review I left was at midnight, after spending the day binge reading this. I'm so in love with this story! There are very few Cap stories out there and you def do the best with his characterization. I love Evie too. She's a damn good OC. I love how you portray Devil Anse and Levicy. I love Cap and Evie's relationship and how he confides in her. I love that she calls Cap Will. I just love it all! I know this is on hiatus, but do you have any plans to change that any time soon? Is there anyway we can get a teaser for next chapter or some idea of what's coming next?
SunshineDaisies6 chapter 29 . 11/28/2014
Neeeeed moooore!
Guest chapter 29 . 9/28/2014
Please write soon! Great story!
Guest chapter 29 . 4/24/2014
great story! please, please, please update soon!
DesertMortician chapter 29 . 4/21/2014
Love it...but its not over yet, not by a long shot.
Please update soon!
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