Reviews for Nights in White Satin
MaggieElizabethWriter chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Very nicely written. This was a great start to a story I look forward to reading more of. I love how well you captured Michaela's feelings and shyness and Sully's desire to love her and be gentle with her. You did a great job, and I can't wait to read what you have in store for our favorite characters next.
AG-Prentice chapter 2 . 8/15/2012
Since I can't say "thank you" privately to some of you, I'm doing it here.

So a huge THANK YOU to you all, your reviews really warm my heart and are the greatest encouragement I've ever had, even for what I write outside the fanfiction world!

Toni chapter 2 . 8/14/2012
I like your interpretation of their honeymoon. It's the most realistic I've read! Thanks and Nice Picture!
Sarah197 chapter 2 . 8/14/2012
Thank you so much for this!
Again a wonderful chapter.
Linda4HIM59 chapter 2 . 8/14/2012
Sigh, so sweet. Loved how Michaela was still shy with him, yet anxiously looking forward to more of Sully's 'instructions', hehe. Great chapter - and more to come! yay! :)
KaysKitty chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
Audrey, What a GREAT story! Love the 'forget-me-not' blue eyes and the gentle passion of Sully! What GREAT writing, too. Can't wait for the next chapter! Kay
Andi chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
That was so sweet! One of the best "wedding night" stories I've read. Please write more! I'd love to read your take on their honeymoon, soon I hope? :)
shazam12 chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
Great story. I haven't read one of these it a while. Thanks for the reminder of a great episode.
Sarah197 chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
Wow! A lovely story.
I'd read your version of their honeymoon...
Linda4HIM59 chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Lovely! Detailed, but not overly so. Love that we were aware of both their thoughts. Oh, and his eyes forget-me-not blue - brilliant! Loved how gentle and considerate he was and that he had imagined making love to her a thousand times, hehe. Very well done. Made me smile :)
HankLover chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Very nice indeed! Love your writing style.
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